Thursday, September 6, 2012


Em Kruz “Michael Cruz” as been on the music scene as former keyboardist with the 1990’s Christian industrial band “The way Sect Bloom” and as an independent music artist that recorded with the likes of Nashville producer Brian Harden on Em Kruz industrial songs “Eyes shed the tears” and “Look of Grace”. Em Kruz saw his 40 days prodigal song receive national air play along with his music video f...or the song 40 days prodigal which got much attention. Shortly following the release of 40 days prodigal Em Kruz took some time off to attend to his father David illness and passing. Now after 1 ½ of writing and recording Em Kruz has released his 10 song Upwordspiral project. Em Kruz says the project which is a musical hybrid of rock electronic music along with dance and elements of industrial music has been core to my musical processes. I have grownup in electric rock bands where we didn’t try to recreate what others were already doing so there’s never been that fear of lunching out into the unknown. After attaining recording school and getting that knowledge under my belt I couldn’t wait to explore the sounds that were running around in my head. After releasing the 1st round of upwordspiral songs I saw that our “thewaysectbloom” fans were still out there and embracing my new project, but I had to put the project on hold when my dad got really sick. I knew in my heart that one day I’d come back and release a full project for the fans and complete what I had started.

So here we are and I’m very well pleased with this project. I poured myself into every musical piece unrestrained. I did not look at what the market was putting out because I could careless about that. I have never been one to follow what others do. Mind you there’s some really good music out there and I’m a fan of many artist. I wrote songs that were about my life and my faith journey. For me the best part of the process is performing the songs with our fans and sharing the experience together. For me that’s what it all about a holy collision.

Artist:UpWordSpiral    Album: UpWordSpiral 
Artist Name:UpWordSpiral     Album: UpWordSpiral
First/Last Name:michael cruz
Hometown:brentwood, new york, usa
Style of music:electric rock industrial christian
Label Affiliation:Unsigned
Performing Rights

Description:Upwordspiral is a combination of rock and electronic music that creates a unique and unrestrained sound that speaks to the soul. It’s the essence of Light and Dark shades covered with rain and lots of SONshine.

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