Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Erik Husman and The Golden Rule

Bio: A real troubadour with a rare insight into people and an ardent ear for passion, Golden's, Erik Husman, almost completely avoids the usual trappings of the singer/songwriter genre by blending a strong melancholia and a wry wit with traditional folk steeped heavily in psychedelia and solid, simple and cool rock and roll. A listen to the songs from his self-produced initial offering , the alternately lonely, prayerful and mercurial “American Gothic,” leaves you with visions both of torn havoc of recent, confused and transforming heartbreak and the solid resiliency to go on (albeit with a touch of bourbon for courage). Step back to 1992. Husman met Chris Bynum - son of outlaw country songwriter Hal Bynum ("Lucille", "Mansion On the Hill", "Ain't No Good Chain Gang")- in his freshman year at the University of Denver, and the two became fast, lifelong friends and musical soulmates. Afternoons spent sipping bourbon and smoking to a backdrop of afternoon "soaps" and cartoons, the two learned to cover tunes from musicians like Johnny Cash, The Grateful Dead, Dylan, Neil Young, among others. Bynum introduced Husman to classic country artists like Hank Williams, Sr., Marty Robbins and Patsy Cline, as well as the Outlaws. It was also about this time that Husman realized that he shared his birthdate with Woody Guthrie - another folk hero - with whom, he felt an artistic connection to. Husman’s influence shifted slightly as years passed, from classic country and rock to a more contemporary fare based on a healthy obsession with Radiohead’s “The Bends” and “OK Computer.” Another path led him to The Old ‘97s, Uncle Tupelo, The Jayhawks, Wilco and Golden Smog - as well as to a deep desire to make his own music, and a name for himself. Out of that came “American Gothic,” recorded in a producer’s basement and mixed and mastered where “Rumors,” the Fleetwood Mac classic, was. “American Gothic” had a 100 CD pressing, half of which Husman gave away. A life-changing trip to last year's Burning Man Festival finally convinced Husman of his own artistic foundation, and since then, he has dedicated himself almost entirely to music. In the past year he’s played small clubs, restaurants and other typical first-time venues, to an ever-growing fan base. Husman’s music is informed by a mixture of icons, both literary and musical. In it you can hear influences from the aforementioned country and folk acts to the likes of Brian Jonestown Massacre, Gram Parsons, Aimee Mann, Vetiver, Archers of Loaf; lyrical prose geniuses like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Franz Kafka, Hemingyway, and Raymond Carver; and the classic Western film style of Sergio Leone and Sam Peckinpah; and aliens (the real ones - the truth IS out there!). The results of this mix are sometimes pointed, straightforward folk song/stories, sometimes stream of consciousness rants, thrust into the mix in Husman’s signature tortured and often bewildered, yet wise, vocals. Eddie Mize and Diana Sabreen joined Erik for the Walnut Recording, and now call themselves, Erik Husman and the Golden Rule. Husman and Bynum are collaborating on some of the new material which will be released via limited vinyl pressing, iTunes, Spotify, and CD; Husman working in Golden, and Bynum in NYC. Definitely check out this western freak folkster - you'll be happy you did. www.reverbnation.com/erikhusman Facebook: ErikHusmanandTheGoldenRule www.myspace.com/erikhusman Erik Husman Music Courtesy of Billy Thieme -DenverThread - Erik Husman, Singer/Songwriter from Golden, CO Erik Husman and The Golden Rule

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