Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Yoko Ono for Amnesty Internatio​nal

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Yoko Ono for Amnesty Internatio​nal (
To: KDTN Radio One Networks USA
Picture of Yoko Ono for Amnesty International
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Be the light.

Dear KDTN Radio One,

John wrote, "You may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one."

That's what being part of Amnesty International means for me. We are a worldwide movement of dreamers and activists — who are shining a light of hope for those imprisoned for their beliefs.

Join me and make a donation to Amnesty International. Your gift will support our work freeing individuals who are imprisoned only for having the courage to speak, to demonstrate, and to express the thoughts that you and I do freely every day.

Because the need is so great, several leading Amnesty supporters have agreed to match any contribution you make now through December 31.

As I write this, the unjustly imprisoned are suffering behind bars.

Right now, a Tibetan filmmaker — Dhondup Wangchen — is languishing in a Chinese prison simply because he made a film that explores the views of Tibetan people toward the Beijing Olympics and the Dalai Lama.

After a secret trial, he was sentenced to six years' imprisonment for "subversion of state power" and has reportedly been tortured.

Amnesty is pressuring the Chinese government to release Wangchen, investigate the allegations of torture to bring those responsible to justice.

Will you help Amnesty be a light for prisoners like Wangchen? Make a donation that will go twice as far.

Because of people like you, Amnesty International is a tenacious, tireless advocate for humanity. There is no greater champion for prisoners of conscience and no stronger force for human rights.

Please join me and make a donation to Amnesty International. Together we can not only imagine, but also build a more just, more peaceful world.

You have my deepest gratitude for your commitment to human rights.

Donate now

In Peace,
Yoko OnoYoko Ono signature
Yoko Ono

P.S. Be the light. Donate to Amnesty and your gift will be matched.
Yoko Ono
Be the light

Become a member of Amnesty. When you make a one-time gift of $35 or more - or any monthly donation - we'll send you a stylish Amnesty tote bag to say thanks.
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Do you want to double your impact? Make a donation to Amnesty before December 31 and your gift will be matched.*
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Action for human rights. Hope for humanity.
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Monday, December 23, 2013

SDC Radio Networks Top 50 Music In Review Countdown for 2013

SDC Radio Networks - Music In Review - Top 50 for 2013 - Show Eight

1.  Amy Barbera - Walking On The Stars

- KDTN Radio One Add - Oh My Heart - All Day Long

2.  Randy Morris - Runaway

- KDTN Radio One Add - Amanda Canzulo - Piece Of Me

3.  Livia Pye - Read Your Mind

- KDTN Radio One Add - Ben Torres - Notorious

4.  Lee Rogers - You Won't Have To Wait 'Til Xmas

SDC Radio Networks - Music In Review - Top 50 for 2013 - Show Seven

05.  Sky Collette - 12AM

- KDTN Radio Flashback 2006 - Kelly Pope - Wait For Tomorrow

06.  Adrianna Freeman - Will Not Be Your Tennessee

- KDTN Radio Flashback 2010 - J. Michaels - Ole Rock And Roller

07.  Captain Beefheart and Magic Band - Diddy Wha Diddy

- KDTN Radio Flashback 1998 - Joe E. Daddario - I Wait In The Wind

08.  RG's All Nite Funk Band - Thousand Shadows - Remix Long Version

SDC Radio Networks - Music In Review - Top 50 for 2013 - Show Six

09.  Lady Gaga - Applause

10.  Billy Foster - Back Alley Children

11.  Julie - Something To Believe In

12.  K Wilder - DimeBox Texas

13.  Sheryl Boyd - Bump Your Head

14.  Merrell Fankhauser - Tomorrow's Girl

15.  Kristine Mills - As Yet Untitled

- New Add-on - Katie Lynn Johnson - Rainbow In Your Eyes (2014)

SDC Radio Networks - Music In Review - Top 50 for 2013 - Show Five

16.  Emory Anderson - G-Five

17.  Tommy Marz - A Kid In The Eighties

18.  Annie Sidely - Would You

19.  Lee Rogers - Second Thoughts

20.  Connie Van Dyke - Don't Do Nothing, I Wouldn't Do

21.  Krystal Green - Breathe

22.  Dolly Parton - Together You And I

SDC Radio Networks - Music In Review - Top 50 for 2013 - Show Four

23.  Bernadette Bascom - Fire

24.  Emma Shaka - Can You Hear Me

25.  Lee Rogers - Sock Some Love Power Too Me

26.  Matt Newton - Catch A Snowflake

27.  Vessie Simmons - My Love

28.  Steve Luscombe - She Said Goodbye

29.  Fankhauser-Cassidy Band - Nicky's Song

SDC Radio Networks - Music In Review - Top 50 for 2013 - Show Three

30.  Lee Starr - Johnny And Cindy

31.  Christy Angeletti - Something

32.  Beanpole - Breakdown

33.  Seventh Tower - Crown Me King

34.  Eron Falbo - A Baby's Step Of Faith

35.  Anonymous - Anonymous

36.  Dee Edwards - A Girl Can't Go By What She Hear

SDC Radio Networks - Music In Review - Top 50 for 2013 - Show Two

37.  Stevie Jewel - Tied To You

38.  Kelly Ricketts - Mr. Good

39.  L A Carpool - Do It Again

40.  Rihanna and Chris Brown - Umbrella Remix

41.  Pink Tools - Lyin Eyes

42.  The Fintons - Back Street

43.  Dave Caley - Between The River And Me

SDC Radio Networks - Music In Review - Top 50 for 2013 - Show One

44.  Franklyn McKay - More Than A Memory

45. Western Avenue - Highway Out Of Town

46. Luna Marquez - Fall

47. Fate Strikes Twice - Perpetual Victim

48. Abby Wren - Slithery

49. James Wolfglen - Moonstone

50. Debbie Hennessey - When You Believe

Friday, December 13, 2013

Beyoncé Knowles surprised fans today by releasing a new album

Beyoncé Knowles surprised fans today by releasing a new album.
Describing it as a "visual" album, BEYONCÉ, which was made available exclusively on iTunes this morning, features 14 new songs accompanied by 17 videos.
Though a new album from the American singer has long been rumoured, no information on BEYONCÉ had been released before today.
Knowles revealed that the sudden release was, in part, because she was "bored" with the conventional process of releasing an album.
The Telegraph's music critic Neil McCormick puts the change in tactics with releasing albums down to three things; "to beat the download pirates and avoid the leaking of tracks", "to bamboozle the critics" and to "make an event of the album".


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