Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Miles Beltran - Blessings in Disguise

Miles Beltran is an independent singer, songwriter and producer...Currently, he has released a new album, " Blessings in Disguise "..Check out the new song, " Do You Want to Say Goodbye "..It's a beautiful ballad..Possibly releasing several music videos. There is a song, " Crush ", which was a collaboration with JR Vasquez, the world known DJ in this album..It's hot.. Some of Miles's music in the past was produced by Edwin Ramos a Grammy Winner..Who has worked with Mary J. Blige, Jelly Bean Benitez, Chico De Barge, Angie Stone and more...Even though NYC did have a warm welcoming for his past work; where he now lives. He wants more success. Some of his music has been distributed by a label world wide.

After a hiatus, Miles Beltran, has returned to music..He just released a new song, " Do You Want to Say Goodbye "..It's an original ballad written, sung and produced by Miles..The album, " Blessings in Disguise " includes another previously unreleased song called, " Summer Of Love "..An upbeat dance track..Also, this album does include some of his past releases..The plan is to release one dance version of, " Do You Want to Say Goodbye " and a music video..It will be the first time his music will be played nationwide or worldwide on radio stations..The album also includes collaborations in the past from Edwin Ramos ( Grammy Award Winner ); who has worked with Mary J. Blige, Chico DeBarge, Angie Stone and other heavy hitters..Plus the song, " Crush " which was a collaboration with JR. Vasquez; who has worked with Mariah Carey, Donna Summer, Annie Lennox and others..

Artist:Miles Beltran Album: Blessings in Disguise Artist Name: Miles Beltran Album: Blessings in Disguise First/Last Name: miles beltran Email address: Hometown: brooklyn, NY, USA Website: Style of music: Modern/AC MySpace: SonicBids: SoundClick: Facebook: Other: Label Affiliation: Unsigned Performing Rights Affiliation: ASCAP (USA) Description: My music is fresh, new, melodic and energetic..It takes you places..I like to bring back the magic into music..

Josey Milner

17-year-old country music artist Josey Milner is starting to make some noise on the international radio airwaves, with her first release, a cover version of Miranda Lambert’s “Dead Flowers.” The debut single from this Kansas City native is receiving airplay overseas in Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, and Japan, while placing in the Top 10 of an internationally-recognized country music chart. Meanwhile, her Youtube video for another classic cover, Patsy Cline’s “Walking After Midnight” has received more than 65,000 views in the last few weeks. With recent performances at fairs and festivals in Kansas and Missouri, including a spot on the Missouri State Fair, this former teen rodeo and pageant princess is poised for stardom on the international country music stage.

Growing up on a small farm in Missouri, one might say that country is Josey’s pedigree. At age 7, she began barrel racing at local rodeos, making the rodeo arena her first stage. She started singing the National Anthem at her youth rodeos, eventually graduating to performances at PRCA rodeos across Missouri and Kansas, including the American Royal in Kansas City. These anthem performances led to the decision for her to hang up her spurs and follow her dreams of country music fame.

Josey’s country music career kicked off with her singing at country music shows, local fairs, and to pretty much anyone who would listen. In 2010, she was invited to sing on the main stage at the International Steel Guitar Show in St Louis. It was at this event that she received some sage-like advice from the veteran musicians: Get a band together, and get out there and start playing. After returning home from St. Louis, that’s exactly what she did.

The Josey Milner Band has become one of the most sought-after live acts in the Kansas City area. Performing an ever-evolving and versatile mix of new country, classic country, country rock, and a little bit of Rock & Roll, Josey has led the band through raucous sets at Buffalo Bill Days, Slater Fall Festival, Holden Street Fair, Timbercreek, The Landing, and numerous others, performing for sold-out crowds and claiming the title of “Kansas City’s Princess of Country Music.” It was these live performances that attracted the interest of a national management company.

In September, Josey signed an exclusive artist management deal with MTS Management Group. Soon after, her single, “Dead Flowers” debuted on the Independent Music Network’s country chart at #10, receiving tons of fan requests and international airplay. The song was also among the most downloaded on digital music delivery site, Airplay Direct. Oh yeah…in the meantime, Josey earned recognition as a National Honor Society student!

So what’s next for Josey Milner? In late 2013, Josey is scheduled to record her next single. She will continue with an extensive series of radio, print and online interviews, as well as taking her live shows to audiences across the Midwest and beyond. One thing is for certain, wherever her music may take her, she will always remain the small-town girl with the rodeo spurs still hanging on her wall. For more information on Josey Milner, please visit

Written by Michael Stover/MTS Management Group

Artist Name: Josey Milner Album: One First/Last Name: Michael Stover Email address: Hometown: Kansas City, MO, USA Website: Style of music: country MySpace: CDBaby: SonicBids: SoundClick: PureVolume: iTunes: Other: Label Affiliation: Unsigned Performing Rights Affiliation: Description: Kansas City's 16 year old Princess of Country Music blends traditional and contemporary sounds.

Troy Lindsey & Kristen McCamey - Love Don't Come From Blood

Artist:   Troy Lindsey & Kristen McCamey    Album: Love Don't Come From Blood 

Love Don’t Come From Blood 

This album is an attempt to try and side with all those who have come from blended and broken homes. There is many sides to this album that will never be seen. To give you a little history behind the emotion that inspired this album. I was married to Kristen’s Mom when I started writing this album. Kristen was her first daughter and has never to this day met her biological father. So when I came into her life 10 years ago I tried the best I could to fill that void. The first 7 years of that was a challenge do to the fact that I was on the road traveling all the time. And when I was home I was usually upside down in a bottle of booze. I was able to get on the outside of that bottle and find my music. In the process Kristen and I formed a bond with the music. During the completion of this album Kristen’s Mom and I separated. Which fueled the second half of the album. There really is two parts to this album also or two stories. But somewhere in the midst of these stories love prevailed. I don’t have any biological children and Kristen and her sister Emily are my stepdaughters. Now Emily her father lives about 15 miles from her and has no contact with her. She is now 14 and is an amazing kid!! I love both the girls as they were mine. I do believe there are many families out there that have similar situations. I do hope they can hear the honesty in this album and possibly feel like there not alone!!

Artist:   Troy Lindsey & Kristen McCamey    Album: Love Don't Come From Blood 
Artist Name:Troy Lindsey & Kristen McCamey     Album: Love Don't Come From Blood
First/Last Name:Troy lindsey
Hometown:east weantchee, wa, usa
Style of music:americana
Label Affiliation:Unsigned
Performing Rights

Description:The journey of a Father and Stepdaughter trying to find love in a world filled with challenges!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dark Patrick - Rise of the Underworld

Actively touring Ukraine, UK and Russia this Ukrainian/English duo never fails to grab and keep the attention of all kinds of audiences with their breathtakingly delicious musical cocktail. Artist:Dark Patrick Album: Rise of the Underworld Artist Name: Dark Patrick Album: Rise of the Underworld First/Last Name: Paul Chilton Email address: Hometown: Kyiv, Kyiv Region, Ukraine Website: Style of music: Experimental MySpace: SonicBids: SoundClick: Facebook: Other: Label Affiliation: Unsigned Performing Rights Affiliation: Description: A hauntingly complex sound tapestry out of multiple instruments and elements. Combining vocals, whistles, harmonicas, hurdy-gurdy, synthesizers, and bandura, as well as various levels of better living through circuitry.
? Dark Patrick consists of Ukrainian Eva and Englishman Paul, who knit together the band’s hauntingly complex sound tapestry out of multiple instruments and elements. There’s a combination of vocals, whistles, harmonicas, hurdy-gurdy, synthesizers, and bandura, as well as various levels of better living through circuitry, resulting in an electronic-inspired stew that rattles and hums at various frequencies throughout Rise of the Underworld’s peaks and valleys. Rise of the Underworld is a cinematic, conceptual album that ably defies succinct labeling and genre classification. |It is a varied jaunt through successive layers of electronic stimuli, ghostly sound effects, ethereal vocals, and lush organic instrumentation, all threaded together into a cohesive whole that would work just as well as soundtrack, background ambiance, or fully immersive listening experience. It’s hard to pinpoint exact influences that aptly mirror what Dark Patrick is going for here, though a safe bet would want to include nods to numerous strata of organic electronica, soundtrack ambient, world ethnotronica, psych and trip-hop.

Honor Society Album: Serendipity EP

We are a band, originally from New York and now based in LA since 2008. We've toured nationally with Jonas Brothers and Timbaland. We've been named a breakout band by Rolling Stone & MTV Buzzworthy. Our first record 'Fashionably Late' reached #18 on Billboard. We are currently in the studio, working on our new record with Grammy-winning producer, Mike Mangini (Joss Stone, David Byrne, Bruce Hornsby). Come see us on tour! Artist:Honor Society Album: Serendipity EP Artist Name: Honor Society Album: Serendipity EP First/Last Name: Heather Noonan Email address: Hometown: Los Angeles, CA, USA Website: Style of music: Rock MySpace: SonicBids: SoundClick: Facebook: Other: Label Affiliation: Independent Label Performing Rights Affiliation: ASCAP (USA)

“Uncle Ted” Beckley, a Prescott, Arizona songwriter/musician

For Questions Please contact: Ted Beckley,, 928-699-5756,


“Uncle Ted” Beckley, a Prescott, Arizona songwriter/musician who, during his working years performed all over the country, has been writing and singing for a lifetime. Beckley has decided to get back into the action and announced today the release of five of his songs on a new CD album, It’s Time to Change the Plan. He is currently in the process of screening top quality musicians to form a talented country variety band. Uncle Ted has dedicated himself to preserving the record of America’s past and present way of life for posterity, documenting in music the spirit of the American people’s lives, their joys and their struggles. It’s Time to Change the Plan is available on his web site and most other online major outlets, including ITunes and Amazon, TuneCore, in both CD or digital download. In 1980 Uncle Ted released a Patriotic expression entitled Doggone It that reached 57 on the top 100 in Billboard Magazine with Tucson Arizona on the flip side of the record. Uncle Ted curtailed his performances in 1983 when he accepted a position with the Coconino County Road department where he worked for the next twenty two years while raising his family. During that time, Uncle Ted penned more than 23 songs; mostly ballads and musical stories. His catalog has been influenced by his family, his travels, local history, trains and the Arizona Mountains, and deserts. Some of his songs include: Bumming Though Flagstaff Where’s the Steam Trains I Wanta go see Santa Claus Spirit Mountains: (a song about the San Francisco Peaks and Native Americans dealing with encroaching invasion of modern man.) Gold Fever: One of Uncle Teds best efforts, included on the CD as a historic ballad about Captain Joseph Rutherford Walker, captures the very essence of the early Arizona Territory. Captain Walker was the well known trapper, guide, prospector and Mountain Man who was a colorful figure in California, Prescott and the Arizona Territory Gold Rush in the 1860s. After retiring Uncle Ted moved from Williams, Arizona to Prescott, Arizona to do what he loves best; being a song smith. Living in Prescott has inspired Uncle Ted to tailor his tunes to address current events. Shortly after 9/11 Ted wrote and composed the easy listening ballad entitled Come Make a Stand, included on this new Album. It’s Time to Change the Plan playlist: 1. it’s Time to Change the Plan 2. Gold Fever 3. Tweedle Dee – Tweedle Dum 4. Grand Canyon Special 5. Come Make a Stand Additional information about Uncle Ted can be found on his web site at or

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

'Pieces of Yesterday' by Sugardown

Jason Zucker was born in Cleveland, OH on March 22, 1985. It wasn't long before he was running around with a video camera and playing guitar. Soon he started editing his own videos and writing his own songs. He told his family that he wanted to go to art school, and they said okay.

He left Cleveland to study film at the prestigious NYU Tisch School of the Arts. He met incredible people and started working on really cool projects. He also started releasing music because he had a bunch of songs that he wanted people to hear.

After college, he got a job at VH1 and worked there for 5 years editing and shooting interviews with famous people. He also started a community organization called Paper Swan that puts on music events and supports artists. He is happy to be alive and hopes that people like his music.

When it came time to record his new album, 'Pieces of Yesterday' by Sugardown, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Jason Zucker had the idea to feature different singers on each song. Perhaps he had grown tired of his own singing voice, or perhaps he just wanted to showcase the incredible voices of some of his friends. Either way, he is quite happy he made the decision.

Jason says, "What is it that makes this project so special to me? Easy… the people involved. I got to collaborate with incredible artists and musicians, all of whom also happen to be my best friends. Over the years I have learned so much from them, and that is why I wanted nothing more than to have them contribute to this project. I didn't want it to be about just me and my guitar, and I'm so happy I made that decision."

The album features 5 songs: Jason sings on "Hand in Hand," Drew Citron on "Fade Away," Travis Stewart on "Into the Woods," Greg Cahn on "Booze," and Bailey Rayne on "Trucker."

Drew is a part of the band AVAN LAVA, Travis and Bailey are two-thirds of Free Advice, and Greg is in the band Mind the Gap.

The album was produced and arranged by Julian Cassia. The album art was drawn by the incredibly talented Vianney Paul. The front and back cover design was done by Lauren Elizabeth Thompson. The album text was handwritten by Bailey Rayne.


Artist:    Sugardown    Album:  Pieces of Yesterday 

Artist Name:Sugardown     Album: Pieces of Yesterday
First/Last Name:Jason Zucker
Hometown:Brooklyn, New York, USA
Style of music:Folk Rock
Label Affiliation:Unsigned
Performing Rights

Description:Roots and folk songwriting with modern production. Infectious energy and lovely vocals.


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