Friday, February 20, 2015

New Album MaxwelLP from Max Fred

Maxwell Frederickson

Max Fred Announces the New Album MaxwelLP from Max Fred

Kansas City, Missouri – Max Fred, the singer-songwriter indie-folk artist from Kansas City, is pleased to announce the release of his debut EPMaxwelLP, available immediately online for $4 digital download at & $4.95 at iTunes.  MaxwelLP is also featured on Spotify and Beats Streaming Services. MaxwelLP was mixed & mastered by Chris Stone of Stonecraft Audio.

Blending Bluegrass, Country, Folk and Americana, Max Fred’s shows are both high energy and thought provoking. A lifelong performer with a Bachelor of Theatre degree, Max Fred has played shows as a solo artist across the Midwest for six years. His debut EP features vocals and guitar recorded in a single take and has a stripped down alt-country/folk style with inspiring melodies and direct lyrics that engage both the listener’s ears and minds.  Max Fred has upcoming shows in Missouri, Kansas and Colorado with more dates and regions to be announced. All current shows are listed online at .

Max Fred
121 E 36th St Apt 4
Kansas City, MO 64111/

Chris Stone
Stonecraft Audio


If you have questions about the album and booking or would like to schedule an interview with Chris or Max please contact Maxwell Frederickson at 816-665-0678 or

Friday, February 13, 2015

Designing and Making your own Custom Clothing Line at Make Your Own Jeans


For many, Brazil’s body culture, eternal summer, and supermodels- not to mention its successful bids to host both the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games- make it the sexiest of all the BRIC countries.
Brazillian Denim
At MakeYourOwnJeans, we admire Brazilian styling sensibility. We have a whole range of Brazilian denim to suit your mood and add spunk to your mundane denim wears.
Brazilian Denim is low hung with a wider belt. The zip is shorter and metal buttoned with extra large button holes for a great look. MakeYourOwnJeans custom made denim wear is always exciting. Our Brazilian styling expert helps us tailor such unique denim features for our great customers. So basically, you pick up any denim fabric, provide your measurements, add a nominal fee and enjoy the oh-so-Brazilian-look. To get a hang of our designs and product, check our wardrobe. A simple tee and Brazilian denim is all you need to don in that perfect bohemian look.


Have you been thinking of late that what does all these denim jargon mean; on labels, on product branding and tickets? Here is a happy collection of terms you might find useful for your knowledge and help you in selecting the no-nonsense perfect fit denim for you.
Raw Denim
DENIM SHRINKAGE: To prevent natural denim shrinkage, wash your denim at a low temperature and dry it in the clothesline.
CROCKING: Release color when rubbed, of badly dyed fabric.
CAST: Depending on the mixture of dye, Indigo can be green cast or a red cast. Red is the traditionally recognized pure indigo denim.
RING SPUN: In case of premium denim the yarn used is in weaving is twisted to render the denim greater strength and durability.
SELVAGE DENIM: Denim woven in heritage machines at a much calculated pace. Selvage – the edge of denim that is woven so that it will not ravel or fray the clean edge of fabric. These are high quality denim.
Selvage lDenim
RESIN: to prevent fading and colour was off, resin is a kind of chemical used in the process.
SLUB CHARACTER: is the texture of the denim created by weaving denim with uneven yarns. This kind of texture can be vertical or horizontal or both.
RAW DENIM: Fashion purists prefer raw denim directly from the mill as it takes on a worn-in look with continuous wear.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ron Louis Smith 2nd

Musik Radio Promotions

Ron Louis Smith 2nd

Dance, Pop, Pop Rock, Adult Contemporary, Urban

United States

Sunpire Records

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Ronald Louis Smith Publisher Sunpire Music Publishing (bmi) Harrick 

Music (BMI)

Ron Louis Smith 2nd is the son of ‘Sunshine Royalty. Ronald Louis Sr. 

(one of the original members of ‘KC and the Sunshine Band’)

was the heart and soul of the band’s legendary horn section and an 

acclaimed songwriter in his own right, writing and co-producing (with 

Finch and Casey) the International disco hit sensation, ‘ SPANK.’
Carrying on in the tradition of his father (and his uncle, Jerome Smith 

– also a founding member of KC and the Sunshine Band), Ron Louis Smith 

2nd has brought that legendary sound and ‘feel good Miami vibes’ to the 

21st Century party scene.

As the ‘heir to the throne,’ Smith (the ‘Prince of Sunshine’) is 

releasing his first album. This project firmly ensconces Smith as a 

major player in the International club music scene, with groovalicious 

tracks like, ‘Party Music’ and ‘Can’t Let Go,’ to the heart pounding, 

soul stirring ‘Don't Hold Back (All your loving) - and a homage to his 

father and uncle with the electrifying ‘Spank' and ‘Come On, Let’s 


With tracks flavored with Finch’s signature groove as the backbone to 

Smith’s insight and genius, this album takes you on an eclectic, 

audible journey, giving the listener flavors of Caribbean, Junkanoo, 

Disco and Electric Funk – with Smith’s danceable infusions firmly 

present in every song.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Peabo Bryson


Peabo Bryson (born Robert Peapo Bryson, April 13, 1951, given name changed from "Peapo" to Peabo c. 1965) is an American R&B and soul singer-songwriter, born in Greenville, South Carolina. He is well known for singing soft-rock ballads (often as a duo with female singers) and his contribution to several Disney animated feature soundtracks.

As one of the oldest of four siblings, two sisters and a brother, he spent much of his childhood on his grandfather's farm in Mauldin, South Carolina. His love for music stemmed from his mother, who often took the family to concerts of well-known African-American artists at the time, such as Sam Cooke, Little Richard and Billie Holiday.

At age 14, Bryson marked his professional debut, singing backup for Al Freeman and the Upsetters, a local Greenville group. It was Freeman's difficulty in pronouncing Bryson's French West Indian name, 'Peapo', that led Bryson to change its spelling to Peabo. Two years later, he left home to tour the chitlin' circuit with another local band, Moses Dillard and the Tex-Town Display. Bryson's first break came during a recording session at Atlanta's Bang Records. Although Bang was not impressed with Dillard's band, the young backup singer caught the ear of the label's general manager, Eddie Biscoe. Biscoe signed Bryson to a contract as a writer, producer, and arranger and encouraged Bryson to perform his own songs. For several years, Bryson worked with hometown bands and wrote and produced for Bang.[citation needed] In 1976, he launched his own recording career with "Underground Music" on the Bang label. His first album, Peabo, followed shortly thereafter. Although only a regional success, Bryson signed to Capitol Records in 1977.

Bryson's greatest solo hits include 1977's "Feel the Fire" and "Reaching for the Sky", 1978's "I'm So Into You" and "Crosswinds" 1982's "Let the Feeling Flow", 1984's "If Ever You're in My Arms Again" (his first Top 10 pop single, at #10 in the US), 1989's "Show and Tell", and the 1991 hit "Can You Stop the Rain". In 1985, he appeared on the soap opera One Life to Live to sing a lyrical version of its theme song.  Bryson's vocals were added to the regular theme song in 1987 and his voice was heard daily until 1992. He recorded the successful album of romantic love duets with Roberta Flack (Born to Love) in 1983.

Among his romantic love songs and duets are:

"Here We Go", with Minnie Riperton
"Gimme Some Time", with Natalie Cole
"Beauty and the Beast" ("Beauty and the Beast"), with Céline Dion
"Light The World", with Deborah Gibson
"The Gift", with Roberta Flack
"I Can't Imagine", with Regina Belle
"A Whole New World" ("Aladdin"), with Regina Belle
"Tonight I Celebrate My Love", with Roberta Flack
"The Best Part", with Nadia Gifford
"Lovers After All", with Melissa Manchester
"You Are My Home" ("The Scarlet Pimpernel") with Linda Eder
"By the Time This Night Is Over" with Kenny G
"For You And I" with Angela Bofill
"Without You" with Regina Belle
"As Long As There's Christmas" ("Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas"), with Roberta Flack
"I Have Dreamed" ("The King And I") with Lea Salonga
"Make It Til Tomorrow," with Sandi Patty

Bryson won a Grammy Award in 1992 for his performance of the song "Beauty and the Beast" with Céline Dion and another in 1993 for "A Whole New World" (Aladdin's Theme) with Regina Belle.

Bryson performed in theater and operatic productions, most notably the tenor role of "Sportin' Life" in the Michigan Opera Theater of Detroit's version of Porgy and Bess. His tax problems caught up with him on August 21, 2003, when the U.S. Internal Revenue Service seized property from his Atlanta, Georgia, home. He is reported to owe $1.2 million in taxes dating back to 1984. The IRS auctioned much of his possessions, including both Grammy Awards, electronic equipment and his grand piano.

In 2002, Bryson's "Beauty and the Beast" music video was included on the platinum and Blu-ray edition of Beauty and the Beast. His "A Whole New World" music video was included on the platinum edition DVD release of Aladdin. Bryson's CD, Missing You, was released on October 2, 2007 on Peak Records, a division of Concord Music Group.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015



Reno, NV
R&B/Soul / Rock / Pop

We have inched our way back up to the # 2 Spot & doing well on the National and Global charts too. Your Listening Power and Supported interest has been the Key factor in our Quest.
Many Thanks and Salutes going out to You Fans, Colleagues, Friends & our Family's, from the Hotrax team.
Our Musical Message to the World is always Postive & hopefully gives you "Something" to Believe in 

RG's All Nite Funk band  

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Classic Rock is reinvented by Dynamite

Every once in a while Classic Rock is reinvented and Dynamite have recorded an album of rock tracks that will surprisingly get the listener singing them well after the CD has finished.

All the songs are written by songsmith Vic Malcolm who was the writer of all the Geordie hits back in the seventies, a band that had Brian Johnson as their vocalist.  Brian left to join AC/DC and Vic moved to Cyprus where he continued to write and record songs many of which were published by Tabitha Music and released by Tabitha Records.

One night playing at a gig in Paphos Vic heard the incredible voice of Rick Mort and immediately wrote a number of songs. They played gigs on the island and recently released a live track “Black” on 13th June 2014, which has had massive airplay, and was made available as a download only.

At the end of last year they went into the studio to record this first album and the results are ten original rock tracks on the CD “Rock ‘til you drop.”

Tabitha Music Limited CEO, Graham Sclater said, "I have not been this excited about a rock band since we signed Adrian Smith's Urchin back in the seventies. Adrian went on to join Iron Maiden and I've always hoped that I could find and sign a band that played out and out uncompromising rock. "Dynamite" is such a band."

The album was released this month in CD format from Amazon or Tabitha Records and as a download from Amazon and iTunes.


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