Monday, October 28, 2013

Berntout Perductions

Berntout Perductions has been together for five years but have been making music since they were young.

Berntout Perductions is currently working on their first project together. Still untitled, they have pre-released their single “Time To Make You Move” featuring Money, Tribal and Kazh. This single gives audiences a sample of the talent behind these individuals. Carrying a hot back beat along with smooth vocals this single is a dance tune with a new refreshing sound. Audiences can expect plenty of this hot sound on this project that is currently in production.

Berntout Perductions love collaborating with other artists. This gives them an edge above others, keeping their music interesting and constantly attracting new fans along the way. Always keeping their fans in mind, nothing leaves their studio before its time. Working diligently to create the ultimate song, developing the message and the energy that was intended is the most rewarding feeling of all, This is what Berntout Perductions is all about.

You can listen to their music by logging onto the following websites:

Berntout Perductions is currently working with A & R Select in Sherman Oaks, Ca. for licensing, publishing, a record deal and/or placement opportunities. They can be reached at:

Saturday, October 26, 2013

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“Krush” by Kisharra B

 by Luke Dailey

[ Genres: Pop / R&B ]

The entire professional narrative of Kisharra B. is encapsulated in her official artist photo: glammed up with make-up, snazzy photoshop glamours, and bold cursive font that implicitly proclaims how dynamic she is. Music aside, it’s clear what she’s shooting for: larger-than-life pop star. You know, the kind you only refer to by their first name. It’s a noble ambition: there’s a lot of fierce competition, and if you want to be good, you have to be good. As you might expect, there are elements of her ultra-famous contemporaries in Kisharra’s music: Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga. There is, however, a certain spark that’s entirely her own. Production that feels a little more raw, vocals ever so less processed; a pervading sense of a true passion for music behind the cartoon image.

“Krush” by Kisharra B rated on a 5 Star Rating Scale

Author Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars
Composition: 2.5/5 Arrangement: 2.5/5 Performance: 3/5 Production: 2.5/5 Hit Potential: 2/5

Founder (Music Producer & Publisher) Rating:
Composition: 5/5 Arrangement: 5/5 Performance: 5/5 Production: 5/5 Hit Potential: 5/5

“Krush” is her debut symbol, and it’s lyrically almost a color-by-numbers exercise in contemporary pop songwriting. There’s vague allusions to being in love, a crooned chorus, and overriding atmosphere that feels effervescently amorous. A lot of the most talented names in the business are currently bending their pens to exemplify this form; considering the heavyweight competition, it’s actually pretty impressive that “Krush” manages to mostly hold its own. The unfortunate caveat is that “mostly.” While the songwriting is sharp, the track itself well produced, and the vocals talented, there’s nothing that’s screamingly unique. It’s all B+ material—very, very well done material, but in a field where tones of grade-A music is just more unnoticed grist for the mill, this is probably fatal. The slow hip-hop/RB churn of the track is almost intoxicating at times, but it’s just a hair too simple to really engage. Nothing deep or meaningful or even powerfully emotional is offered by Kisharra herself, either from the lyrics or the performance. She’s pulled off a solid track, but solid, unfortunately, isn’t good enough.

It’s decent music. No doubt, somewhere, there’s an aimless teenage girl who’ll hear “Krush” and hear echos of her own day-to-day tribulations in it; obsess over the song for a while, play it fifty odd times…only to ultimately discard it and move on to the next fresh thing. Kisharra isn’t untalented: the lingering sense is that a too-strict adherence to industry standards is holding back a pent-up original spark. Here’s hoping she finds the creative space to let it roar to life.

It all started from a Mother’s bribe…………….At the tender age of three and crying hysterically from the thought of singing at church in front of thousands,…..Kisharra’s mother bribed her with these unforgettable words …”I’ll buy you a happy meal” … and now 20 plus years later here we are today! Kisharra realized singing was what she wanted to do and yes the Happy Meal made it all the better!

From the beginning music has been a part of who she is. Kisharra B aka “Shar” combines a mix of the pop and rock genre to express herself artistically through song. This Ohio native recording artist and very talented songwriter’s story has just begun, but sure to be filled with a track record of history making accomplishments. Kisharra B is self driven by her commitment and dedication to strive to perfect her craft. She has a passion second to none and to simply put it plainly…… Kisharra B is music! Her recently recorded song “Covergirl” nails the essence of Kisharra’s confidence while she makes a declarative statement of power over guitar saturated rock instrumentation.

Written by Kisharra and produced by grammy award winning producer Kevin Deane, this track will definitely carve her niche in today’s industry. Covergirl reflects an amazing introspective process of precision, purpose and self empowerment for all women to embrace. The uptempo 2nd single release “Krush” produced by Derek Dixie and written by Kisharra B and Derek …portrays a very distinctive musical interpretation, capturing a pop music sound with a Rock n Roll twist mixed with tribal drumming!!! Her most recent work includes the song “Famous” which is featured on the Spike Lee film produced movie soundtrack “You’re nobody til somebody kills you” released fall of 2012!!…..Kisharra B hasn’t even scratched the surface yet folks!! With an nationally and internationally tour in the works, along with her very own clothing line and future collaborations musically……the best is yet to come.

Her library of music and autobiography is full of unreleased material and unheard tracks she can’t wait for the world to hear and read! Kisharra B elaborates on her motivational drive by adding, Being the daughter of a preacher, my favorite scripture that keeps me focused is Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” This lets me know as long as I depend on him and no matter what comes my way, temptation or trial, he’ll give me the strength and confidence to make it!! We invite you to experience the sounds of Kisharra B aka SHAR!!!!!…..The POP/ROCK world has a new Covergirl.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Christy Angeletti

Christy Angeletti

Christy Angeletti
CD title : Something
Genre: Dance / CHR
Country: USA

Christy Angeletti is a cutting-edge singer/songwriter whose charming allure is only surpassed by her amazing sense of connection to the human experience and her ability to express it in song.

A charismatic mix of insightfulness and hippie-chic sensitivity, enhanced by a whimsical yet kickass attitude, Christy Angeletti's writing articulates the sensibilities of the generation through her perspective. "I love to write songs that evoke emotion; songs that have a little attitude and tell things how they are."

With a mischievous smile and sensuous magnetism, Christy's stage presence is spell-binding. "There is something magical about performing live in front of a huge audience; I come to life."

From Columbus, Ohio, Christy Angeletti's singing career began as a little girl, in church and in school. Progressing onward to performing at local events and various venues, opening for major headlining acts and recording in the studios of Nashville.

Christy has had a prolific year writing, recording and releasing new music, filming music videos and perfecting her stage show. Her new releases have had overwhelming reception and feedback attested by a rapidly growing fan base.

Truly dedicated to her craft, Christy Angeletti, the passionate artist, is continuously cultivating; tirelessly singing and writing, creating with heart and soul. "It's my world and I love it!".

Thursday, October 17, 2013

ShiSho - The Dead Milkmen Song

ShiSho releases "Shrouded in Shadows," in the wake of their break-out "The Dead Milkmen Song - featuring the Dead Milkmen"
ShiSho, Vivian and Midge Ramone
Teen Sisters Vivian and Midge Ramone are Quirky, Indie Duo, ShiSho
In time for the much-anticipated "The IT Crowd" sitcom finale, ShiSho releases their new single, "Shrouded in Shadows," a song of solidarity to the alienated and bullied.
September 24, 2013 - Akron, Ohio: Quirky, clever teen-sister act ShiSho, spent their summer touring to support their release, "The Sisters EP" and their comically nihilistic tribute single, "The Dead Milkmen Song - featuring the Dead Milkmen." Now, in time for the much-anticipated IT Crowd television show finale - where viewers can spot ShiSho's posters prominently displayed on set, the duo unleashes a new track, "Shrouded in Shadows," the second single from "The Sisters EP." 
Through "Shrouded in ShadowsVivian and Midge Ramone sing a message of solidarity to the alienated and bullied using oft-too-familiar high school scenarios as a backdrop. The track empathetically addresses the issue with sensitivity while maintaining ShiSho's trademark quirk.
Like a favorite coming-of-age film, the song unfolds with dark yet authentic geeky warmth. It holds appeal for fans of Daniel Johnston, Kimya Dawson, The Blow, Allo Darlin', and the Sarah Records crowd.
“Shrouded in Shadows tackles bullying from a sympathetic outsider’s point of view with gawky charm." says Nikki Delamotte, of Cellar Door Cleveland, "An ode to a fellow classmate rife with total pubescent recall – 'I’m sorry that they said those things about you changing in the locker room,' 'In art class they made fun of you because the only way you know how to draw is anime,' 'I know why you sit alone at lunch' 'Shrouded' is innocent, but never juvenile, and in essence the stuff folk-punk heroines are made of."
Music writer, Ken Sears praises ShiSho for "capturing adolescent angst and awkwardness perfectly."
Adam Spektor of Tour Volume says, "The balance of humorous references to fan fiction and equine birth with poignant asides, recalls They Might Be Giants at their funny-sad best."
Listeners of WFMU, Jersey City's famous free-form radio station, heard ShiSho perform "Shrouded in Shadows" as part of their hour, in-studio interview on June 3rd. Fans can stream the interview and performance from WFMU.ORG:
"Shrouded in Shadows" was produced by "Phantom Farmer" aka, Joel McAnulty of indie band De Novo Dahl at The Green Lodge Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. The track is the second single from "The Sisters EP," released on ShiSho's own independent imprint, Magnetic Bunny Arts, available at iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp.

Fans of "The IT Crowd" will catch sight of ShiSho's band posters and stickers prominently displayed on set of the highly-anticipated finale episode, airing September 27.
"Graham Linehan, the writer, director, and mastermind of the IT Crowd is giving ShiSho a generous nod in the big finale episode airing on Friday, September 27," says Vivian Ramone. "If you're a fan like us, you'll be watching the show like we will be - and you'll see ShiSho posters and stickers sprinkled throughout the show's set, including front and center on Moss' (actor, Richard Ayoade) desk. It's so surreal! We're beyond excited."
ShiSho, Vivian and Midge Ramone
ShiSho's stickers displayed on Moss' desk and laptop on The IT Crowd finale © Hal Shinnie
About ShiSho
Indie recording artists' ShiSho are real-life sisters, sixteen year old Vivian Ramone (guitar, ukulele, vocals) and thirteen year old Midge (accordion, ukulele, vocals). The duo have been described as the feasible offspring of They Might Be Giants and Kimya Dawson. With a punk aesthetic that catches audiences off-guard, ShiSho is a kid band that's not for kid audiences. In the nine years the sisters have been writing, recording and performing, the duo issued four releases, performed with artists including Man Man, The Dead Milkmen's Joe Jack Talcum, The Smoking Popes, They Might Be Giants, Skating Polly and many others. The band performs primarily original songs live. A crowd favorite is "Rocks n Penalties," a musical narrative about poison rainbows, puking unicorns and a Smiths reunion, released on England's Filthy Little Angels Records.
Upcoming ShiSho Shows:
09/22 Ingenutiy Fest, Cleveland, OH  
10/05 Lawn Con, Youngstown, OH
10/12 Highland Square Porch Rokr, Akron, OH  
10/13 The Grog Shop, Cleveland w/ The Blow
10/19 Con on the Cob, Hudson, OH   
For complete tour dates and much more, keep up with ShiSho online:

Monday, October 14, 2013

Raoul McLay - Change

Basic Band InfoBand Name: 
Raoul McLay

Album Name: Anthology

Email Address:
Website Address: 
Style: Pop/RockInfluences: The Beatles 
Geographic City: Melbourne
State: Victoria
Country: Australia
Zip Code: 3121 

Band Description
Positive, melodic, original guitar based Pop/Rock

Raoul McLay is an innovative and passionate musician who speaks the truth through the art of songwriting. "I needed a way to express my views on society and songwriting proved the perfect medium", he states. His socially aware, positive and thought provoking lyrics set to contemporary and groundbreaking musical backing make his songs vital and essential listening. Raoul McLay's music is available at all good retail outlets or, and on iTunes etc.

Raoul McLay Releases Anthology

Raoul McLay's twenty-track Anthology album is a compilation of demo's, live recordings, rehearsals and legitimate releases presented in chronological order. Included are tracks from bands McLay has been part of eg. The Set, White Noise and Now! etc. as well as solo efforts. This shows the growth and development of McLay's talents from early days until more recent times, as well as presenting a concise and definitive history of this artist. The cd is available in stores and on iTunes and other online stores such as


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