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JOMO (Jomo-N-Keys Entertainment)
About JOMO (Jomo-N-Keys Entertainment):
Co-Ower of Jomo-N-Keys Entertainment. The company is located out of Atlantic City, NJ. The company consists of:
Jomo-Artist, writer, Producer
WhiteKeys- Artist,writer,Producer, Beatmaker

Jomo-N-Keys Entertainment released Jomo's debut album in 2003 titled "America's Playground". Jomo-N-Keys released 2 mixtapes in the local area, then went on to release the Single/Ep from album titled "What I Want" in which the song chart on many radio charts.

Jomo has had his song “What I Want” licensed for video game TECK DECK LIVE, FRONTLIER FILMS, ON THE THROTTLE TV, LG PICTURES, independent film “800 Pound Gorilla”(a John Paxton Film), “Inspector Imtiaz: The Call Within” (a Sadar Khan film), UNDERGROUND PRODUCTIONS, TV SHOW “The Extent” as well as many other projects. Jomo has also played small roles in 2 of John Paxton films including the aforementioned “800 Pound Gorilla”. It has just recently been licensed for use in the reality series “Life of A Dyme” and new Brent Ford Snowboard Film.

Jomo is from Atlantic City, NJ. Graduated from Atlantic City Highschool and played Basketball at North Carolina Central University while earning his BBA/Finance. Jomo is currently a Firefigher in AC and as aforementioned Co-owner of Jomo-N-Keys Entertainment LLC,.





gaspipe blows an awesome sound

author: Suzanne

Very fun and upbeat music. Love the drums and tribal theme of the first song were were. Great instrumentals and horns, its upbeat music that makes you happy.

Look out...He's gonna' Blow

author: jeff

This new album seems to have It all...a bit jazz, a touch of blues, the flavour of Africa and all very creative. A great new album that is well crafted. Love it!

rhythm is the thing--

author: Svetlana

I dig the complex weaving and attention to beat. Truly professional showing. From Tacoma to the Carri bean... and beyond. We need the original voice and lyrics like yours. Hey:... I saw you at the marina and hope that you'll be 'round town again.

Look Out...He's Gonna Blow!

author: Mark F Brooks

Great fun! Smart lyrics, polished band, and accomplished performance. Best sounds I've heard in a long, long time. Keep it up.





Memphis, Tn. The name of the artist is Ba’Bro with legendary director, Ben Cauley, the only survivor of the Ottis Redding band. With the talent of Ba’Bro and the direction of Ben, there is absolutely nothing stopping this one from hitting the roof!

Ba’Bro’s new single, “Player’s Life”, is off of his new CD, “The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You”. The lead single is describing the difference between romeos and players. You can hear that fusion between the old R & B and the today’s style, so perfectly blended. You hear it with every song he sings. But then there’s this splash of pure soul which is awesome!

“Working with Stax//Concord Record label for example:: Homer Banks, Lester Snell, Ben Cauley, Robert Jackson, J. Blackfoot and Queen Ann Hines of the Soul Children, Phillis Duncan of the Duncan Sisters, David Sanders and more.”

The vocals, the harmony and that revised R & B Sound is very exciting for me to hear. It is absolutely time to return to the basics and Ba’Bro found the way very easily - smooth listening, cool vocals, great catchy tunes – all wrapped up into one glorious package.

This new CD has just hit the internet and has been released in its physical format just this week!

“Thank you, God, for the vision and for sending the people that help my dream come true…also my real name is J.T. Johnson, the CEO of J.T. Productions/Records, LLC”.

For more information on Ba’Bro, please contact his PR firm:

Joe Conte
A & R Select
West Hollywood, Ca.

To listen and to purchase his tunes, please log into any of the following websites:

Merry Ellen Kirk


Merry Ellen Kirk

Music is everywhere; profound talent and artistry are rare. Merry Ellen Kirk, a young artist who has just begun her journey into the music world, is already leaving her mark. At 19, she has completed a mature album that is just a foreshadowing of the amazing things to come.

"Merry Ellen's CD is excellent. I like the single - Blinding Me - the best. It fits her voice and style of delivery to great effect I think.”
--Mark Isham, Grammy, Emmy, & Clio Award Winning Film Score Composer
(Crash, October Sky, Fly Away Home, Of Mice & Men)

Merry Ellen’s new album, “Invisible War”, was released on Monday September 28, 2009 to a packed house at the Saffire Grill in Franklin, Tennessee. The live set was broadcast on the web while fans celebrated and took pictures of the show. The occasion was also documented on film and will be available in the near future as part of an EPK. A portion of the proceeds from the event’s CD Sales was given to Mercy Children’s clinic.

Currently located in Nashville, TN, Merry Ellen was raised in Mongolia as a child of missionary parents. That reality shaped her worldview and exposed her to the mystical rhythms and melodies of a global community. All of these influences lie deep within her spirit and drive her to remain true to her own unique voice. Merry Ellen has not forgotten the poor and orphaned of the world and is committed to returning to Mongolia and building an orphanage.

Merry Ellen’s success is the result of being blessed with a multitude of gifts. She sings with clarity, power and control, willing to be vulnerable as she shares her unique insights into this world. She has no creative boundaries. Working in and around different artists, styles and genres, her music develops freely. Influenced by the likes of Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel and Imogen Heap, Merry Ellen Kirk will continue to create music outside the box of “safe” marketability.

In her own words:
“Good music is the kind which reaches on past the eardrums and into the soul... to tap on the heartstrings which connect us to one another, good music engages a sort of universal consciousness to express that which cannot be spoken in words.” --MEK

Sex And Addiction


Sex And Addiction

We are 'sex and addiction' we have been playing togeather for three years. We are a three peice band. Dylan (guitar and vocals) Alex (bass) and Scotty (drums). We live to play rock and that is brought out in our own style of BEER rock we try to write songs that bring out our emotions be it happy sad or just funny as hell. We feed off the crowd and get our kicks jamming on stage and are very glad to be apart of the Sunset Records artists and excited for what the future holds for us.

Liquor Box


Liquor Box

“Guilty Treasures”

What happens when a group of musically trained Southern California, self confessed brats, get together to blast out big guitar driven rock? Hmmm… fun? Yes. Volume? Yes. Energy? Yes. Intensity? Yes. Irreverence? You bet.

But… The real answer is: You get… LIQUOR BOX

LIQUOR BOX is a bunch of school friends, all in different bands, who got together “just for fun” to play loud and hard on Sunday afternoon’s at the local middle school gym (Ty’s mom is a teacher there). They found that they liked the same kinds of music and that they all had a like minded attitude toward rock music, that it should be brash, loud, witty, fun, and most of all to rock the house. They sounded great and started playing parties to make extra money. A girl named Mary saw many shows and it turned out she was a classically trained pianist and sometime singer. She was invited to play and has participated on and off ever since.

The band really had something and got paying gigs to the point where they were playing clubs nearly every weekend throughout all of 2007. Liquor Box always drew a crowd and a good time was had by all. The band was invited to play shows and festivals and played out every chance they got.

In 2008 they decided to make a record, scraped up the money themselves, and went into Electropolis Studios in North Hollywood California to knock it out. The result is : Guilty Treasures, which accurately captures the whole point of the band and the record, that is: great songs, pure fun to play and listen to, with style, wit, and power, by musicians who can really play.

Producer Michael Albarian put it all together and made it happen for them. Albarian says, “these guys, and lady, are great. They take the music and playing very seriously, but it’s all in the name of fun. They are a blast to be around”. He adds, “I basically just recorded their live set and tried to capture the power and strength of it without losing the wit and charm and comedy. You’ll see what I mean”. And, “The record is packed with 16 great songs and it rocks from beginning to end. It’s great party music, it’s great driving music, and it puts a smile on your face and stomp in your foot with every track. The personality of the band really comes through.”

They’re still playing clubs and shows whenever possible, still in various bands, and who knows what will happen with “Guilty Treasures”, but for now, they’re just playing hard and having fun.

Lead singer Ty Webb says, “You gotta hear this CD, I guarantee you haven’t heard anything like it, but it will feel like you have”.

The band is:

Ty Webb: Lead Vocals, Guitars

Morgan Stanley: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Mary Lynch: Keyboards, Vocals

Guy Gadois: Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Dick Standen: Bass Guitar


Q: So what’s the deal with the name?

Guy: What do you mean?

Q: Come on, Liquor Box?

Ty: Once we all turned 21 we needed a place to keep all our booze.

Q: Right.

Dick: It’s a very nice box.

Guy: Very Nice.

Morgan: And you know about boxes?

Guy: I’m and expert and I’m telling you that this is a very fine box.

Q: Can we move on?

Ty: You asked.

Q: Who put this together?

Ty: Zeus himself.

Q: I mean, who’s idea was it to start playing together?

Guy: Actually, Ty’s mom. Me and Dick were in band together in middle school and high school and we knew Ty since we were 12. We were over at their house a lot because they have a basketball court and because Ty’s sister has awesome boobs.

Ty: He’s right.

Dick: She got ‘em when she was 11.

Ty: She was very popular.

Guy: I totally pulled a “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” scene in Ty’s bathroom one time ‘cause Lynn was in the pool with her friends.

Ty: You never told me that. I thought we shared everything.

Dick: Oh man I can’t even count the times I fantasized about doing Lynn.

Ty: I don’t blame you.

Morgan: As long as we’re confessing, (to Guy), I wanna do your mom.

Guy: Not cool.

Ty: He has a point, your mom's hot.

Guy: Not cool.

Q: Uh, we’re off track a little bit. So you’re hanging out at Ty’s house…
Guy: Yeah and we’re all in different bands and we’re always talking about equipment and playing and songs and Ty’s mom keeps saying we ought to play together so eventually we did.

Ty: I knew Morgan but he was like an untouchable mysterious guitar god by the time he was 16. Everyone was too intimidated to ask him to jam.

Morgan: Untouchable mysterious guitar god? I like that.

Q: Why did you have that reputation?

Morgan: I kept to myself a lot. My parents split up when I was 9 and I pretty much only did school work and play guitar in my room for many years. I got the guitar bug and I liked having one thing to focus on for hours, it filled a lot of time.

Q: What are you influences?

Morgan: Well, they change, but I listened to a lot of music when my mom and dad were splitting up and I found that hip hop didn’t really do much for me, and the soft rock of the time was pretty lame, but when I heard Aerosmith I was like, whoa, this I like. I was also into the Gin Blossoms. So from Aerosmith, I thought the whole Joe Perry thing was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. My mom is the greatest and bought me a guitar and I mostly just posed and jumped around in the mirror for about a year.

I started lessons at 10 years old and pretty soon I was working my way back through the Aerosmith catalog, which led me to the ultimate, in my opinion, Led Zeppelin. That was a few years of work in and of itself and the best training any rock guitarist could ever have. AC/DC has also been a big influence on me. Now I’m interested in anyone who is making cool noises with a guitar in any way.

Q: What’s your background Guy?

Guy: My dad says I was beating on things since I was born.

Dick: Yeah, like in Ty’s bathroom.

(big laughter)

Guy: They got me a set of drums and it just seems like I’ve just done it like it was pre-ordained, just ‘here’s what Guy is about’. I got in band at school because it was an easy grade and the drums could always screw around while the teacher was working with the other instruments.

Dick: Guy isn’t very complicated.

Guy: (Imitating Jeff Spicoli) All I need is a cool buzz, some tasty waves, and I’m fine.

Ty: And some willing girls.

Guy: Why yes, that too.

Ty: Guy is a frustrated lead singer, he keeps wanting to put the drum kit out front.

Dick: But that’s one of the things that makes him a great drummer, it’s always like ‘hey look at me’.

Guy: Most definitely. My all time hero is Tommy Lee. You gotta have the chops, you gotta have the attitude, and you got have the monster schlong, I have all three. The only thing I don’t have is Pam Anderson, but someday I will.

Dick: Yeah but by that time she’ll have to put her teeth in a jar on the nightstand before you do it.

Guy: Works for me.

Ty: You forgot one thing, you also have to have a self made video. You’ve got that too.

Guy: Yes, quite a few.

Morgan: You’re a freak.

Guy: Not at all. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley kept polaroids of every groupie they had over 30 years. I’m just doing it in full motion HD video.

Morgan: Oh ok, you’re not a freak then.

Guy: I have appetites.

Ty: Just to let you know, his other hero is Keith Moon, just so you know what Guy is really like.

Guy: Yeah, I wish I could play like him, but I’ve had too much actual training.
Q: What do you mean?

Morgan: I’ll take this. Rock, well the rock we love, was made by guys that were self taught and just played what sounded cool. They had no pre-conceptions, no boundaries, no self editing like, ‘hey this isn’t proper’, they just did it. You have to work hard to keep that wide open sense of ‘no rules’ in your playing. Mike (Albarian) was a great producer in that way, he always pushed us to ‘just play’, and often we’d keep takes that we thought weren’t refined yet. He’d always say ‘perfect, that’s the point’.

Dick: Yeah there are lots of mistakes on the record.

Guy: By you.

Dick: Dumb ass.

Guy: Butt munch.

Dick: Turd burgler.

Q: Ok ok. To my ears, I didn’t hear any mistakes.

Dick: Dill weed.

Guy: Dill hole.

Ty: Can you see what I’m dealing with?

Q: To think I actually went to school for this.

Dick: Butt nugget.

Guy: Bunghole.

Ty: The point is, we wanted to just capture the energy and fresh feel of our live shows and we never play the same thing twice, so Mike didn’t allow us to over think it.

Morgan: We’ve played these songs a thousand times so we just did takes until we liked it and went back to fix obvious screw ups.

Ty: That’s why it sounds so high energy and ‘in your face’.

Q: Tell me about some of the cover tunes.

Ty: These are all songs we love and we just put the Liquor Box twist on them. We’ve tried lots of songs and we just couldn’t make anything memorable out of them, but these are really awesome, in my opinion.

Q: How do you get the ideas for the songs?

Morgan: It’s pretty democratic. Someone will say ‘we ought to do this or that’ and we’ll try some arrangements and we pretty much agree whether something is worth pursuing or not.

Guy: Dick’s suggestions always suck.

Dick: Buttknocker.

Q: I really like where you mash up songs like “What I like about Cherry”.
Morgan: Yeah well people don’t realize how similar some songs really are. In guitar based rock bands pretty much everything’s already been done, so when two songs are pretty much the same, it’s easy to do a mash up. So if Neil Diamond and the Romantics had a baby, what would it sound like? Now we know.

Dick: Yeah we could do a whole album of mash-ups.

Q: I love the duet.

Ty: Having Mary in the band really gives us a lot of options, if we could just get her to sing more.

Q: Mary, we haven’t heard from you, what’s your story?

Mary: What do you want to know?

Q: Start from the beginning.

Mary: Well in the beginning, the earth was a gaseous cloud of super heated elements….

Q: No, I mean, your musical background and participation in the band. Jeez, this is like pulling teeth.

Mary: No it isn’t, my dad’s a dentist.

Ty: He threatened to drill us if we touched her.

Guy: (to Mary) so by that logic, if I drill you, he’ll touch me?

Dick: So why didn’t he drill Ty?

Mary: We were kind of together at the time and he didn’t know.

Ty: He will now.

Mary: He knows.

Ty: Really?

Mary: It’s fine.

Q: Seems like you two have something to talk about, but back to the band….

Mary: Yes, well I was a total geek and took piano lessons since I was like 1 month old it seems like. I hated it. That, and the flute.

Ty: Yes but the flute was excellent training for later in life.

Mary: I thought you were worried about my dad.

Ty: I meant musical training.

Mary: Right. Anyway, kinda like Morgan I kept to myself and plus my parents are both sort of hippies, my mom more, so I wasn’t cool or popular and I didn’t try to be. I’m very comfortable with myself, got into herbal refreshments in my teens and sex too. Not much to say. I saw these guys at a show and thought they were great so I went out of my way to see them a bunch of times and one thing led to another with Ty.

Dick: Then Ty pulled a John and Yoko thing and brought her into the band.
Ty: It wasn’t like that.

Morgan: We didn’t like it at first, but she turned out to be totally cool and really added a lot to our sound. Now she’s one of us whenever she wants to do it.

Guy: Plus she willingly fellated all of us whenever we wanted.

Mary: You’re gonna need dentures by the time my dad gets done with you.

Guy: Just kidding, she’s rejected me so many times I feel like Omarosa.

Mary: No relationships inside the band, that’s a rule.

Guy: That’s fine, I don’t want a relationship either.

Mary: Shut up.

Ty: One big happy family eh?

Q: You guys goof around a lot, the liner notes are particularly interesting, but the sound on the CD is from people who care about being good.

Dick: Absolutely. We grew up with bands that couldn’t play and couldn’t sing.
Q: Do you think that’s still true?

Dick: It’s hard to say. There’s so much production now, auto tuning, computer editing, session players, lip synching. I will say this, music is boring now and totally limited to what they want to shove down your throat.

Guy: Do we need another baby voice girl singer singing goo goo ga ga?
Morgan: Really there’s only hip hop and pussy rock.

Q: Pussy rock?

Morgan: I’m not gonna name names, but I wouldn’t care if James Blunt and Maroon 5 disappeared from the face of the earth.

Ty: I’d say the the main driver of this is that we’re all pissed about how crappy bands have been for the last 10 years. We’d rather rock and play what we love really well even if the crowds aren’t big. Basically we want to be Spinal Tap.

Morgan: I worked for thousands of hours to get good at guitar and to know what I was doing. It made me sick to hear all this junk making big hits. You know, there’s a reason why ‘Guitar Hero’ and ‘Rock Band’ are so popular, because there’s something in the Homo Sapien that responds to the beats and the guitars and nobody is making music like that anymore. I’m hoping ‘Guitar Hero’ and ‘Rock Band’ will create a new generation of real rock players .

Dick: He said Homo.

Morgan: The only reason I’m in this band is because these guys are all really good players and they feel the same way I do. These guys actually like guitar solos.

Guy: Gotta have smoking guitar solos.

Ty: We love blowing people away with how good we are musically. People just don’t see great guitar players anymore.

Dick: Our generation didn’t grow up with accomplished players in our popular music, for the most part.

Ty: Listen to Dick’s bass work on this record, you never hear stuff that good anywhere.

Mary: And Morgan’s guitar work will blow people away. Big ups.

Ty: Definitely, this is a guitar band first and foremost.

Guy: No it’s not, it’s a drum band.

Dick: The bass makes it.

Mary: Bunch of babies.

Q: I must say, huge guitar is the fundamental sound of the band, but everything else has a unique style and sound and every element is important.
Ty: Oh yeah, if you take out any element, it wouldn’t sound the same at all. You can’t just plug in another bass player or another drummer, or guitar into this band.

Guy: Yeah but we could pretty much use any singer.

Dick: Yeah.

Morgan: I’d go along with that.

Q: Are you going to do a tour for the record?

Ty: We have no plans to tour yet, we’re all committed to other things, but we love playing live together so it would be a rip to go out and play this record, we’ll see.

Morgan: I’d love to.

Q: So what do you want readers to know about the band and about the record? Serious answer please.

Dick: Buzzkill.

Guy: Butt dumpling.

Ty: Ass goblin.

Q: You too?

Ty: Sorry, had too.

Mary: Come on, we finally get a serious interview. This is going out all over the world.

Guy: Excellent.

Q: So let me ask again, why should the world care about your band?

Ty: Because we’re good and you’ll feel good listening to us.

Q: I agree wholeheartedly with that. What else?

Morgan: If you want to hear great songs played by people who play their assess off, Liquor Box is your band.

Dick: Look, we take this seriously, you can hear it in the sophistication of our arrangements and quality of our playing. Flat fact is, there’s nothing out there like Liquor Box.

Guy: The CD is fun, it’s funny, it’s great sing-a-long, great air guitar, it rocks hard, and you’ll love every single song on it, 16 songs, no fillers.

Ty: Yeah it’s a great party record, great beats and riffs all the way through.
Morgan: Also, the producer, Mike, was always saying, ‘each song has to keep the audience entertained”. So we put in a lot of interesting changes and arrangement twists and turns so each song is a journey with surprises.

Q: You can see that in the CD package too, very intriguing.

Mary: Yes, there’s definitely a story with those two people isn’t there?

Q: Yes it’s very evocative, makes you want to open it and find out what’s going on.

Mary: “Keep ‘em entertained”

Ty: I’d like to say, ‘hey everybody, we just added a spicy dish to the menu, you don’t have to order just hip hop or pussy rock anymore’.

Q: Well you have put a lot of thought and talent and skill into this, it’s very clear when you hear it. I hope it’ll be a big hit for you.

Guy: Then we can get chicks!

Dick: Yeah, we’re gonna score!

Q: Goodbye.

Jamie Rattner


Jamie Rattner


Hailing from California, Indie Award winner Jamie Rattner's confessional songs at the piano have earned comparisons to Kate Bush's electroacoustic songstories and Stevie Nicks' gypsy rock.

Testimony to this songstress' carefully penned songs, Jamie has been the recipient of several awards including a slot at USA Songwriting Competition's winner's showcase at SXSW. Other accolades include:

-First Place /Lyrics category of the USA Songwriting Competition

-Runner Up/Great American Song Contest

-Honorable Mention/American Songwriter Magazine's Lyric Contest

-Runner Up for Song of the Year in an international songwriting competition benefiting VH-1's Save The Music Foundation

Jamie has appeared on TV, had impressive airplay on 100+ stations & had a CD produced by Tim Bruhns (Holly Palmer,Ellis Paul). Her dramatic performance style continued to develop at the prestigious Berklee College of Music where she studied with the teachers of Aimee Mann & Paula Cole to name a few. She has gone on to stir audiences from her home in NYC to Europe where her literary,artistic style has found great appreciation.


Jamie Rattner-Voice/Piano/Programming

Tony Calabro-Drumset/Guitar


Jamie Rattner - (Pagan Heart 2009)

Jamie Rattner-(Within 2005)

Jamie Rattner-(Jamie Rattner 2002)

Jamie Rattner-(Medea EP 2000

Jeffrey Gilliam


Jeffrey Gilliam

It’s amazing what you can do when you really put your heart and mind into something. With more than 10 years of singing/songwriting, performing, and recording/engineering, Jeffrey Gilliam has independently produced Treasure Island, a fantastic group of upbeat pop songs, both fun and thoughtful all with his own hard earned professional skills. With a strong piano style and a voice that floats above it imagine taking the pop sound of Coldplay, mix in a little quirkiness of Ben Folds and a dash of Bruce Hornsby’s versatility. It’s something like that.

Jeffrey’s paid his dues playing in bands that were doing shows with Elton John, India Arie, Ani DiFranco, STS9, Mickey Hart, Particle, The Flaming Lips, String Cheese Incident and more.

Music was Gilliam’s focus all through school in Southern Oregon. He played many different roles including singer/songwriter, rock n' roll band member, solo pianist, jazz band member and choir accompanist.

In the school of real life Jeffrey has also independently wrote and produced two instrumental ambient CDs. A song from one CD became a finalist in the Song Of The Year and aired on radio shows nationwide.

Jeremy Thornton

Jeremy Thornton

Jeremy Thornton’s new album (When Ugly People Made Good Music) is a perfect blend of rock, pop, and soul. It provides the listener with a taste of all types of genres of music so the palette is fully satisfied. You will find yourself grooving all the way through the whole Album. Every song has a different feel and the one thing that keeps it continuous is that all of the songs are great.

Jeremy Thornton was born and raised in Chicago where he began his music career as a Hip Hop artist at a very young age. Being a free spirit led Jeremy to translate his love of writing into poetry and poetry into music. He performed in many venues around the Illinois area that gave him the opportunity to develop his own unique style of writing as well as experiment with various soundscapes. His passion led Jeremy to move to Atlanta, Georgia where he began working on an underground album self titled “Stil True”, which is now a classic. Undeniably talented; Jeremy soon caught the attention of a lot of up and coming producers like Billy Hume and Chris Vermillion. He was soon asked to collaborate on the underground classic album titled “Full Contact Sports”; which turned out to be a stepping stone for artist such as Bonecrusher (Arista), Lil Jon (TVT), and The Lyrical Giants (Tommy Boy). Not stopping his stride, Jeremy worked on the project “Dare to Travel Upon the Track Less Followed: An Exploration in Hip-Hop”; a compilation featuring some of the South’s hottest artist.

Multi-talented by nature; Jeremy has now taken his music to yet another level by delving into soul, pop and rock. Knowing that the piano is the foundation of all instruments; Jeremy taught himself to play so that he could express his love for music through any form and instrument. Being a professional musician; Jeremy’s live show is top notch and only includes quality musicians. Jeremy is getting ready to carry you on an adventure of different styles that takes you from one spectrum of the music realm to the other.

" Jeremy Thornton is poised to make the next major splash as a Black soul/rocker. "
- Vasco Bridges, SIR Magazine (Aug 23, 2008)

"Jeremy Thornton “No Fear” - reminds me of old school Maxwell. "
- The Mix Tape Monster Blog

Mobile Wash Unit


Mobile Wash Unit

Clear the way, that's what they do: the subway. Andy Snyder – a former Chicago Divinity School student and now philosophy professor at the City University of New York – writes and does guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals. He’s joined by Sim Cain (Rollins Band) and Dan Reiser (Norah Jones) on drums. The Boston Survival Guide says: "Interesting stuff, bits of synth-pop and psychedelia; the vocals floating and dreamlike, sometimes like a transmission from outer space."

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

SDC Radio Television at Ubroadcast

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What can I do with ubroadcast?
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- Promote your product or service in an “infomercial”, or conduct live product demonstrations.

- DJ music or play videos on your channel*

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- Utilize your content to sell sponsorship and advertising time on your channel.

- Add production and other services to ubroadcast as an upgrade to your current marketing, or creative business.

- And whatever else you can dream up!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ludacris to Interview Quincy Jones

Ludacris to Interview Quincy Jones

Jason Mraz Joins Stellar "We Create Music" Panel

Multi-talented hitmaker Ludacris will interview music legend Quincy Jones about his prolific career in signature "I Create Music" Interview.
As a the highest-selling Southern hip-hop solo artist of all time with over 24 million records sold worldwide, as well as an award-winning actor, Ludacris has forged a successful career that spans the studio, the stage and the screen. He will interview one of music's greatest living legends, Quincy Jones, about his prolific career as a musician, composer, producer, arranger and conductor and his work with such entertainment giants as Count Basie, Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Paul Simon, Aretha Franklin and many others. Ludacris will also explore Jones's pioneering fusions of pop, soul, hip-hop, jazz, classical and other forms of music across all mediums to leave his indelible mark on American popular music.

Even More Notable Names in Music Confirm to Speak at the ASCAP EXPO
Eclectic and accomplished singer-songwriter Jason Mraz will join already confirmed speakers Bryan Tyler, Phil Vassar, Paul Williams and more on the ASCAP EXPO's exciting "We Create Music" panel. It promises to be an inspiring and informative look into the experiences and techniques of today's biggest hitmakers.

And, in addition to the featured "I Create Music" Interviews with Grammy-winning singer-songwriters Bill Withers and John Mayer already announced, more of music's top names have confirmed to appear at the ASCAP EXPO including Andreas Carlsson, Ramin Djawadi, Mike Elizondo, Toby Gad, Chuck Harmony, Thaddis "Kuk" Harrell, Rob Knox, Gary Nicholson and Loudon Wainwright III and more than a dozen more!

The biggest names in music and the best opportunities for music creators are still available for less, but not for long! Discount Pricing on the ASCAP "I Create Music" EXPO ends March 31st, so hurry to register for less!

Perform at the ASCAP EXPO Attendee Showcase (Presented by Pick the Band)
If you are an independent songwriter-performer registered to attend the EXPO, then you can enter your music for a chance to perform at a special showcase in the Hollywood Ballroom at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel before an audience of prominent music industry tastemakers on the evening of Friday, April 23rd. Pick the Band is offering attendees a shot at sharing your musical talent with the industry and the EXPO audience. All music genres will be considered. We want to hear and/or see you perform!

Get Heard at the EXPO: Collaborate with Grammy nominated producer Chris "Deep" Henderson and songwriter Nate Walka (Jamie Foxx's "Blame It")!
This unique opportunity allows you to download your choice of two musical tracks, write your own lyrics to it and then submit your completed song for possible discussion in front of the EXPO audience. You must be registered to attend the ASCAP EXPO in order to submit, so register now.

Submit Your Songs for the ASCAP EXPO's Song Feedback Panels
Just two weeks remain to submit for the ASCAP EXPO's Song Feedback Panels, a unique opportunity to receive honest feedback and advice on your music from ASCAP EXPO panelists. Song submission ends on March 16 so register now and submit!

ASCAP EXPO iStandard Producer Showcase
Producers, submit your tracks (or beats) to the ASCAP EXPO iStandard Producer Showcase by April 8th for the opportunity to be spotlighted in front of a panel of prominent music industry tastemakers! Don't miss this incredible chance to break out, register now and submit!

The latest news and highlights are continuously tweeting from the ASCAP EXPO Twitter Feed. Follow us and stay in touch with all the exciting EXPO updates as they happen! It's also the best place to keep up with us onsite during the ASCAP EXPO to see who's there and what's happening!

Also, don't forget to friend the ASCAP "I Create Music" EXPO on Facebook! For up to the minute news and information on all things ASCAP, be sure to follow us on our main Twitter feed as well!

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

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Welcome to Mi2N's B2N, BUSINESS NET NEWSThe Largest Music Business & Technology News Resource March 3, 2010 Media Sponsor of:* Canadian Music Week: March 10-14, 2010* Music Matters: May 26-28, 2010 Featured MusicDish Site: Mi2N RSS Feeds YORKSHIRE SXSW PARTY @ BRITISH MUSIC EMBASSY/SXSW, AUSTIN, TEXAS - 18TH MARCH 2010: 12-3 PM
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MUSICDISH NETWORK~~~~~~~~~ MUSICDISH*CHINA SOUNDS POD2 - OPENINGTHE YEAR OF THE TIGER The second edition of MusicDish China Sounds presentedby Metal Postcard Records opens the Year of the Tigergoing well beyond Hong Kong to spotlight great actsfrom Greater China, including Taiwan-based Crowd Lu andMavis Fan & 100% who both performed at MIDEM 2010,MaybeMars folk rock band Low Wormwood, ChineseThrashcore Beijing band Fanzui Xiangfa, Guangzhou-basedand Haifeng-bred duo Wu Tiao Ren, Ubiquity Records' BeiBei He and Shawn Lee collaboration and canto-indie-popduo at17. http://china.musicdish.comiTunes:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WORLD NEWS~~~~~~~~~~~~~ European Music News => THE MUSICIANS' UNION ASKS BBC TOSAVE 6 MUSIC; The Musicians' Union (MU) IsAsking The BBC To Reconsider Its Plans ToClose 6 Music => BUSKERLABEL LAUNCHES CROWD-FUNDINGFOR UPCOMING MUSIC UNDER CREATIVE COMMONS;BuskerLabel Enables Artists To Raise Funds AndGain True Fans By Selling Legal, Early AccessTo Unreleased Albums Licensed Under CreativeCommons => BBM ANALYTICS AND NIELSEN BDSANNOUNCE RADIO ALLIANCE; New Data AndInformation Services Agreement To ProvideCanadian Radio With Enhanced Ratings AndResearch Technology => SMC SIGNS DIRECT DIGITAL DEAL WITHCHINA'S R2G TO PROPEL SMC ARTISTS TOHUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF CONSUMERS => 92.7 BIG FM GOES MOBILE, TARGETSGLOBAL MARKETS; Gets Into Strategic AllianceWith M-VAS Provider OnMobile => SHANDA REPORTS FOURTH QUARTER ANDFULL YEAR 2009 UNAUDITED RESULTS; Shanda,A Leading Interactive Entertainment MediaCompany In China => PIONEER AND SOL BEER CONFIRMEDAS PARTNERS FOR DANCE MUSIC'S MOSTIMPORTANT ANNUAL SUMMIT; International MusicSummit Partners With Founding Sponsors PioneerAnd Sol Beer For Third Consecutive Year => FOOTPRINT WORLDWIDE INKS DEALSWITH ESPN'S X GAMES AND CHINA YOUTHMEDIA; Footprint And Koobee To Create A OneOf A Kind Portal For China's 30+ MillionCollege Students

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ADVERTISEMENT~~~~~~~~~~~ CELEBRATED JAZZ VOCALIST DENA TAYLORRELEASES ALBUM "CERTITUDE" DA Productions is thrilled to announce today's releaseof Certitude, the second album from jazz vocalist DenaTaylor. Combining jazz, country and easy listening,this compilation of standards makes a great additionfor a dinner party or the soundtrack to a romanticevening with someone special.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BUSINESS NEWS~~~~~~~~~~~ Submit Your Music News To Mi2N => THE ROYALTY NETWORK PARTNERSWITH RIGHTSFLOW FOR BLANKET MECHANICALLICENSING AND ROYALTY SERVICES; New PartnershipGranting RightsFlow A Blanket License For TheRoyalty Network's Entire Catalogue => CMT'S LISA CHADER PROMOTED TOSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, CORPORATECOMMUNICATIONS; Chader Will Continue ToOversee The Creation And Execution Of NetworkPublicity Strategies => CMT'S ANTHONY BARTON PROMOTEDTO SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, INTEGRATEDMARKETING; He Will Continue To Create InnovativeCustom Content For All CMT Platforms => REP. DINGELL OPPOSES PERFORMANCEROYALTY; John Dingell (D-MI) Announced HisOpposition To A Performance Tax On Radio => X5 MUSIC GROUP CHOOSES INGROOVES ASMOBILE DISTRIBUTION PARTNER; INgrooves WillManage Mobile Distribution And Support OnlineDelivery Of The World-Class X5 Catalogue => ROYALTY FREE MUSIC LIBRARYTHEMUSICASE.COM GOES AHEAD WITHTHE FREE SUPERVISOR SERVICE;,Releases The Free Music Supervisor ServiceOffering A Unique Advantage To All ProductionMusic Clients Globally => MPG CHAIRMAN STEVE LEVINE SIGNSPATCH WILLIAM TO CHRYSALIS; MPG ChairmanSteve Levine Demonstrates The Role Of The21st Century Record Producer => SOLID STATE LOGIC IS PROUDTO ANNOUNCE THE OPENING OF THENEW OFFICE LOCATION IN LOS ANGELES;Solid State Logic Is Proud To Announce TheOpening Of The New West Coast Office LocationAt 3700 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 720 In LosAngeles, CA => CRS 2010 ATTENDANCE NUMBERS UP3.5 PERCENT; New CRB Officers, Board MembersAnnounced => SHERRY, BANE OPEN CONEXIONMEDIA/NASHVILLE; London-based ConexionMedia Group Opens Office On Famous Music Row => THE FILTER RECOMMENDATION ENGINELAUNCHED ON DAILYMOTION TO FURTHERBOOST USER ENGAGEMENT; The Filter, LeadingWhite-label Provider Of Recommendation AndRelevance Systems => JUMPSTART VENTURES INVESTS INNEW MEDIA COMPANY WITH DIGITAL MUSICAPPLICATION; JumpStart Ventures Announced AnInvestment Commitment Of $250,000 In MelodyManagement => NAXOS AND RIPSTYLES FORM A NICESOUNDING PARTNERSHIP; Music-lovers Who AreLooking For A Hassle-free Solution To DigitizeTheir Personal Music And Media Collections => PANDORA ANNOUNCES NEW HIRE:GEORGE B. LYNCH, VICE PRESIDENTOF AUTOMOTIVE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT;Experienced Radio Industry Executive ToFocus On Expanding Pandora's Presence InVehicles => QDOBA MEXICAN GRILL TAPS MUZAKTO BRING BRAND EXPERIENCE ONLINE WITHNEW INTERACTIVE MUSIC PLAYER; Adding MusicTo Web Site Will Enhance The Customer ExperienceBy Matching Sounds In-store And Online => EXEC DEPARTS APPLE TO LEAD TECHFOR NEW CLOUD-BASED MUSIC SERVICE,THUMBPLAY MUSIC; Pablo Calamera Named ChiefTechnology Officer At Thumbplay => BUG MUSIC SIGNS COUNTRY SONGWRITERGORDIE SAMPSON TO CO-PUBLISHING DEAL;Deal Brings Chart Topping, Grammy Award-WinningWriter Of "Jesus Take The Wheel" Under The BugMusic Umbrella

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ADVERTISEMENT~~~~~~~~~~~ AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE WHERE THE RAP MUSICINDUSTRY IS BOUND BY SECRECY AND CONSPIRACY Sekrett Scilensce Associates (Kuneo Koei) is proud toannounce the release of "IN5", the first single fromthe Rap/Hip-Hop album "The Rapman's Attire". Website: http://www.secretsilence.comMusic:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TECH NEWS~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow MusicDish Tweets => DAVID GUETTA AND MXP4 LAUNCHINTERACTIVE SINGLE IPHONE APP FORTHE US, GIVES FANS CHANCE TO INTERACTWITH HIM IN REAL-TIME; MXP4 Partners WithRedshift To Create Innovative Features ForGuetta App Including Interactive Tour TrackerAnd Remixable Music => ACOUSTICA RELEASES REVOLUTIONARYMIXCRAFT 5 RECORDING SOFTWARE; New VersionBrings Professional Audio Features And VideoScoring To Everyone => THE GIBSON GUITAR APP HAS ARRIVED;Gibson Guitar Releases Its Free To DownloadApp Exclusively For The iPhone And iPod TouchFrom The Apple App Store => AES 129TH CONVENTION POSTS EXHIBITORAPPLICATION ONLINE; Conferences: Nov. 4-7 /Exhibits: Nov. 5-7 At SF's Moscone ConventionCenter => MUSIC SOFTWARE POPULARITY INDEX -2009 Q4; Digital Music Doctor AnnouncesThe Results Of The Music Software InternetPopularity Index For Fourth Quarter 2009 => SMARTSOUND QUICKTRACKS 5.0 ADDSMULTI-LAYER MUSIC SUPPORT TO CORELVIDEO EDITING SOFTWARE; Corel VideoStudioPro X3 Is The First Video Editing SoftwareTo Integrate SmartSound's Most Powerful AndCreative Music Soundtrack Technology => PORTABLE AUDIO FOR YOUR LAPTOP:LOGITECH ANNOUNCES SPEAKER DESIGNEDFOR NETBOOKS AND LAPTOPS; Logitech LaptopSpeaker Z205 Delivers Big Sound For SmallComputers => MASTERING ENGINEER ADRIAN CARR AT"AC MASTERING" OF MONTREAL INSTALLSFOCAL 'TWIN6 BE' MONITORS; Mastering EngineerAdrian Carr At "AC Mastering" Of MontrealInstalls Focal 'Twin6 Be' Monitors => PEAVEY OFFERS FREE SANPERA MIDIFOOT CONTROLLER WITH VYPYR REBATE;Peavey Is Offering A Free Sanpera I MIDIFoot Controller For A Limited Time To U.S.Customers Who Purchase A Vypyr 75 Or Vypyr100 Modeling Guitar Amplifier

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