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Miss Quincy

Miss Quincy



Contact info: Jody Peck / Miss Quincy / /


Small Cabin, Northern BC, Canada, April 2010

Miss Quincy has spent all winter holed up in her log cabin in Northern Canada where she wrote and recorded her new record “Your Mama Don't Like Me”. This toe tappin' collection of original tunes showcases Miss Quincy singing her brand of Grassroots Gypsy Blues and is due to be released on June 15, 2010.

Miss Quincy does not fit the classic Singer/Songwriter mold. She's upbeat, original, and edgy. Her music takes you to a dimly-lit smoke-filled blues joint and even sometimes cross into vaudeville territory. "Well, if I had to describe this album", says Miss Quincy, "I would have to call it 'back porch brothel blues', or something equally backwoods and whiskey soaked

The recording of “Your Mama Don't Like Me” took place in Miss Quincy's cabin during a cold snap where temperatures dropped below -40 degrees. If you listen closely you may just hear the crackling of a wood stove or the swish of a whiskey bottle behind a group of musicians playing like their lives depend on it all key elements in the making of this album. The album is worth noting not only for the quality of Miss Quincy's original compositions and soaring vocal performances, but also for the talent of some of Canada's finest roots musicians. Craig Korth, banjo player extraordinaire from one of Canada's favourite festival bluegrass bands Widow Maker makes several appearances, as does renowned violinist Josh Giesbrecht from the wonderfully weird Resurrect Christ Foundation, another festival phenomenon. Carrying the low end on upright bass is Mr. Peter Mynett from Victoria BC's Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra.

Miss Quincy has composed songs ranging from the dark and lighting fast black-grass tune titled, "Dead Horse" to the song, "Your Mama Don't Like Me" with a vaudevillian flair. You can hear the drunken piano player Glennn Mitchell (Russell Jackson Band) pounding out the blues and Miss Quincy wailing on the blues harp. There are stories full of heartache, a little love, and a lot of whiskey - all undeniably toe-tapping, hip-shaking, and filled with Miss Quincy's signature vocal prowess and vintage flair.

On June 15th 2010 Your Mama Don't Like Me will be available online from Miss Quincy's website (, itunes and cdbaby. Miss Quincy is of a new breed of DIY musician who is fiercely independent, driven, and committed to a grassroots musical approach. Make sure to catch a show and pick up a signed off-stage copy of her new album as Miss Quincy graces festival stages, bar rooms, street corners, and living rooms in Canada and the UK this spring and summer.

Miss Quincy "...actually captures a vibe and a mood, a moment in time that could not be capturedAnd I love it.- Craig Norris. CBC Radio 3

For additional information about Miss Quincy, to find out her whereabouts, or for a free download of her first single from "Your Mama Don't Like Me" visit or contact Jody Peck at missq[at]

Funky P

Funky P



CD Review

By Barney Quick,

It’s always been interesting to observe how Europe – both its audiences and musical acts– have filtered American music according to its own experience.You never know what elements are going to appeal to Europeans and in what combination.

A Luxembourg-based ensemble called Funky P Society is currently tearing up the
continent with its amazingly tight, bright, fresh take on the prototype of the danceoriented
horn-and-rhythm section powerhouse. The Society has crafted a classic,
timeless sound, combining the most venerable aspects of every r&b style to come along
in the last forty years. One hears snippets of Philly soul, disco, 70s-era Stevie Wonder,
90s-era balladeering, and even deep-south juke-joint grits-and-collard-greens styling.
The sum total of all this is presented with supreme polish. It’s dressed up for downtown.
The Europeans apparently like their neo-soul with lots of class.

The band’s new self-titled offering includes two discs: a CD sporting twelve tracks, and a
DVD that puts videos with five of them. The most appealing videos are those that show
the entire group, although lead vocalist Isaac Roosevelt knows how to work a camera
with his slick dance moves and his repertoire of facial expressions.

The two standout songs are “Real Love” and “Days of Pearly Spencer.” They most
effectively showcase the band’s signature strengths: the depth, range and dynamic variety
of Roosevelt’s delivery, the punchy horn charts, the general fullness of sound, and the
authenticity of the feeling being expressed.

“Real Love” builds through the verse to a robust rhythmic stride over which Roosevelt
sings “I’ll just climb from a mountain / fly over trees / rise from the ocean floor / to be at
your feet,” and then breaks through into a full-throttle exuberant groove for the refrain.
This tune also provides a fine example of another of the Society’s attributes: an
unabashedly light-filled outlook. It’s so refreshing to hear dance-club music that uplifts
and celebrates. This record proves conclusively that being hip most definitely does not
mean being jaded or decadent. Remo Cavallini’s bright, churningly percussive guitar
contributes to this tune’s impact as well.

“Days of Pearly Spencer” is a compassionate look at a lonely soul starved for connection
in a bleak urban landscape. Still, it’s not a portrait devoid of hope; indeed, there is an
exhortation to the protagonist to rise up and claim his humanity. Roosevelt delivers the
spoken-word verses in a worldly-wise baritone that is at once candid yet rich in hope.

Other tunes sport noteworthy traits as well. The vocal effects on “Get the Funk” lend the
proceedings an air of modernity without being gratuitously gimmicky. “Smile Baby” is a
plea to a woman to see past the glitz of her social whirl and recognize the genuine love of
the singer. “Falling” is perfect hustle music. The interaction of the staccato electricpiano
chords and slap bass create the perfect tension for maximum flair on the dance
floor. That’s just the first version. As a bonus track, a remix is included. It puts reverb
and delay on Roosevelt’s vocals, and there is a synthesized gallop to the beat, as well as a
wah-wah guitar riff, that open up a whole new set of possibilities for those moving to the
aural propulsion. “Live by Your Side” provides some stately harmonies. Lyrically, it’s
yet another example of that expression of belief in everyone’s basic humanity, that
conviction that none of us are alone, that characterizes so much of this album.

That, in the final analysis, is what sets Funky P Society apart from the multitudes of
dance-music purveyors out there. This is not an easy world; sometimes joy seems to be
at a premium. The message that it’s worth it to keep looking for it is always welcome,
particularly when it also makes your feel like doing slides and crossover breaks up and
down the dance floor.




Prince and BFAM are Burnin’ Up Miami

Nicholas Alfonse – 4/17/10

Heating up like a summer day in August, Miami’s hip hop sensation, Prince, is joining forces with other local area artists to leave their stamp on the music scene. Generating buzz through internet, radio, and social networking outlets, Prince founded the group BFAM (Brothers From Another Mother) to push their popularity to new heights throughout the greater Miami area. Relying on passionate ambition and inspired songwriting, Price is garnering attention from A&R representatives, recording new material, and performing at top notch local clubs throughout the area.

Born in the Bahamas, but moving to sun drenched, fast paced Miami at the age of seven, Prince dedicated his time to songwriting and creating music, which shines through in his talented, versatile style. Twisting hip hop, R&B, and pop together, Prince uses life experiences and feelings to create a remarkably personal flow, making his music far more relatable than most other contemporary rap artists. Drawing comparisons to Bow Wow, Fabulous, and Drake, Prince has something to offer for fans all across the hip hop musical spectrum.

It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the country experiences what South Florida is becoming to know as a staple among the club and nightlife community. Drawing crowds at Club Zone, Wallflower Gallery Nighclub, and 90 Degrees in Miami, while receiving play at venues in Boca Raton and West Palm Beach, Prince is quickly turning into an integral piece in the local music and party scene.

Teaming up with AJ, Max and Jit-Man, Prince and the rest of the team recorded their first official mixtape, BFAM Vol. 1, due out on May 24th. Featuring the hit single “Back it Up” alongside nine other songs of party starting, sub bumping rap and R&B, this is just the beginning , as the group was offered a record and distribution deal through Sonic Wave International. Right after the release Prince will be continuing work on his solo debut, Love and Success, which includes the honest, smooth single “Love Story.”

Coinciding with the mixtape’s release, Prince is currently setting up shows throughout Miami and surrounding cities. By networking with Afton Booking Agency and Hugo the Boss promotions, Prince is aiming for around three to five performances per month, allowing him to spread his influential music while still crafting his full length record. Look for him and the rest of the BFAM crew throughout Miami soon, and catch the fever with free songs available on and their MySpace page.

Shane Morgan

Shane Morgan

Release: (HOA) the beacon program of Africa Aids Fund, Inc. a
501c3 non-profit organization based in the United States, that rewards and
inspires individuals all over the country for donating clothes, small toys
and school supplies for distribution to children in Africa and worldwide,
who have been orphaned due to the loss of their parents from AIDS, and Shane
Morgan are proud to announce their newly formed partnership with the
announcement of Shane Morgan as the newest HAO Celebrity Ambassadors. Soon,
Shane will be facing HAO's new campaign and will be helping HAO "Make A
World of Difference . . .One Donation At A Time."

Laura Callahan, Marketing Director for HAO states, "We are very excited and
proud to bring Shane and his dynamic music on board and involve him in our
plans to grow HAO across the nation."

Shane is very excited to be working with such a great organization and looks
forward to helping more than 13 million children all over the world. Please
visit to find out more on what you can do to help our
amazing Charity.

Along with HAO Shane has also partnered with St. Jude's Children Research Hospital to help in the fight against Childhood Cancer. Shane was moved to do something more to help in the fight when he met 5yr old Zowie Kile on his first visit to St. Jude's in November 2009. Since that first visit Shane has visited on a few other occasions playing for the children and made regular phone calls to stay in touch with Zowie.

Triplestrand Productions Review

"Bursting onto the country scene ...... Shane has a wonderfully earthy voice which gains the attention of listeners from the very first note. His song "A Little Rain." fits solidly into today's market for top 40 songs, with more than a nod to country's traditional roots. Shane has been a very popular addition to the show, and playing him typically has the request lines lighting up for more." Dixie McCorkell, host of the syndicated radio program "Country Legends In The Making"

Dixie McCorkell CMA/CCMA/ECMA
Triplestrand Productions

"Country Legends In The Making",
"The Americana Collection"
"Into The Light" (Country & Americana gospel)
(syndicated radio programs to over 400 AM/FM stations)

Wildgoo Radio Review

Shane Morgan is one of those country singer/songwriters that we absolutely love here on Wildgoo Radio. Sometimes, while listening to an artist's songs, you never get the feeling of honesty and heartfelt emotion. With Shane Morgan, a listener senses a rather deep connection in his soul bearing music.
The songs Shane sings are so vibrant and full of imagery that you feel you are right there smack dab in the middle of the song's situation as you listen to the radio-friendly country music. Words cannot express how talented Shane Morgon is because not only can he write, he has such a unique flair and vocals that allow him to be the traditional style country music that we all love.

Joey Sands / CEO Wildgoo Studios & Wildgoo Radio

Mike Bradford/ Review

"Shane Morgan is the latest indie artist to be added to our playlist. Shane brings a refreshing sound to his style of country music. We are very happy to be playing Shane Morgan's music on NBRN.FM".

Mike Bradford/Program Director NBRN.FM

Mike Bradford/Program Director NBRN
Keith Bradford/Overseas Marketing NBRN
RB Renegade/Promotions Coordinator

Greg Coleman

Greg Coleman


GRC Records, LLC FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For more information, contact: G.R.C. Records, LLC 939-I Beards Hill RD Suite #205 Aberdeen MD 21001 Phone: 1-888-210-8337 Fax: 1-800-496-2406 Email: Website

Keep Your Ears And Eyes On Baltimore Maryland!

Baltimore Born, Funk/Rock Guitarist/Composer: Greg Coleman, is determined to become the next major national act, from a city that rarely experiences such national success with it’s local artist.

One of Baltimore Maryland’s best kept musical secrets, Greg Coleman said that he wanted to keep it that way, until he had the support system in place, that would allow him to promote his projects into national prominence where he feels they belong. And now that he has this system in place, he is ready to release his new debut cd entitled: “Smooth Like You Like It!”.

This is Greg Coleman’s anthem to the smooth jazz genre, which he considers to be the greatest ear relief on radio for the adult contemporary music listener in 26 years.

The entire cd was written, produced, arranged, and performed in it’s entirety by this Native Baltimorean, with the exception of 1 Stevie Wonder Song, that is one of Greg Coleman’s favorites.

Finally! Greg Coleman states: “This press release is a heads up for all who are interested in quality adult contemporary music, which despite the changing trends, has been, and will always be, my passion”. “I do not, and will not, produce and distribute music to the listening public that I would not purchase and listen to myself”.

For further information, contact Greg Coleman at (888) 210-8337.

The Neon Rush

The Neon Rush

There's nothing more cliché than a couple of kids in a basement making noise, but “The Neon Rush” makes noise until the noise makes sense, until the noise means something, until the noise becomes a song. The noise started with Collin and Andy jamming in the fall of 2007, but they wanted more than just some jamming in a basement, more than just a chaotic 12 bar blues. With the addition of Mark and Daniel, the lineup was complete.

In March 2008 they walked into the studio for the first time and recorded an EP later to be known as "Narwuar" which featured the first few songs to come out of the noise of the basement. One hundred copies were made, one hundred copies were sold. “Narwuar” help the band get exposure, book gigs, and gain a reputation as a band. They played into the summer, played some new places, met some new faces, and wrote some new songs.

In the months since the release of “Narwuar”, many songs had come out of the noise of the basement. As the band prepared to enter the studio to record their first full length album, a friend offered to record some songs in a home studio. Since they knew they would not be able to record all the song they had written on their upcoming album, they accepted the offer. After just four days of recording, "So You Didn't Make It To The Circus" was born. The title came from the idea that the songs didn't make it to the album would be like a circus, chaotic and fun, and that’s exactly what it was.

It was during a performance at AVCom Visual Arts that their music caught the ears of RYO Records. The next couple of months were spent in meetings and contract negotiations as well as doing the final mixing and mastering on the album. In November, just two years after Collin and Andy started making noise in the basement; “The Neon Rush” signed with RYO Records and their new album “Lines and Blurs” was released on Jan. 5, 2010. “The Neon Rush” is still just a bunch of kids making noise, but more people are catching on and tuning in.

Debbie Saloman

Debbie Saloman

Debbie was born into a musical family in north-east London in 1983. Her father Nick was, and remains, a much respected bass guitarist and songwriter, known as Bevis Frond, and he introduced her to the world of recording studios in 1994 when, at the age of 10, she sang the vocals to a track called “The Radioactive Rabbit”. Eight years later, her own band, Hex, released “The Gold Dust Sessions” CD, covering standards such as “Summertime” and “Cry Me A River”. She then studied at Salford University in Manchester where she gained a Performing Arts degree and subsequently became a successful actress. Her sell-out, one woman, show “Get Happy”, written by her while at university - in which she played Judy Garland - was a triumph at the King’s Head Theatre in London in 2007, being described by as “nothing short of brilliance” and by the New York Times as “Heart-warming and often hilarious”. Following this, she played the lead role in the stage play “The Rise And Fall of Little Voice” on a UK tour in 2008. A review in the British Theatre Guide spoke of her “amazing voice”. As a vocalist, her versatility is astonishing and she used this to her advantage at the end of 2008 beginning a new career as a professional session singer. From September 2009 she started to focus on a solo recording career and released her debut album “Voyage of Discovery” on the Tarrab Music label in October and a dance EP “In The Heart of the Dancefloor” in April of this year. Broadcasting on Jango Internet Radio to listeners around the world she has gained over 10,000 fans, the largest number achieved by any of the emerging artists on that station and she has received more than 2,000 overwhelmingly positive comments from listeners. Her second album, “Hooked on Love”, was released to buy as a download from iTunes and Amazon, and as a CD from Amazon on Demand, on 4 May 2010. Debbie has also recorded a cover version of the Spandau Ballet track "Code Of Love" from the 1983 number one album "True".

Aaron English

Aaron English

“…a talented new artist in a class with other stylistically challenging singer-songwriters such as Peter Gabriel, Joseph Arthur and Perry Blake… potent lyricism, eloquence, and beautiful sublime melodies that reach much deeper than simple pop songs...”
- Mark Newman, Progression Magazine

For the past five years, Seattle-based piano-man Aaron English has been steadily building a buzz in the U.S., thanks to two self-released albums and three national tours with his seven-piece ensemble, The Aaron English Band. But in 2008, English’s third national tour ended abruptly in a catastrophic accident on a Midwestern highway. His restaurant-grease-fueled tour bus and most of his musical equipment were destroyed, and English’s touring career was temporarily grounded.

In the summer of 2009, however, his fans rallied to his aid and funded the recording of Aaron's third album, american [fever] dream. Produced by Geoff Stanfield (Sun Kil Moon, Black Lab) in a 150-year-old warehouse in Seattle during a record-breaking heat wave, the album is a document of English’s phoenix-like journey back from tragedy…and a testament to the resiliency of the creative spirit.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010





USA Songwriting Competition's deadline is fast approaching. Winning songs will receive radio airplay in United States and Canada. Win an Overall Top Prize of over $50,000 in cash, music gear & more.

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~Hurry, all entries must be entered by May 28, 2010 or earlier.

Choices to enter:
*By mail, please obtain the entry form at:

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USA Songwriting Competition has added entry forms in more foreign languages due to the requests from songwriters and composers all over the world. We now have entry forms in languages of Japanese, Korean, Chinese (both simplified and complicated characters for China & Taiwan), Italian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and of course in English. Entrants can click through any of the languages from our homepage near middle right-hand side.

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~Songwriters Radio Podcast, Featuring current & past winners

Acoustic Café radio show will airs the winners of the 2009 competition every week this month in May: Darrell Scott (2006 Winner) was featured on the week of Week of 5/1/10. The DJ said Eric Colville, Anne Simoni. Melissa Greener and Kyler England will be featured later this month and next month.

Sirius XM Radio will be airing the winning songs of 2009 competition. Stay tuned for details in the next e-mail newsletter.

To see the complete list of winners of the past competition, please here:


*Stars Go Dim (2008 USA Songwriting Competition, First Prize, Rock/Alt) has released a video on Youtube:

*Steve Desjardins (2008 USA Songwriting Competition Finalist) has his song "MISS 4TH OF JULY" selected for a movie titled "AND THE WINNER IS", a political comedy featuring Jerry Springer.

*Mark Andrew Hansen, a 2006 finalist in the Instrumental category for his jazz-inspired piano piece ("Up and Away"), had his Piano Method Book published on Amazon which is based on his own unique style of playing ("Piano Chords & Pop Accompaniment the Easy Way")

*Kourosh Zolani, a finalist in 2003 USA songwriting competition, has released a music video, Memoirs of Sangesar, which has received international acclaim. Here is the link to the video on YouTube:

*Amelia Curran, 6th Annual IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards) Finalist, Wins Juno Awards, Juno Awards, Grammy Equivalent. She received the Juno for Roots and Traditional Album Of The Year: Solo for "Hunter, Hunter" at the 2010 Juno Gala Dinner and Awards show at the St. John's Convention Centre in St. John's, Canada.

*Corb Lund, 2006 USA Songwriting Competition Finalist, Folk Category was nominated in the 2010 Juno Awards.

*Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer (2005 USA Songwriting Competition, 1st Prize Winner, Children's Music) was nominated for a Grammy at the 2010 awards for their album "Banjo To Beatbox", Best Musical Album For Children category.

*Kyler England (2009 USA Songwriting Competition 1st Prize Winner), Gabriel Mann (2003 USA Songwriting Competition Overall Grand Prize Winner) & Adrianne Gonzalez (1999 Overall Grand Prize Winner) formed a Pop group "The Rescues", were just signed to Universal Republic Records in Dec 2009.

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"New ACOUSTIC MUSIC Vol 6" - featuring winners and runner-ups of the 6th Annual IAMA will out later this year. Artists includes Liz Longley, Henhouse Prowlers, etc.

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~NXNE 2010 - June 16 – 20, 2010 - Toronto, CANADA

~Summer NAMM - June 18 - 20, 2010 - Nashville, TN

~Baybeats - Aug 20 - 22, 2010, (South East Asia's version of SXSW) Singapore, REP OF SINGAPORE

~Australian Music Association Convention Melbourne - Sept 30 & Oct 1, 2010

~WOMEX - October 27 - 31, 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark

~AES San Francisco / 129th AES Convention, November 5-7, 2010

WOMEX - the World Music Expo/Copenhagen, Denmark / 27-31 Oct 2010. Made in Berlin and traveling in Europe : the last edition saw over 2,700 delegates from more than 90 countries, a full conference and a showcase festival presenting 57 acts on 6 stages.

Songwriting Tips & Other Articles:

~Keep a Book or Recorder of Melodic Or Lyric Ideas

~Top 10 Most Influential Songwriters Alive

~Five Steps To Improve Your Songwriting

~Four Steps To Writing A Hit Chorus

~Seven Easy Steps to Write Hit Lyrics

NXNE: June 14-20, 2010 - Toronto, Canada
The best new music, films & interactive media: 7 nights, 50 stages, 650 artists, 40 films + industry conference. Club showcases till 4 a.m. plus free daytime & evening performances outdoors across town.

*** Interviews With USA Songwriting Competition Winners

~ Stars Go Dim, featuring songwriter & lead singer Joey Avalos, songwriter and lead singer of "Stars Go Dim" talks about songwriting and released a video on youtube.

~ Celeste Scalone won the 1st prize in the R&B category of the 14th Annual USA Songwriting Competition. She was also a semi-finalist on American Idol. She talks about how she writes a song and about her experience on American Idol.

~ Eduardo de la Iglesia, is from Spain. He won the 15th Annual USA Songwriting Competition in the instrumental category

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Many thanks to Liz Miller who hosted USA Songwriting Competition showcase in Nashville, see pictures here and videos here

*** IAMA Featured Artists Of the Month Spotlight

~Angela Saini (Canada)

~Henhouse Prowlers

~Doug Spears

For more details of the featured artists, please visit:

Hear IAMA winners, please visit:

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...Jessica Brandon, Artist Relations ~~

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Ralph Watley’s KXBG Radio Playlist for 5-24-2010

BRYANT AR (IFS) – Ralph Watley’s KXBG Radio Playlist. Hi Everyone, We had many new Artists get votes his week and there was a big change in the Top 60. Luci is #1 this week after getting votes for a song just added Thursday. I can’t emphasize enough listen and vote for your favorites.Thanks For Your Music, Ralph

KXBG Top 60 5-24-10

1. Luci —- Save The World
2. Tim Turner —- No More Love
3. Mike Crutcher —- Bailout
4. Dwight and Nicole —- Rambling
5. Glenn Roth —- Busker
6. Ruby —- Shooting
7. Julian Shah-Tayler —- Show Me Your Soul 3
8. Tanya Coury —- Back In Time
9. Sharen Wendy Robertson —- I Can’t Believe You’re GoneBelieve You’re Gone
10.Lisa Nemzo —- Hidden Message
11.Charlie Ranucci —- Stay
12.Matthew Karpoff —- Daffodils
13.Jay and Wanda Smith —- Tears After Sundown
14.Jada King —- I Wonder Where I’d Be
15.Craig Campbell —- Heart of A Workin Man
16. Roger Eydenburg —- Momma My Hero
17.2nd Tyme Around I Can’t Even Get The Blues
18.Joe Berry and The Berry Pickers —- Don’t Wake Me
19.Sonny Davis —- Anniversary Song
20.Susan Gibson. —- Perfect World
21.Blanche Tate —- Honey, Sweetie, Baby
22.Amy Barbera —- God’s Special Angel
23.Charlie Sandage —- Lila
24.Karen Nason —- When We Lose Love
25.Shannon Briggs —- One Shell of A Man
26.Tiffany Randol —- People Talk
27.Matthew Karpoff —- It’s Raining Sunshine
28.Justin Patterson —- Road To Memphis
29.Jay and Wanda Smith —- A Father’s Lament
30.AKA —- It All Begins With A Song
31.Austin/Wilson —- All American American
32.Erin Hay —- I Didn’t Move To Arizona
33.Karen Nason —- Talk To The Hand
34.Charlie Sandage —- A Little love
35.Lance Carpenter —- I Would Be Too
36.Bill Curtis —- It Ain’t The Money
37.Chuck Williams —- Steamtrain Maury
38.Various Watley —- Jesus Loves The Sinner
39.John arruda —- Song on The Radio40.Joe Sorrels —- Marry Up
41.Shor’ty —- The Things I Used To Do
42.The Rebellion —- One Night Hero
43.Michele Lundeen —- Blues Is A Feeling
44.Mary-Lynn Neil —- A Daughter’s Prayer
45.Donna Lee —- Trouble
46.Danielle Miraglio —- Moment By Moment
47.Dale Stainaker —- A Heroes Welcome
48.Sherman Lee Dillion —- Ashtray Taxi
49.Diane Brandon —- La Vie en rose
50.Alex Wan’s Dream Orchestra —- Foilage
51.Laurie Biagini —- Crazy People On The Internet
52.Bette Wickins —- Message of Love
53.Ten Foot polecats —- So Good To Me
54.Sol Skugga —- I wanna know
55.Thea Hopkins —- Chickasaw
56.Montana 1948 —- How To Swim
57.Sandy Andina —- Fog58.Mike Delaney —- Peace Through War
59.TyLean —- Feel
60.Luna —- Pepsi Girl

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