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Miss Quincy

Miss Quincy



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Small Cabin, Northern BC, Canada, April 2010

Miss Quincy has spent all winter holed up in her log cabin in Northern Canada where she wrote and recorded her new record “Your Mama Don't Like Me”. This toe tappin' collection of original tunes showcases Miss Quincy singing her brand of Grassroots Gypsy Blues and is due to be released on June 15, 2010.

Miss Quincy does not fit the classic Singer/Songwriter mold. She's upbeat, original, and edgy. Her music takes you to a dimly-lit smoke-filled blues joint and even sometimes cross into vaudeville territory. "Well, if I had to describe this album", says Miss Quincy, "I would have to call it 'back porch brothel blues', or something equally backwoods and whiskey soaked

The recording of “Your Mama Don't Like Me” took place in Miss Quincy's cabin during a cold snap where temperatures dropped below -40 degrees. If you listen closely you may just hear the crackling of a wood stove or the swish of a whiskey bottle behind a group of musicians playing like their lives depend on it all key elements in the making of this album. The album is worth noting not only for the quality of Miss Quincy's original compositions and soaring vocal performances, but also for the talent of some of Canada's finest roots musicians. Craig Korth, banjo player extraordinaire from one of Canada's favourite festival bluegrass bands Widow Maker makes several appearances, as does renowned violinist Josh Giesbrecht from the wonderfully weird Resurrect Christ Foundation, another festival phenomenon. Carrying the low end on upright bass is Mr. Peter Mynett from Victoria BC's Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra.

Miss Quincy has composed songs ranging from the dark and lighting fast black-grass tune titled, "Dead Horse" to the song, "Your Mama Don't Like Me" with a vaudevillian flair. You can hear the drunken piano player Glennn Mitchell (Russell Jackson Band) pounding out the blues and Miss Quincy wailing on the blues harp. There are stories full of heartache, a little love, and a lot of whiskey - all undeniably toe-tapping, hip-shaking, and filled with Miss Quincy's signature vocal prowess and vintage flair.

On June 15th 2010 Your Mama Don't Like Me will be available online from Miss Quincy's website (, itunes and cdbaby. Miss Quincy is of a new breed of DIY musician who is fiercely independent, driven, and committed to a grassroots musical approach. Make sure to catch a show and pick up a signed off-stage copy of her new album as Miss Quincy graces festival stages, bar rooms, street corners, and living rooms in Canada and the UK this spring and summer.

Miss Quincy "...actually captures a vibe and a mood, a moment in time that could not be capturedAnd I love it.- Craig Norris. CBC Radio 3

For additional information about Miss Quincy, to find out her whereabouts, or for a free download of her first single from "Your Mama Don't Like Me" visit or contact Jody Peck at missq[at]

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