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Yoko Ono for Amnesty Internatio​nal

  • Be the light‏

Yoko Ono for Amnesty Internatio​nal (
To: KDTN Radio One Networks USA
Picture of Yoko Ono for Amnesty International
Amnesty International logo

Be the light.

Dear KDTN Radio One,

John wrote, "You may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one."

That's what being part of Amnesty International means for me. We are a worldwide movement of dreamers and activists — who are shining a light of hope for those imprisoned for their beliefs.

Join me and make a donation to Amnesty International. Your gift will support our work freeing individuals who are imprisoned only for having the courage to speak, to demonstrate, and to express the thoughts that you and I do freely every day.

Because the need is so great, several leading Amnesty supporters have agreed to match any contribution you make now through December 31.

As I write this, the unjustly imprisoned are suffering behind bars.

Right now, a Tibetan filmmaker — Dhondup Wangchen — is languishing in a Chinese prison simply because he made a film that explores the views of Tibetan people toward the Beijing Olympics and the Dalai Lama.

After a secret trial, he was sentenced to six years' imprisonment for "subversion of state power" and has reportedly been tortured.

Amnesty is pressuring the Chinese government to release Wangchen, investigate the allegations of torture to bring those responsible to justice.

Will you help Amnesty be a light for prisoners like Wangchen? Make a donation that will go twice as far.

Because of people like you, Amnesty International is a tenacious, tireless advocate for humanity. There is no greater champion for prisoners of conscience and no stronger force for human rights.

Please join me and make a donation to Amnesty International. Together we can not only imagine, but also build a more just, more peaceful world.

You have my deepest gratitude for your commitment to human rights.

Donate now

In Peace,
Yoko OnoYoko Ono signature
Yoko Ono

P.S. Be the light. Donate to Amnesty and your gift will be matched.
Yoko Ono
Be the light

Become a member of Amnesty. When you make a one-time gift of $35 or more - or any monthly donation - we'll send you a stylish Amnesty tote bag to say thanks.
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Do you want to double your impact? Make a donation to Amnesty before December 31 and your gift will be matched.*
*Up to $500,000
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Action for human rights. Hope for humanity.
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Monday, December 23, 2013

SDC Radio Networks Top 50 Music In Review Countdown for 2013

SDC Radio Networks - Music In Review - Top 50 for 2013 - Show Eight

1.  Amy Barbera - Walking On The Stars

- KDTN Radio One Add - Oh My Heart - All Day Long

2.  Randy Morris - Runaway

- KDTN Radio One Add - Amanda Canzulo - Piece Of Me

3.  Livia Pye - Read Your Mind

- KDTN Radio One Add - Ben Torres - Notorious

4.  Lee Rogers - You Won't Have To Wait 'Til Xmas

SDC Radio Networks - Music In Review - Top 50 for 2013 - Show Seven

05.  Sky Collette - 12AM

- KDTN Radio Flashback 2006 - Kelly Pope - Wait For Tomorrow

06.  Adrianna Freeman - Will Not Be Your Tennessee

- KDTN Radio Flashback 2010 - J. Michaels - Ole Rock And Roller

07.  Captain Beefheart and Magic Band - Diddy Wha Diddy

- KDTN Radio Flashback 1998 - Joe E. Daddario - I Wait In The Wind

08.  RG's All Nite Funk Band - Thousand Shadows - Remix Long Version

SDC Radio Networks - Music In Review - Top 50 for 2013 - Show Six

09.  Lady Gaga - Applause

10.  Billy Foster - Back Alley Children

11.  Julie - Something To Believe In

12.  K Wilder - DimeBox Texas

13.  Sheryl Boyd - Bump Your Head

14.  Merrell Fankhauser - Tomorrow's Girl

15.  Kristine Mills - As Yet Untitled

- New Add-on - Katie Lynn Johnson - Rainbow In Your Eyes (2014)

SDC Radio Networks - Music In Review - Top 50 for 2013 - Show Five

16.  Emory Anderson - G-Five

17.  Tommy Marz - A Kid In The Eighties

18.  Annie Sidely - Would You

19.  Lee Rogers - Second Thoughts

20.  Connie Van Dyke - Don't Do Nothing, I Wouldn't Do

21.  Krystal Green - Breathe

22.  Dolly Parton - Together You And I

SDC Radio Networks - Music In Review - Top 50 for 2013 - Show Four

23.  Bernadette Bascom - Fire

24.  Emma Shaka - Can You Hear Me

25.  Lee Rogers - Sock Some Love Power Too Me

26.  Matt Newton - Catch A Snowflake

27.  Vessie Simmons - My Love

28.  Steve Luscombe - She Said Goodbye

29.  Fankhauser-Cassidy Band - Nicky's Song

SDC Radio Networks - Music In Review - Top 50 for 2013 - Show Three

30.  Lee Starr - Johnny And Cindy

31.  Christy Angeletti - Something

32.  Beanpole - Breakdown

33.  Seventh Tower - Crown Me King

34.  Eron Falbo - A Baby's Step Of Faith

35.  Anonymous - Anonymous

36.  Dee Edwards - A Girl Can't Go By What She Hear

SDC Radio Networks - Music In Review - Top 50 for 2013 - Show Two

37.  Stevie Jewel - Tied To You

38.  Kelly Ricketts - Mr. Good

39.  L A Carpool - Do It Again

40.  Rihanna and Chris Brown - Umbrella Remix

41.  Pink Tools - Lyin Eyes

42.  The Fintons - Back Street

43.  Dave Caley - Between The River And Me

SDC Radio Networks - Music In Review - Top 50 for 2013 - Show One

44.  Franklyn McKay - More Than A Memory

45. Western Avenue - Highway Out Of Town

46. Luna Marquez - Fall

47. Fate Strikes Twice - Perpetual Victim

48. Abby Wren - Slithery

49. James Wolfglen - Moonstone

50. Debbie Hennessey - When You Believe

Friday, December 13, 2013

Beyoncé Knowles surprised fans today by releasing a new album

Beyoncé Knowles surprised fans today by releasing a new album.
Describing it as a "visual" album, BEYONCÉ, which was made available exclusively on iTunes this morning, features 14 new songs accompanied by 17 videos.
Though a new album from the American singer has long been rumoured, no information on BEYONCÉ had been released before today.
Knowles revealed that the sudden release was, in part, because she was "bored" with the conventional process of releasing an album.
The Telegraph's music critic Neil McCormick puts the change in tactics with releasing albums down to three things; "to beat the download pirates and avoid the leaking of tracks", "to bamboozle the critics" and to "make an event of the album".

Friday, November 15, 2013

J J Crowne

  J.J. Crowne's new self-titled CD has recently entered the Americana Music Association (AMA) national radio airplay chart, the Spins Tracking System (STS) Country Chart - where his song "Only Time" was the #2 Country 'Prime Mover' in the U.S as of Sept. 20, 2013 and is now in their Main Country Top 50 Ariplay Chart as of November 4, 2013,  and the worldwide Roots Music Report (RMR) Folk Internet Airplay Chart - where the album was recently  #1 for the weeks of  Oct. 26 and Nov 1, 2013.  His album and the song "Toy Soldiers" have been awarded Best  Album/Best Song in the Folk/Singer-Songwriter category by The Akademia Music Awards, Beverly Hills, CA. for September /October2013.   
    The album follows his critically-acclaimed EP released in 2012, and  includes newly-mastered versions of  the songs from last year's EP along with 5 new recordings.  J.J. writes, arranges and performs all vocals and instrumentation himself.  His lyrics are emotional and thought-provoking, with styles ranging from alt-country to folk/rock to acoustic ballads.  Many reviewers say his heartfelt and socially-conscious songs are reminiscent of some of the great singer/songwriters of the '60's and '70's  but, as MusicEmissions adds, "J.J. Crowne is a singer/songwriter for the 21st. Century... a true troubadour."  This Is Vibes Magazine writes: "In a nutshell, this is John Lennon meets John Mayer."   Indie Music has already nominated the new album for its '2013 CD Of The Year."
    The singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, while attendng the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, began his professional musical career writing and producing radio jingles, theatrical music and TV cues for Fox ("America's Most Wanted"), Univision (1st. Place winning song for the internationally-aired show  "Yo Quiero Ser Estrella") and PBS  among others.  In the early 1990's,  J.J. opened shows  for The Mavericks in his hometown of Miami.  
    After gaining international press and industry recognition for his first self-produced album of original songs in 2011, J.J. teamed up with gold-record producer Stephen Wrench  (Vince Gill, Missing Persons) and legendary Nashville engineer Jeff Silverman (Rick Springfield, Prince) to  release last year's 5-song EP, which was picked-up for airplay by over 1,000 internet, land and syndicated radio stations worldwide.  New York Times Music Contributor Phil Sweetland called the EP "a passionate and timely musical and lyrical vision... a powerhouse career statement."
     The new 10-song album "J.J. Crowne" has been picked-up so far in over 60 U.S. radio markets, as well as dozens of internet stations.  It now continues its climb up the radio charts. 

#1 Album on worldwide Folk Internet Airplay Chart  -- Roots Music Report, Oct. 25 & Nov. 4, 2013
'J.J. Crowne' album and 'Toy Soldiers' single -  Winners Best Album/Best Song (Folk/Singer-Songwriter) .” -- Akademia Music Awards, Beverly Hills, CA. September /October2013 
"Nominated 2013 CD Of The Year.  Crowne is world-class." -- Indie Music Digest, September 2013 
"A passionate and timely musical and lyrical vision...a powerhouse career statement" -- N.Y. Times Music Contributor Phil Sweetland.
"Featured Artist - August, 2013...After listening to (the CD 'J.J. Crowne') I was indeed totally blown away...Only in recent years has this musical wizard stepped out on his own for all the world to see and hear what contemporary excellence in music is all about.
-- Songwrtiers' Net Best Magazine
"A singer/songwriter for the 21st. Century... a true troubadour -- MusicEmissions
"Emotionally charged… a masterpiece" -- JuniorsCave Online Magazine
"J.J. Crowne writes and sings authentic acoustic songs dealing with types of love... with great acoustic guitar melodies" -- AudioCred Music Blog
"Crowne manages to touch many powerful emotions...knows how to push the right buttons and pluck your heartstrings with his grace and impressive musical finesse" -- Vents Magazine
“A moving and elegiac artistic statement from start to finish...In a nutshell this is John Lennon meets John Mayer...highly original, uplifting and dare I say brilliantly catchy in scope.” -- This Is Vibes Magazine
"J.J. Crowne's songwriting ability is poetically impeccable... the genuine spirit and pureness... is really second to none in my book" -- SkopeMagazine
"What the world needs - more J.J. Crowne... WOW!”-- DJ Uncle Earl, KCLA FM Los Angeles
J.J. Crowne is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who started his career as a composer, performer and producer of theatrical music, radio jingles, and TV cues & themes for Fox ("America's Most Wanted"), PBS and Univision TV ("Yo Quiero Ser Estrella") amongst others.  In his home of  Miami, he opened shows for acts as diverse as The Mavericks and Marilyn Manson in the early 1990's. His debut album “Songs Of Innocence And Experience” was released July, 2011 and was later named “2011 Indie CD Of The Year” by IndieMusicDigest – selected over 300 other entries.
After gaining music industry and international press recognition for his self-produced debut album in 2011, J.J. Crowne teamed-up with gold-record producer Stephen Wrench (Hank, Jr., Missing Persons, Vince Gill) and legendary mixing/mastering engineer Jeff Silverman (Rick Springfield, Prince) to complete a 5-song EP released July, 2012.
As of May 2013, over 1000 land, internet and syndicated radio stations worldwide were airing songs from the 5-song EP, entitled "Another Day Of Love." Its title track became the #2 listener-voted song on out of 300 songs, remained in their Top 10 for 3 months, then re-entered that same chart in August, 2013 at #3.  "Best Of Intentions" stayed in the same chart for a month at #3.  His song “Only Time” was downloaded over 6,200 times in its one-day feature on  "She And He" was voted by listeners into the Top 20 Chart of Europe's 
J.J.’s music has also been featured on numerous popular internet podcasts – including being selected for regular rotation on the well-known NewMusicTampaBay podcast, as well as on RadioCrystalBlue and RockWiredRadio.  J.J. has been featured on the Home Pages of major music websites including Rockwired, TargetAudience, Suite101, Carlito’s Blog, MusicEmissions, IndieMusicDigest, and Penseyeview; and Home Page interviews with him have appeared in Skope Magazine, Song Revelation, and Junior’s Cave.  He has also been interviewed on several popular radio broadcasts across the U.S.
This new CD -"J.J. Crowne"- contains newly mixed and mastered versions of the 5 songs from his 2012 EP along with 5 new recordings -- all mixed and mastered by legendary Nashville engineer Jeff Silverman along with J.J. Crowne.  All vocals and music are performed by J.J. Crowne.  It is available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and in both hard-copy and digital form on all other major outlets.  To date, over 60 FM stations in the U.S. (from Portland to St. Louis to Nashville to Baltimore) have added the new album to their playlists, and it's entered the Americana Music Association (AMA) national radio airplay chart.  The single "Only Time" is now climbing the Spins Tracking System (STS) Main Country Top 50 Radio chart - with over 1,000 reported spins for the week of Nov. 4, 2013.  The album was also recently #1 on the Roots Music Report Folk Internet Airplay Chart for two consecutive weeks, Oct. 26 & Nov. 4 2013.  
J.J. Crowne writes and performs diverse emotional, heartfelt songs ranging from folk/rock to alt-country to acoustic ballads with strings - each telling its own unique story and reminiscent of some of the great singer/songwriters of the ‘60's & ‘70's - but made for the 21st. Century.
Music, video, all press reviews and more at  Additional songs can be heard and downloaded by industry resources only at:!audio

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Will Francis

Will Francis


Contact Info: Will Francis/862-668-1573/

 “END OF THE ROAD”(LEAVING ON THAT TRAIN) Raleigh, NC 10/10/2013 —The songs: “Can’t Feel Your Heartbeat, Spirits In The Sun and End Of The Road” started coming together back in March of 2013 . I was driving through the Virginia swamps and headed for North Carolina.

The road was long and I had plenty of time to play a collection of cd’s from the late 60’s, 70’s and 80’s which I’m sure, at least in part, inspired me to write. The reason for my travel was to inspect a new home that I was in the process of buying in Raleigh. I was by myself in a new, but strange place trying to find my way around. At some point, I started to flood with emotions and then the tears began to fall.

The cool shallow waters of reality started to rise with the coming tide and settled when I began to think about the miles that I had put behind me, how far I really was from home and the life I had known. There were people and relationships that I had to let go. “Can’t Feel Your Heartbeat” is about this idea of stepping back, letting go, moving on and being torn between two different worlds in the hope that maybe, the one person someone really loves will show some kind of sign or give the other some reason to hold back or reconsider their decision to move forward without them. This song has a groove, back beat and melody that make for an interesting contrast with regard to theme, metaphor and subject matter. Furthermore, this song will be included with eight other tracks for debut album: Will Francis-“Behind The Personas.”

Through the use of imagery, faces, characters and personas, this album presents the surface level world we all live in. Underneath, is the music. This is the real, genuine, honest punch in the gut stuff that people can relate to. “Spirits In The Sun” is this song about the paradox, duplicity and the dark side of paradise . Having fun, good times, living near the surf around beautiful women becomes this booze induced reality of illusions; being lost, far away from home, waiting for the ship of opportunity to come in, becoming a beach dweller, being alone and not realizing that the world is passing by. Stuck with The Spirits In The Sun.

 “End Of The Road” conveys this idea or search for truth between two people in a relationship. One or both, have changed, evolved and are headed down divergent paths. For so long, they continue on and don’t communicate. They go from being lovers, to being more like friends and roommates that are engaged in a more symbiotic relationship that is based on circumstance and necessity . When the human need for closeness, intimacy and more than just a friend and roommate creeps in, somebody gets honest and wants more. They question their compatibility, chemistry and the elements necessary for the long term or committed relationship. The question is, have they both, come to the End Of Their Road? "I Closed My Eyes" comes from a dream state or unconscious reality while sleeping. A woman keeps appearing in these dreams.

The backdrop or scenery is always different, unfamiliar and even strange at times. However, in every still that the conscious mind can remember upon waking, the same woman is always close and looking into the eyes of the dreamer. This song has a way of drawing listeners back into their own dreams and a strange world that may exist within the far reach of deep sleep. Will Francis is a songwriter from Raleigh, NC.

He graduated Sussex County Community College with an associate degree in English /writing and studied at William Paterson University. Currently, he is employed in the healthcare industry and is writing, recording and promoting his music and album: “Behind The Personas.” Please….check out the link: Press info: Will Francis is available for interviews and appearances. Please contact 862-668-1573/ for more information. # # #

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Diamond in the Sand - Annie Sidley

Check out Annie Sidley's brand-new CD "Diamond in the Sand." Her singles "Would You" and "Jealousy" can be heard all around the country on Top 40/Pop stations. Please call your local stations to request Annie Sidley. To find out more please check out her official website at!


 Artist Biography Basic Band Info Band Name: Annie Sidley Email Address: Website Address: Music Style: Pop/R&B Influences: Joss Stone Personal First Name :Annie Last Name :Sidley Geographic City: Bethesda State: MD Country:USA Zip Code: 20817
  Band Description Blend of Pop and R&B with an old school feel as well as sounds of today's Pop Described as one of Washington, DC s most soulful and original artists, Annie Sidley has captivated audiences all across the nation.

Her music is inspired by the R&B rhythms and melodies of old school soul as well as the sounds of today s Pop, Alternative and Funk tracks. Annie s voice has been compared with the strength and soulfulness of Aretha Franklin and her songwriting to that of Stevie Wonder and Prince, yet she remains true to her own vision and distinctive sound.

Her single Come to Me from her current CD History is receiving play on over 40 radio and internet stations nationwide and getting over 200 spins weekly. Her 3rd CD Diamond in the Sand will be released on May 1st. Annie has proven herself an accomplished composer as well as one of the most dynamic and charming R&B/Pop performers today. She and her band tour nationally and have shared the stage with Joan Jett, WAR, Chuck Brown, Paul Taylor, Joyce Cooling and Kenny Wayne Shepherd, just to name a few.

She's played large festivals (American Redcross Festival, DC and Red River Revel Festival, Shreveport, LA), prestigious concert halls (Kennedy Center and MCI Center, DC) and well known clubs (The Village Underground and The Bitter End, NYC and The State Theater, Falls Church, VA). She s performed the National Anthem regularly on national television for NBA and WNBA games and has been featured on television and radio programs across the country.

Annie s most recent CD History has received high acclaim from the Washington Post and the Washington Times (see press kit for enclosed articles and reviews) and she has been nominated for Best Urban/Contemporary Vocalist/Group and Best Urban/Contemporary Album by the Washington Area Music Association (WAMA). Annie is not only an accomplished singer, songwriter and musician, she also co-produces an annually televised concert, Divas of DC, that has raised over $20,000 for local charities in the past two years. She is planning to tour nationally and internationally with this unique event.

If you would like to bring this show to your city or learn more about Divas of DC please visit our website at Washington Post review of History , Annie Sidley can sing circles around her competition in pop. ... History unfolds with considerable ease and charm. Chris Slattery, of The Bethesda Gazette says, ... she sings like a cross between Lisa Stansfield, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston, with occasional ascension to Aretha-like heights... Washington City Paper Oh, how this lady can sing...Annie's stunning vocal power is showcased on two must-have albums, Other Side of the Sun and History...

Monday, October 28, 2013

Berntout Perductions

Berntout Perductions has been together for five years but have been making music since they were young.

Berntout Perductions is currently working on their first project together. Still untitled, they have pre-released their single “Time To Make You Move” featuring Money, Tribal and Kazh. This single gives audiences a sample of the talent behind these individuals. Carrying a hot back beat along with smooth vocals this single is a dance tune with a new refreshing sound. Audiences can expect plenty of this hot sound on this project that is currently in production.

Berntout Perductions love collaborating with other artists. This gives them an edge above others, keeping their music interesting and constantly attracting new fans along the way. Always keeping their fans in mind, nothing leaves their studio before its time. Working diligently to create the ultimate song, developing the message and the energy that was intended is the most rewarding feeling of all, This is what Berntout Perductions is all about.

You can listen to their music by logging onto the following websites:

Berntout Perductions is currently working with A & R Select in Sherman Oaks, Ca. for licensing, publishing, a record deal and/or placement opportunities. They can be reached at:

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Buzzerhut promotion link

“Krush” by Kisharra B

 by Luke Dailey

[ Genres: Pop / R&B ]

The entire professional narrative of Kisharra B. is encapsulated in her official artist photo: glammed up with make-up, snazzy photoshop glamours, and bold cursive font that implicitly proclaims how dynamic she is. Music aside, it’s clear what she’s shooting for: larger-than-life pop star. You know, the kind you only refer to by their first name. It’s a noble ambition: there’s a lot of fierce competition, and if you want to be good, you have to be good. As you might expect, there are elements of her ultra-famous contemporaries in Kisharra’s music: Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga. There is, however, a certain spark that’s entirely her own. Production that feels a little more raw, vocals ever so less processed; a pervading sense of a true passion for music behind the cartoon image.

“Krush” by Kisharra B rated on a 5 Star Rating Scale

Author Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars
Composition: 2.5/5 Arrangement: 2.5/5 Performance: 3/5 Production: 2.5/5 Hit Potential: 2/5

Founder (Music Producer & Publisher) Rating:
Composition: 5/5 Arrangement: 5/5 Performance: 5/5 Production: 5/5 Hit Potential: 5/5

“Krush” is her debut symbol, and it’s lyrically almost a color-by-numbers exercise in contemporary pop songwriting. There’s vague allusions to being in love, a crooned chorus, and overriding atmosphere that feels effervescently amorous. A lot of the most talented names in the business are currently bending their pens to exemplify this form; considering the heavyweight competition, it’s actually pretty impressive that “Krush” manages to mostly hold its own. The unfortunate caveat is that “mostly.” While the songwriting is sharp, the track itself well produced, and the vocals talented, there’s nothing that’s screamingly unique. It’s all B+ material—very, very well done material, but in a field where tones of grade-A music is just more unnoticed grist for the mill, this is probably fatal. The slow hip-hop/RB churn of the track is almost intoxicating at times, but it’s just a hair too simple to really engage. Nothing deep or meaningful or even powerfully emotional is offered by Kisharra herself, either from the lyrics or the performance. She’s pulled off a solid track, but solid, unfortunately, isn’t good enough.

It’s decent music. No doubt, somewhere, there’s an aimless teenage girl who’ll hear “Krush” and hear echos of her own day-to-day tribulations in it; obsess over the song for a while, play it fifty odd times…only to ultimately discard it and move on to the next fresh thing. Kisharra isn’t untalented: the lingering sense is that a too-strict adherence to industry standards is holding back a pent-up original spark. Here’s hoping she finds the creative space to let it roar to life.

It all started from a Mother’s bribe…………….At the tender age of three and crying hysterically from the thought of singing at church in front of thousands,…..Kisharra’s mother bribed her with these unforgettable words …”I’ll buy you a happy meal” … and now 20 plus years later here we are today! Kisharra realized singing was what she wanted to do and yes the Happy Meal made it all the better!

From the beginning music has been a part of who she is. Kisharra B aka “Shar” combines a mix of the pop and rock genre to express herself artistically through song. This Ohio native recording artist and very talented songwriter’s story has just begun, but sure to be filled with a track record of history making accomplishments. Kisharra B is self driven by her commitment and dedication to strive to perfect her craft. She has a passion second to none and to simply put it plainly…… Kisharra B is music! Her recently recorded song “Covergirl” nails the essence of Kisharra’s confidence while she makes a declarative statement of power over guitar saturated rock instrumentation.

Written by Kisharra and produced by grammy award winning producer Kevin Deane, this track will definitely carve her niche in today’s industry. Covergirl reflects an amazing introspective process of precision, purpose and self empowerment for all women to embrace. The uptempo 2nd single release “Krush” produced by Derek Dixie and written by Kisharra B and Derek …portrays a very distinctive musical interpretation, capturing a pop music sound with a Rock n Roll twist mixed with tribal drumming!!! Her most recent work includes the song “Famous” which is featured on the Spike Lee film produced movie soundtrack “You’re nobody til somebody kills you” released fall of 2012!!…..Kisharra B hasn’t even scratched the surface yet folks!! With an nationally and internationally tour in the works, along with her very own clothing line and future collaborations musically……the best is yet to come.

Her library of music and autobiography is full of unreleased material and unheard tracks she can’t wait for the world to hear and read! Kisharra B elaborates on her motivational drive by adding, Being the daughter of a preacher, my favorite scripture that keeps me focused is Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” This lets me know as long as I depend on him and no matter what comes my way, temptation or trial, he’ll give me the strength and confidence to make it!! We invite you to experience the sounds of Kisharra B aka SHAR!!!!!…..The POP/ROCK world has a new Covergirl.


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