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Clay Jeffreys


Clay Jeffreys

Country singer/songwriter Clay Jeffreys was born in the cotton country of Southeast Missouri about 30 miles from the Mississippi river. Clay's uncle Vance had a farm just outside Malden Missouri and Clay was on a tractor at an early age. Clay's Grandpa was a train conductor for the Cotton Belt railroad which ran from Cape Girardeau Missouri to Texas.

Clay's dad was a sergeant in the Air Force and Clay grew up changing schools every couple of years when his dad was transferred to Air Force radar bases in the South and Midwest. The military, small town farms, trains, and close simple country family and friends (functional and dysfuntional) were the foundation of Clay's childhood.

Clay began playing guitar and writing songs in his early teens. Clay considers his country music influences as Keith Whitley, George Strait, Clint Black, Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley, Trace Adkins, Kenny Chesney, and Clay's not-too-distant cousin, Barbara Mandrell. Clay was contacted by a record label to record his song 'Simple Country Girl' at a Nashville studio on Music Row. Clay is now excited that he has the opportunity to release his songs, including 'Simple Country Girl' and 'The Cowboy Life'.

Be sure to stop by and join Clay on myspace/clayjeffreys, Facebook/clayjeffreys1 and Twitter/clay_jeffreys, and reverbnation/clayjeffreys. Clay's first single "The Cowboy Life" will be released to U.S. radio stations on 4/9/2012.

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Press Release:

Livia is a female singer/songwriter from London, England with a sprinkle of Italian and French mixed in. She has been singing and writing since she was 4 years old. Growing up, she listened to many different styles of music; everything from rock, pop, latin, metal, dance, dark wave, world music and folk – you name it. Livia uses the many influences, elements and forces in her life and works them into her music.

Livia is proud to announce the release of her debut CD titled “Journey of an Empath” with single “Read Your Mind” leading the way. The title of this single describes the song – a story of someone who has learned from a hurtful past and is now wiser and more experienced in choosing a positive future. “It’s about learning from your past mistakes, not letting people destroy your spirit and taking a bad experience and become a stronger person. An empowering song hopefully and about healing”, states Livia.

This single has great lyrics. The vocals, rhythm and the energy are explosive. The music arrangement for this song gives a power punch to the audience. Its hard intro grabs your attention from the very first note right up to the last. It has plenty of catchy hooks and great melodic sections. These ingredients, fused together, deliver a very powerful and impressive single. It is very radio friendly and relatable to audiences worldwide and for any adult age.

“Read Your Mind” is a good representation of the style of musical arrangements Livia creates. She wears her heart on her sleeve and her audience adores her for it. Holding nothing back, you can feel the intensity of what she is singing about. Her music is eclectic and very diverse. This is what her audience loves and expects from her. This is Livia.

You can listen to and/or purchase songs from “Journey of an Empath” by logging onto:

“I am extremely fortunate to be working with legendary pop producer/musical director Simon Ellis (Britney Spears Circus tour, Spice Girls). He found me on myspace and asked to write a song with me. It was like ‘yeah, ok, no brainer!’. It has been a fantastic experience as he is a bit of a hero of mine and his music made up a large part of my music playlist in the mid 90’s.”

“Always believe that anything is possible and have faith in your dreams. It can be a pretty crazy journey at times, but if you truly love what you are doing and have a passion for something, you have to stick with it.”

It seems that Livia is not only passionate about her music, she’s also focused on helping others realise their potential.

At this time Livia is working on shows promoting the singles that represent the upcoming CD and is working with A & R Select based in West Hollywood, Ca. for licensing, publishing, a record deal and/or placement opportunities. For additional information, please contact them at:

Erik Husman and The Golden Rule

Bio: A real troubadour with a rare insight into people and an ardent ear for passion, Golden's, Erik Husman, almost completely avoids the usual trappings of the singer/songwriter genre by blending a strong melancholia and a wry wit with traditional folk steeped heavily in psychedelia and solid, simple and cool rock and roll. A listen to the songs from his self-produced initial offering , the alternately lonely, prayerful and mercurial “American Gothic,” leaves you with visions both of torn havoc of recent, confused and transforming heartbreak and the solid resiliency to go on (albeit with a touch of bourbon for courage). Step back to 1992. Husman met Chris Bynum - son of outlaw country songwriter Hal Bynum ("Lucille", "Mansion On the Hill", "Ain't No Good Chain Gang")- in his freshman year at the University of Denver, and the two became fast, lifelong friends and musical soulmates. Afternoons spent sipping bourbon and smoking to a backdrop of afternoon "soaps" and cartoons, the two learned to cover tunes from musicians like Johnny Cash, The Grateful Dead, Dylan, Neil Young, among others. Bynum introduced Husman to classic country artists like Hank Williams, Sr., Marty Robbins and Patsy Cline, as well as the Outlaws. It was also about this time that Husman realized that he shared his birthdate with Woody Guthrie - another folk hero - with whom, he felt an artistic connection to. Husman’s influence shifted slightly as years passed, from classic country and rock to a more contemporary fare based on a healthy obsession with Radiohead’s “The Bends” and “OK Computer.” Another path led him to The Old ‘97s, Uncle Tupelo, The Jayhawks, Wilco and Golden Smog - as well as to a deep desire to make his own music, and a name for himself. Out of that came “American Gothic,” recorded in a producer’s basement and mixed and mastered where “Rumors,” the Fleetwood Mac classic, was. “American Gothic” had a 100 CD pressing, half of which Husman gave away. A life-changing trip to last year's Burning Man Festival finally convinced Husman of his own artistic foundation, and since then, he has dedicated himself almost entirely to music. In the past year he’s played small clubs, restaurants and other typical first-time venues, to an ever-growing fan base. Husman’s music is informed by a mixture of icons, both literary and musical. In it you can hear influences from the aforementioned country and folk acts to the likes of Brian Jonestown Massacre, Gram Parsons, Aimee Mann, Vetiver, Archers of Loaf; lyrical prose geniuses like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Franz Kafka, Hemingyway, and Raymond Carver; and the classic Western film style of Sergio Leone and Sam Peckinpah; and aliens (the real ones - the truth IS out there!). The results of this mix are sometimes pointed, straightforward folk song/stories, sometimes stream of consciousness rants, thrust into the mix in Husman’s signature tortured and often bewildered, yet wise, vocals. Eddie Mize and Diana Sabreen joined Erik for the Walnut Recording, and now call themselves, Erik Husman and the Golden Rule. Husman and Bynum are collaborating on some of the new material which will be released via limited vinyl pressing, iTunes, Spotify, and CD; Husman working in Golden, and Bynum in NYC. Definitely check out this western freak folkster - you'll be happy you did. Facebook: ErikHusmanandTheGoldenRule Erik Husman Music Courtesy of Billy Thieme -DenverThread - Erik Husman, Singer/Songwriter from Golden, CO Erik Husman and The Golden Rule

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John Dartnell


John Dartnell

I am English born and bred and I have been playing music most of my life. I have played in a few bands here in the UK some famous and a lot not quite so famous.

I had a brief spell away from music and in that time I did some acting work which included a small non speaking role in one of the Harry Potter movies, plus I did countless UK TV shows, some commercials and I was in a pop video for a band called ‘Busted’ with a song called ‘Year 3000’, which made it to number one in the charts here in the UK.

So all in all my career has been somewhat varied along the way. I have released six commercial albums, number 6 ‘The Road Goes On’ was released March 2012. A physical CD as well as a digital download is available from

My music is also available from most good download sites including

What others say about me.

John or The Beard as he is affectionately known, is a singer/songwriter originally from London England. His American influenced music and his UK upbringing gives John his own unique style of music. His songs vary from his own style of country (Well what do you expect from a Brit) to haunting love songs , through to songs about life, through to good old Rock and Roll. To sum John up in a few sentences is difficult, the best way to describe him is unique…….. Listen to the man listen to his music. John Dartnell

Video Code:
John Dartnell TV on MUZU

ric kirk

ric kirk
Ric Kirk is a Nashville TN resident originally from Indiana by way of Los Angeles. He writes and sings in a wide variety of styles from country to pop and cajun and reggae. In the late 80's he had his own showcase band in LA, the Sidewinders. While he plays the usual songwriter instruments, piano and guitar, his real forte is the accordion, having played since he was 9 years old. In Nashville, he often plays with the Les Kerr Bayou Band, doing blues, cajun, reggae and everything else for that situation. Ric is also an avid baseball fan and some years ago wrote a CD " A Grand Old Game" featuring 9 original baseball songs in various styles. It is for sale at CDbaby under At one time it was on sale at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.

Dixie Chicks' -Not Ready To Be Nice- Drops From Charts after Seven Year Run

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dixie Chicks' -Not Ready To Be Nice- Drops From Charts after Seven Year Run

MEMPHIS (IFS) -- Internet powerhouse playlist-er KDTN Radio One  has finally given the Dixie Chicks its last spin this week after "Not Ready To Be Nice" entered its charts over seven years ago at the Number #1 spot and slowly moved its way slowly down the charts to the listening position of 0.84 listeners for the song.

This only means that approximately less than 2,000 listeners wanted to hear the greatest song in radio history being played.  KDTN Radio One chose to play the DC's songs when Country Radio decided that they were not going to and the right wingers pulled the Chicks records off regular rotation.

It really did not hurt them, but did confirm one thing, that you don't need a radio station to play your songs and get a hit record for you.  In an instant, radio changed from being the driving force, to just  being there for the radio listeners, if they decided not to change the channel.

Currently, KDTN Radio One's latest rebel group to get into the spotlight is Russia's Pussy Riot, with the title song that's unpronounceable, but only called "The Putin Church Song" because it got them put in prison for two years.  KDTN promises to play the song until Pussy Riot is let out of prison.

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Shelby Garrett

Shelby Garrett

Shelby Garrett allows listeners to be enveloped into the story lines of her songs. If you are looking for beauty in music and peace in your life, go no further than Shelby Garrett’s world. Shelby has been writing beautiful music since she can remember but stopped at the age of 10. Ten years later, she resurrected that sleeping talent and began the process all over again. What came out of her this time was an evolution in sound, acquired wisdom and the ability to express her inner beauty through external avenues.

Shelby Garrett is proud to announce the release of her debut CD “Some Sad, Some Glad” with single “Sing” leading the way. What a grand introduction to this fabulous menagerie of songs than this one song. “Sing” is the force that you focus on through the good and the challenging in life. It also sums up the totality of what Shelby aspires herself to be as it is an extraordinary self-expressive piece. It has an incredible catchy melody and a solid hook. You will find yourself singing this song without even understand why. All you know is that it brings balance into your daily routine. The lyrics and the musical arrangement that enhances the meaning of these words is precision perfect.

“Some Sad, Some Glad” includes a plethora of meaningful, tender, pop/folk music that is heartfelt and inspirational. Allowing yourself to be free to experience her music is the best thing human beings can do for themselves.

“Some Sad, Some Glad” is available at most digital storefronts.
Shelby Garrett has opened for local bands in Knoxville and from Bryan Collage The Suite C, Little Foxes and Brock’s Folly. Bryan College’s newspaper The Triangle has named Shelby as one of the school’s talented artists. “One of the most difficult and worthy attempts is to say lofty things with simple language. I hope to make it a lifelong endeavor”, states Shelby. We all hope so too.

You can listen to and/or purchase her songs by logging onto the following website and searching Shelby Garrett:

Shelby Garrett is currently working with A & R Select based in Beverly Hills, Ca. for licensing, publishing, a record deal and/or placement opportunities. For additional information, please contact them at:


Jamie Rumley

Jamie Rumley


For as long as she can remember, Jamie Rumley heard her parents playing the music of Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and The Rolling Stones around their home in the small community of West St. Paul, MB. Before long she was singing in Church and School choirs and later playing the bass guitar, piano and alto saxophone (which earned her several awards at a young age). But her inspiration to pick up the guitar and begin penning her own music came from listening to artists like Sheryl Crow, Janis Joplin and The Cranberries.

She has come a long way since those choir days. After completing an Audio Engineering Program in 2002, Rumley wrote, recorded and produced her debut album Out of the Ordinary. The first single, "Anywhere But Here," is still a fan favourite and ended up being featured on her next project, which did not arrive until several years later.

After a long hiatus from music making, she found her way back to her roots in 2008 and recorded her follow-up album: an EP entitled Renovations. Produced by Adam Halstrom (Pollution Lake Sound) and featuring six songs which could all be categorized in different genres, the project ties together surprisingly well and was received with open arms in Canada and all over Europe. After the release of Renovations came a spring “Compilation Tour” of Western Canada with fellow Winnipegger, Lindsey White, who also contributed lead guitar to the project.

Three years later Rumley has written yet another entirely new collection of songs. Her latest offering, What are You Waiting For, was recently released in Canada and sees her moving in a fresh direction with the help of long time producer Adam Halstrom. Rumley collaborates again with White (piano/vocals), as well as a Toronto based artist who cowrote the single “Back to You,” with the multi-talented Halstrom contributing bass, drums, vocals, guitar and some piano. Clearly her most polished effort to date, What are You Waiting For contains ten well crafted and neatly produced songs spanning several musical genres; all distinctly ‘Jamie Rumley.’ Ranging from straight forward rock to dreamy folk-pop to suped up versions of classic folk, the album combines elements of all her influences painted on an edgier indie rock backdrop that demands an attentive ear through and through.

Jamie Rumley’s bittersweet lyrics and diverse music might remind you of her favorite artists but her uniqueness makes her a genre all her own.

Pig Farmer

Pig Farmer

Press Release:

“Makin’ Bacon” is the newest addition in the Pig Farmer discography and was released in the fall of 2011. The four previous albums were all cut in Nashville, TN while “Makin’ Bacon” was recorded at the newly refurbished “The Studio” in Savannah, MO. The album contains 9 original tunes written by the great and powerful wizard of Pig Farmer, James P. Hellerich. There’s also one re-make of Johnny Cash’s “Frankie’s Man Johnny”.

The lead track off the record was written on a return trip from a rehab center in Texas and the album is filled with songs of a personal nature and true-to-life stories. “I was setting in the rehab family counseling center looking all around. There was a Millionaire setting next to me and a Mother who worked at Wal-Mart on the other side. There must have been a 50 sets of families, from all walks of life, there to help a loved one with their addiction. I listened to all their stories of how addiction has affected their life. A great rumbling in my spirit began to stir and on the way home “Catch His Name” was born.” – Jimmy Hellerich

The album represents a sound and continuing saga of an American songwriter telling like he sees it with a down-home, Midwestern perspective.

The album is available on CDBaby, ITunes, and at the band’s live performances.

Makin' Bacon was recorded at "The Studio" Savannah, MO

Produced by Pig Farmer
Mixed by Jimmy Hellerich
Mastering and Replication by Oasis,
Photo and Graphic design by Cody Maag

The Pig Farmer Band:
Jimmy Hellerich- Lead Vocal, Guitar & Harp,
Jason Riley - Lead Guitar,
Ben Liemkuler - Bass,
Jay Albright- Drums,
Kevin Snowden - Keyboards

phil common

phil common

Press Release:

CD Releases:

  1. phil common - Released 2006. Available through CDBaby and iTunes.
  2. Only You - Released 2007, early releases available at shows and from website.
  3. Island - Released 2011

Records are available on CDBaby, Amazon and most online retail locations as well as select retail stores. Visit, to join the mailing list and keep up with gigs and merchandise giveaways

Melanie Rose Dyer


Melanie Rose Dyer

Press Release:

Singer-Songwriter Melanie Rose Dyer, a mainstay on the Nashville songwriting scene (Tom Rush, Rick Trevino) has released a debut album of songs which puts her big alto voice center stage. Going into the studio with Grammy award winning session leader Glen Duncan the music is a blend of musical genres.

”The Long Way Around” has been a life time in the making for artist Melanie Rose Dyer. Three years ago when the project began, co-producer Daniel Cooper and Dyer went into the studio and said “Let’s just make some great music”. Bringing in musicians Jack Pearson (Allman Brothers) on slide guitar and legendary Jim Horn (Beatles, Beach Boys) on saxophone added tasteful and tasty flavorings to the already heady distillation of real life and groove based songs. This is a mature, complex record which is both inspirational and chock full of heart and soul.

The heartfelt style of songwriting and singing on this project brings to mind the sophisticated blues styling of Bonnie Raitt, while incorporating the honest down to earth styles of Tracy Chapman and Reba McEntire. It is as impossible to classify as it is beautiful to listen to. Like so many great blues, country and folk projects the music is intensely personal. Two of the tunes on the project are inspired by losing a spouse to cancer and finding love again a few years later. “This is my life’s project–it kind of is my life story” Dyer says. Every moment of the album drips with profound soulfulness and is rounded out on four cuts by the bountiful soul back- up sounds of Shaun Murphy (the female voice of Little Feat). Mike Durham( formerly of Dave Matthews Band) puts his electric guitar definition on every song with powerful and definitive diversity. Charles Judge and Tim Lauer embellish the album with keyboards and B3, while Marc Prentice and Don Kerce contribute bass guitar. Super drummer Paul Scholten adds percussion and drums.

Songwriter Hall of Fame Pat Alger says of Dyer: “Melanie has been one of my favorite collaborators for over 20 years. It is a reflection of the serendipity of the music business that this album may be the first time most people will get to hear her and her wonderful songwriting. Now you’ll realize what you’ve been missing all this time.” It is an album for anyone who craves real music. It has been a long time coming, but it is well worth the wait.
Available on ITunes and CD Baby

“”There’s nothing more American than a woman with a big voice bred in the South singing songs of love, hope, sorrow and uncertainty over gospel-tinged R&B grooves, and that’s just what the listener gets from the first beat of this record”.

Fallon Cush

Fallon Cush

2011 saw Fallon Cush deliver a warm and emotionally wide-ranging self-titled debut album which received airplay in Australia, U.S and Europe as well as receive a slew of positive reviews. Late 2011 found singer-songwriter Steve Smith with another albums worth of material and heading back into the studio with Glen Hannah (guitar), Scott Aplin (keys), Chris Vallejo (bass), Josh Schuberth (drums, bass), and Lily Dior (B/V's) to record this years follow-up, April. Recorded and mixed by Chris Vallejo at Linear Recording in Sydney, Australia the album was mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound NYC.

Elliot Matsu

Elliot Matsu

With his third solo release, Elliot Matsu has gone back to roots to move forwards. The record, 'Late August Moon,' is a study in the craft of indie rock and a demonstration of honest art. The songs were all written and ready to go when the record started and the process took less than a month from start to finish. “I was already a little tired of playing the songs by the time I started laying them down. I wanted to make something really simple, straightforward and honest. No computer editing, no feats of recording prowess. I was getting into some cool lo-fi stuff like Daniel Johnston and these kids out of Austin called ‘Arm of Roger.’ I set out to do something lo-fi, with all heart but it ended up sounding pretty full and commercial – even cheap stuff sounds great these days.”

You can’t get much simpler than a Tascam Portastudio, so Elliot got a Tascam 2488, a drum machine and a couple of cheap synths and set out to make a record. His guitars went through pedals and a little Epiphone Valve Junior amplifier, cranked. “I wanted to use just my ears for this record. The songs needed to stand on their own, no putting lipstick on a pig. If it sounded good, I kept it. If it didn’t, it went.” The resulting record has its own musical mood, it’s own sonic fingerprint and an unforced arrangement which features the music and the message.

And what exactly is that message? A hodge-podge of unreserved mental landscapes that might seem a bit out of place anywhere but the alternative rock format. The title track, "Late August Moon," is a love song infested with lust and possessiveness. "Find What You’re Looking For" takes a look at the driving, relentless force of karma. "Wild Animals" describes a journey of awakening characterized by ghosts and fish with fangs. “Daddy Open Your Eyes" tells the tale of death in a hospital bed and "Killing With Swords" is a song about exacting street justice with a sword. "Angels" is a fifteen year old song that was previously released on a CMJ compilation CD and hasn’t seen the light of day for awhile.

The cover art was done by Chicago artist Jason Fairchild. Fairchild’s pieces have an integrity and originality that seemed a perfect fit with the project.


Elliot Matsu grew up in Chicago. His musical career began at five years old when he was enrolled in the Suzuki School of Music to study piano. Suzuki stresses that students learn music first by ear rather than by sight reading.

At the age of 10, Elliot decided that rock 'n roll was his calling. His interests evolved from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Beach Boys to Guns 'n Roses, Metallica and Motley Crue. His style changed from JC Penny's catalog offerings to stone washed jean jackets, boots with chains on them and t-shirts with the arms cut off. His first guitar was an Olympic White Fender Squire Stratocaster, kinda like Yngwie Malmsteen’s. Under careful cultivation, his hair mushroomed into a thick, puffy mullet.

It was at this time that Elliot hooked up with guitar hero George Bellas to learn how to play the guitar like all of his new idols. George was signed on Shrapnel Records, and played with many big shred/metal names and gave lessons on the side. Although Elliot's shredding abilities stopped far short of his teacher's, his guitar playing and solo composition remains heavily influenced by his teacher's neo-classical style to this day.

With his new licks, kicks, denim and mullet, Elliot set out to destroy the world in his first band, 'Hyperten-shun' (yes, it was spelled wrong "for effect"). The band played a few school dances before it's members graduated from junior high school. Elliot's next band was formed in high school and was called 'Obduracy.' Obduracy played thrash metal at local clubs and released a few home made ep's on cassette tapes. Aside from playing in bands, Elliot held jobs as a bus boy, a telemarketer for a carpet cleaning company, a mattress delivery helper, a UPS delivery helper, an ice-cream scooper at Baskin Robins and a Nordic Track sales person.

After Elliot graduated from high school it was off to college and goodbye to mullets and metal. While at college he self-released a few albums and ep's attempting a more pop rock sound. These were recorded on Alesis ADAT machines (which were very new and cool at the time) with Elliot performing all of the vocal and instrument parts. One such release, titled "Autonomy," was financed by his college roommate and released at retail.

Upon graduation from college, Elliot headed to New York City. He studied to get his masters degree in entertainment business at NYU while recording bands and artists in his apartment at night. He spent time working at Billboard, Sony Music, TVT Records and Roadrunner Records. He hooked up with producer Jonathan Appell (engineer/producer for Bette Middler, Carol King) and worked with many big studio musicians on his initial demos including Shawn Pelton (Saturday Night Live, Sheryl Crowe, David Byrne), Steve Wolf (Annie Lennox, Avril Lavigne) Mark Slutsky (Gavin DeGraw, PINK), Vinnie Zummo (Shawn Colvin, Joe Jackson), Rick Skatore (24-7 Spyz), Mark Shulman (Jewel) and Gregg Gerson (Billy Idol).

Aside from his solo work, Elliot also played bass in a band called 'On The Lam' with childhood friend Matt Friscia, who worked at BMG in New York and would go on to play drums in the Poster Children and Team Rockit. Matt eventually started Firetone Records and released Elliot's debut album, "2nd Avenue." The record continues to spin on radio stations and podcasts throughout the indie music world. One of the singles, "Cry," hit #30 on the small market adult contemporary charts here in the states. His other single, "Something Wrong," has gotten much attention in the independent music scene and was played on the runway at the 2008 Fall Fashion shows in New York.

Elliot also played lead guitar in underground NYC punk band 'Odd Zero,' and produced their last LP, 'Another Odd Zero To Dread.' The band was together and playing frequently in rock clubs during Matsu’s second solo release, The Value of Power, which was received well on the indie rock and internet radio scene and included singles “Ellie,” “Down on Bowery,” “Hot Pink Limousine,” “Stars,” (featuring Shawn Pelton from SNL on drums) and “Who Am I?”

Megan King


Megan King

Megan King just recently completed her third album, Lion Heart (released 5-12-12). Megan recorded Lion Heart at Java Jive Studios in Nashville, TN ( with acclaimed producer, Mark Hornsby ( She had the privilege of working with esteemed session players, Phil Naish and Brian MacLeod. Naish played all keyboards on the album, and MacLeod performed drums. Hornsby and fellow Java Jive alum, Dave Martin, contributed the bass on the album. All music, lyrics, guitar, and vocals were done by King.

Although Megan's last album, Pretty Songs LP, was self produced and received rave reviews, Lion Heart takes it to the next level with the professionalism of a Nashville recording studio, and the seasoned contribution of session players such as Naish and MacLeod.

King stated of Lion Heart, "This is my best work yet. If I died tomorrow, I would be proud to leave this album behind as my legacy. Lion Heart contains songs for the dreamers in the world. It's about believing in your path, no matter the failures, fear, or betrayals... it's about overcoming, and seizing the lion in your heart. I couldn't be happier with how it all turned, and the honor of having such incredible talent contribute to the album. This was a dream come true-- not only to work with Mark, Phil, and Brian, but to finally see these songs come to birth in the way you've always envisioned them."

Kristi Martin, from The Chrome Lens Photography ( contributed all photos for the album. Kristi is an incredible photographer, and is an old friend of Megan's from High School. Two strong women out there making it happen in art! Kristi and Megan ran into each other at the grocery store. Kristi was wanting to do a photo shoot with a female musician and Megan was looking for a photographer for her album. The result is a perfect tribute to the theme of the album. Check out the rest of the photos here, and Kristi's touching caption (We love Kristi): Megan King - Lion Heart.

Where did it all start, and where is it going? King started her musical career in her bedroom at the age of 16, tooling around with an Ibanez electric guitar. For the past 15 years, Megan has honed in on her craft, playing all over the nation and at regional showcases such as the Ohio River Valley Folk Festival, where she shared the stages with artists such as Roger McGuinn (The Byrds), Todd Snider, and Lucy Kaplansky. Megan also performed in Cincinatti's Midpoint Music Festival and opened C2G's stages for Dublin's Guggenheim Grotto, Miche Fambro, Drew DeFour and Canada's Juno Award winning Chic Gamine.

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Eugene Williams started playing the guitar at the early age of 5 for The Church and his father’s Gospel group, The Williams Brothers. His father Roscoe Williams Sr. managed and trained 5 young boys to sing and play music together as a family. They toured around the world from Canada, New Zealand, to the United States playing and singing Gospel, Dance, R&B music to all different crowds of people, And they were the opening act for Major artists in Gospel and the R&B field.

Eugene’s first solo album release "Cruising With You" went to the top ten on international charts, for 10 weeks.

Eugene produced with Leroy Green (The writer of the hit song "Disco Inferno" sung by The Tramps) He also studied and wrote songs with Cladis Smith (Kool& the Gang).

While studying for his Degree at Berklee College of Music he also peformed on Broadway playing as a musician in the Broadway Theaters. A Singer/Songwriter and Jazz Instrumentalist with a lifetime of knowledge and experience.

It’s not everyday that the music world and music lovers experience a talented and sound as diverse as newcomer Eugene Williams, It is very refreshing for audiences to have the opportunity to listen to an artist whose music contains meaningful lyrics, passionate vocals, real instrumentation along with a sense of sophistication with jazz and soul.

Born in East Orange N.J. Eugene represents the next generation of great singers-songwriters and performers, he has been inspired by the likes of Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, Boyz to Men, Michael Jackson, Prince, George Benson, Jimi Hendrix, and Stevie Wonder, all personal favorites of Eugene.

Let the music of Eugene come into your world, and experience the joy and pleasure of his incredible sound and feel yourself transported to a new level of pleasure.

Scars Of Bourbon

Scars Of Bourbon

Press Release:
Scars of Bourbon release their hotest single yet "Dreamer" takes Scars of Bourbon to the next level. Stay tuned for the release of their CD, coming soon to a digital storefront near you! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Scars of Bourbon PRLog (Press Release) - Jan 14, 2012 - Scars of Bourbon Scars of Bourbon was founded in early 2011 by Paul and Justin Hoffman. They had been playing music together for 10 years and performing live for the last 4 under different band names with different members. Finally, the time came when they would decide to focus on themselves and found that perfect sound of their own. Scars of Bourbon is proud to release their single “Dreamer” which is off of their yet to be released and untitled CD which is due out sometime in 2012. This song is about reaching that impossible dream and the feeling of jubilation that you get when you reach your goal. It demonstrates the bands catchy writing style. Its reality is based on everyone’s hopes and dreams. The lyrics and guitar hooks are full of drama. Needless to say every instrument (vocals included) serves a specific purpose giving maximum impact upon delivery. As an introduction to the CD, this single is only a taste of the quality of work Scars of Bourbon will be releasing to audiences worldwide. They are just getting their feet wet and you can feel their engines roaring. Scars of Bourbon are ready to give audiences the glory of their music in full color spectrum to the delight of every person who listens. Experience Scars of Bourbon by listening and/or purchasing songs by logging onto most digital storefronts along with: (Search: Scars of Bourbon) At this time Scars of Bourbon are playing shows in eastern Pennsylvania. Their hopes would be to possibly tour but nothing has been set in stone at this time. “Dreamer” was written as a symbol of what you get when you put your mind and talent to the test. As one band member put it, “To those who didn’t believe – this one’s for you”. Bravo to Scars of Bourbon giving everything they got and more. Will and talent will take you to the top and you’re on your way! Scars of Bourbon is currently working with A & R Select based in Beverly Hills, Ca. for licensing, publishing, a record deal and/or placement opportunities. For additional information, please contact them at: 323-924-5897



There are 3 types of people in this world who do 1 of the following: People who watch things happen, let things happen and make things happen. Ask Jeff “Braintrax” Henderson and he will tell you that he is someone who makes things happen (by creating opportunities for him self). Born and raised in the San Francisco bay area, Braintrax got his introduction early on in music at 5 years old. Starting off with choir classes, violin and recorder, he found a passion and love for the power of sound and music and its effect on people. Growing up, he was introduced to various styles of music including classical, soul, pop rock and hip-hop through his friends and immediate family. In 5th grade his mother bought him his first keyboard to further explore his love and creation of music. By teaching himself chords and melody (and also dabbling in writing poetry which later became songs) he was on his way to pursuing a start to a career. Continuing choir and intro piano through out middle and high school, he decided to take his talents to the next level. While in college he saved enough money to purchase his first production keyboard and began creating original pieces as a hobby and giving beats away to friends who wrote lyrics over them. With influences such as Quincy Jones, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Dr. Dre and the Neptunes, he began finding his own sound and writing more. Through his natural networking abilities he began learning his craft as well as the industry and linked up with his mentor Art Herman of Zip records who showed him the ins-and-outs of this fast paced biz. Fast forward several years, a few LP’s, live shows, and music placements on A&E and MTV and you will find Braintrax, now 28, still busy collabing with various artists and placing himself to be one of the in demand producers of the moment. Feel free to jump on the train and enjoy the ride as Braintrax continues to make good music for music lovers of all kind and make his way to the top. All aboard!!

Alex De Vito

Alex De Vito

I'm Alex De Vito, a Roman singer-songwriter, who still wants to write songs to amaze people and to be amazed by the gift of being able to interact with this universe. The new summer hit, my friends, the 2000 twist titled “The Vito’s twist” is out now!

My story begins when I was very young in a small square of my town, perhaps the smallest, to supplement my family’s budget. Then the first contests, the first joys and the little goals. The studies of singing with Maestro Vincenzo Gioieni, the love for music and piano…

I started to work hardly in the suburb dance halls, full of rewards for the art we proposed… To this day I have composed over 480 songs of any genre and for any palate.

Soundtracks such as that of Isabella Sandri’s feature movie “Animali che attraversano la strada” and of many documentary films and commercials for various national TV stations including the last spot of the Waldensian Church.

Several CDs and musical collaborations and above all The Vito’s Twist, a merry music madness that can be listened on iTunes.

But also videoclips as “Ti Voglio” and “Un millione d miliardi” in rotation on various networks and on YouTube are the mirror of my soul, of the human element that distinguish my music made of thousands of tiny nuances.

Appearance at national shows such as the Sanremo Awards or the Festival Show, are important milestone in my musical career, which with the malincoironico genre made smile people who rushed to the various events.

My wormest thanks to all those who have been following me in this barren and winding course, soon there will be good news for you and I owe it to you that have never left me and spurred me to keep on fighting for my idea…

We are great when we join together to chase dreams and we have to do that because the wonder of this world is shrinking to a wretched consumerism rush….like, you born, you buy, you go away….

But it’s not like that, we are fantastic creatures, beautiful, incredibly rich in surprises because our path is unknown like a face down card worth to be played over and over, with the clear awareness that cards are few in a lifetime and that is why we must always be there with our mind and our heart! Thanks to you Friends who have always followed me and to all of you who are starting now.

Have a Good Life,
Alex De Vito

DIY Acoustic treatment for studios

DIY Acoustic treatment for studios

Our last DIY Acoustics class was a big hit and sold out in advance so we have added another. This class teaches you strategies for making dramatic improvements to the sound of you studio with low and know cost techniques. We are still doing our special introductory price of $25. Check the link for more info and to reserve your spot.

Last 6-day Recording Boot Camp until the Winter

We still have a few spots left for our 6 day Recording Boot Camp in Los Angeles. This will  probably be the last 6-day program we do until the winter. (when we are hoping to do programs in LA and Europe) This course is for advanced beginner to intermediate students and requires an admissions interview (usually over the phone or via Skype). Contact us if you are interested in attending.

Sunset at the beach last week, several blocks from the studio.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Jafar Thorne

Jafar Thorne

Jafar Thorne has been singing since before he could a small child growing up in the foothills of the central Sierra Nevada, his earliest memories include making up songs and singing "guitar" solos to the car radio and attending music festivals with his parents.

Picking up the guitar at age 13, by 15 he was writing songs for and playing the SF Bay Area circuit with California Asparagus, psychedelic garage band which he founded with Indie Rock darling Cass McCombs. For the next decade Jafar worked with various groups including Mister Green's Opinion, An Inevitable Globule, and Hobo Jungle.

Following a near-fatal motorcycle accident in 2009, Jafar was approached by legendary producer Jack Douglas (John Lennon, Patti Smith, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick) who asked him to put together a project to co-produce. The result, "Dark Matter" brings together a large group of SF Bay Area Musicians for an eclectic and emotional journey.

Fate Strikes Twice

Fate Strikes Twice

Fate Strikes Twice, a five piece original band out of Morris County N.J., adds their own flavor of sound to classic and modern elements of rock, metal, and pop, to create a catchy and distinctive concoction of songs. Much of their sound can be attributed to vocalist Harry Dullys' vocal abilities and charismatic live performances.

The band formed in March 2010, when drummer Pete Markson and lead vocalist Harry Dullys met guitarist Rick Swanwick through a mutual friend. Dullys and Markson had written music together on and off for approximately 5 years; however, for the last few years, due to unfortunate circumstances, they were unable to collaborate musically and never thought it would be possible to start another band. Well indeed, fate intervened a second time. Hence, they came up with the band name: Fate Strikes Twice.

The trio began writing music throughout the summer. Still without a bassist in September, the band was beginning to feel hopeless when Markson found the number of Mike Flores. The two had worked together on a cover project a few years prior. Flores was available, and fate struck twice again. Mike brought their songs to another level with his monster riffs and diverse vocal melodies.

In February of 2011, the band entered BackRoom studios with producer and engineer Kevin Antreassian. Antreassian has a reputation as a top notch producer, having worked with the Dillinger Escape Plan and a number of other bands; not only from Jersey, but all over the country. By April, the band had completed a four song EP entitled “Soul of The Bomb.”

Fate Strikes Twice continues to write new music and build a strong following with their live performances. Check them out live and see for yourself.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Special Guests


Special Guests
    Al Pechulis gets by with a lot of help from his friends on Special Guests CD
By Bill Copeland on December 30, 2011

Al Pechulis has just released his Special Guests CD, named so because he has other vocalists filling in for him on his tunes. Pechulis is recovering from a muscular vocal issue which left him unable to sing. On this collection of songs he wrote, plays guitar on, and co-produced with Canadian engineer Quentin Meek. Pechulis, throughout this CD, creates a loose, large, and wide sound that breezes by pleasantly like a warm summer breeze.

“Remember” opens the disc with rootsie guitars and a mellow groovin’ rhythm section and a harmonica melody that sweeps the listener up, its larger than life sound looming over the rest of the song. A female vocalist, Zoe Alpert, finesses the hell out of the sing song lyrics with a girlish, whispery quality that seems influenced by folk from the 1960s and 1970s. Her sustained coos are a thing of beauty, and she gently infuses emotion into this tune without being melodramatic.

Alpert pulls the listener right into “Good To See You,” a song with a Grateful Dead-like easeful melody. Her vocal glides along the surface like a sled. It’s just a treat to hear her apply her supple voice to a large aural landscape. It’s difficult to imagine a lot of other singers being able to pull this off.

The island beat of “Lovin’ Arms” creates a joyful Caribbean feel as the drummer and bass player pump out a swelling groove. A fulsome horn melody winds its away around the beat so easefully and smoothly and makes the listener picture all sorts of island scenery and activity. Again, Alpert brings her combination of talent and personal finesse to the project and adds more to the soundscape. 

“Apathy” rocks it up a bit with drums that jump right out of the speakers with their rollicking fills and rolls. Gritty, roots flavored guitars hiss and snarl their fierce determination and Alpert sings it like she means business. She gets belty here yet her charisma remains intact, with her silky voice contrasting beautifully with an arcing lead guitar break.

“Yes I know” cruises along to a reggae beat with sweet organ peppered over it, and singer Suzanne McNeil shows her own ability to stretch her voice in this particular musical territory. McNeil has an uncanny sense of when and how to stop her voice and the silence in between her stops and starts has its own music. An island-guttural voiced male rapper(bassist and engineer Dave Karahalis) merrily gives his take on world peace in between the verses.

Starting with a sense of purpose, “Home Sweet Home” features male vocalist Craig Carter with his own wide sweeping vocal approach needed to breeze along just above more of these wide aural soundscapes. Weepy guitars cry with understated emotion here and, combined with an accordion, create an atmospheric backdrop that is compelling without ever becoming bombastic and overbearing.

The folksy vocal Carter employs on “Hold Me Close” widens beautifully on the chorus and rings with authentic emotion. The guitar melody winds succinctly around everything beneath the vocal with adept tightness before a horn melody pulls the listener in with another tender, wider, melody.

A honey smooth vocal from Carter make the Bo Diddley beat inspired song “Neato Keen” another treat in this collection. Refusing to be pigeonholed, “Neato Keen” pulls in elements of old school rock and roll and a reggae attitude in the vocal projection and fuses itself into something creative, fresh, and fun to listen to.

“Long Time Miles” rolls in sweetly with a hefty harmonica and a smooth flowing, fulsome low end. Carter emotes with another of his large looming approaches required on this album. His voice has a hearty range and a gritty timbre, giving him a respectable croon filled with warmth and tender compassion. He makes you feel what he is singing about.

“Never Forget” closes out the disc with Zoe Alpert returning to the vocal microphone, her beautiful, silky, whispery voice emoting the tender gratitude in the words. It is at the end of this album when the listener has learned to appreciate all that Pechulis has going on in the guitars, bass, and in this song, violin. The songwriter comes up with everything from atmospheres to funky riffs to straight melody lines with the guitars, bass, and every other instrument that seemed to be peaking out from behind a large sound but was actually a larger part of the song than the listener initially perceived.

Also helping Pechulis flesh out his songs on this CD are: Rick Albert, Bill Bissett, Daniel Faille, Doug Parks, Nate Karallas, Richard Lavoie, Billy Sciore, Scott O’Brien, Rich Cesarini, John Moore, Paul Curran, Tony Perriera, Andrea Auger, Tim Mahoney, and Faith Pyne.

Al Pechulis has much to be grateful for. His incredibly talented friends have put a lot of themselves into his songs and his project, fleshing out the disc with a gentle sweeping sound that envelopes the listeners in an enjoyable aural landscape.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rosemarie Ashley: Every one of you has the power to affect mass distribution of music that supports co-creating a world of cooperation and prosperity.

Success is indeed a popularity contest and that can’t be truer than in the 21st Century music business. With listener support, last September I won a trip for two to New York City for aconsultation with NBC executive Donna Introcaso, Sheryl Crow’s manager Pam Wertheimer and marketing professional Nina Frye.
I need your support again.

I was pre-interviewed by April & Ajay Matta from the internet TV show “
Spiritually Raw”, "Where Spirits Meet Skeptics and Consciousness Connects" for a short discussion about the power of entertainment to affect thought, shape words and incite action, and the importance of intentionally selecting life affirming programming. With your help, I can win a full interview, introducing thousands of new listeners to this powerful tool for personal growth and global transformation. 

Every one of you has the power to affect mass distribution of music that supports co-creating a world of cooperation and prosperity.

Please vote for me and share this with your friends:

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Thank you.

Rosemarie @ Gen-Ray Records
aka:  'tude Vox Ro - a voice with attitude!


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