Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Republic Records What's New

What's New at Republic?
From a remote beach to the depths of the forest, Lorde travels the world in search of “perfect places” in her latest video full of stunning visuals.
As if you even needed a “Reminder,” listen now to the song’s new remix!
Julia Michael’s performance of “Uh Huh” on the Late Late Show with James Corden was nothing short of electrifying.

  We’re reacting in all caps to Grace Mitchell’s latest single, “Capital Letters.”
J Balvin does it again, bringing Latino culture and Reggaeton to the forefront of the global pop world.
In a game of inches, every vote counts so don't forget to vote Republic for the 2017 MTV Video Music Award Nominees!
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"Every Little Tic and Toc" by Andrew Dean and The Farm Machine

"Every Little Tic and Toc" by Andrew Dean and The Farm Machine

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Crimson Crux

Formed in the Winter of 2011, Crimson Crux is a Christian/Folk/Rock group from the High Desert of Southern CA, consisting of husband/wife duo Nathan Petty (founder/songwriter/acoustic guitars) &

 Tanya Petty (vocals) accompanied by Paul Martinez (lead guitars) & Daniel Flores (percussion). In May 2012, Crimson Crux entered into the studio with their longtime friend/engineer Eric Dorse from The Noize Lab to record their debut 17-track indie LP, "Through Divers Temptations". 

In May 2013, after months of labouring endlessly in the studio, Crimson Crux's debut indie LP "Through Divers Temptations" was pressed, released via CD Baby & distributed to their various online partners currently carrying the LP. 

Immediately after the album's release, the band embarked on two local tours that same year ("The Revival Tour 2013" & "Feed The Bears Tour 2013" ), followed by another studio session in February 2014 to re-record/re-release the single "Ye Serpent of Olde", followed up once again by extensive local touring via local community outreaches & venues such as the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds & the local "2014 HALO Festival" at Mavericks Stadium. 

In October of 2014, Crimson Crux entered into the studio once again to record their sophmore EP "Of The Times & Seasons" which was released late March 2015, followed by a music video for their first single "Not of the Night" off the new EP. 

Today, Crimson Crux is heavily involved with participating/performing in various local outreaches around the High Desert of Southern CA & still continues to be the music ministry of Nate & Tanya Petty with more music & lyrics that are yet to be written..

Of The Times & Seasons" is a lyrical depiction of this world's present state, human heartaches & the truth of Divine hope presented musically in a Western/Steampunk style
The tracks "Not of the Night" & "Down the Road" deal with the state that this present world is in, as well as the mindset of this current generation as prophesied in the Bible. 

Whereas, the tracks "Shake You Off" & "Through These Eyes" describe the longing to experience the true love that God has for us & the way He truly sees us. 

Finally, the tracks "Ye Serpent of Olde" & "Scarred'' deal with specific struggles & emotions that many of us as humans endure.

-Nathan Petty (Crimson Crux)

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Moaning Lisas

Cow Tippin Directed by Paul Unger

100% ABV

1 - Let's Just Ride
2 - Cow Tippin'
3 - It Ain't Love
4 - Death Train
5 - 4 Shots of Jager

Moaning Lisas - 100% ABV
Produced/Mastered by Stacy Heydon
Big Al Staggs - Vocals
Ron “Anvil” Augustin – Drums, Backing Vocals
Jim Cahoon - Bass, Backing Vocals
Richie Bohr - Guitar
Special Guests: Guitars by Gene Temple, Conrad Bauer, and Paul Kamanski; Backing Vocals by Caren Kamanski; Keyboards by Devin Norris; Bass on Four Shots of Jager by the late Lee Staggs.

All recordings copyright 2017 Moaning Lisas
Book the Band - or 757-356-5464 or

1. Let’s Just Ride written by Paul Kamanski
2. Cow Tipping written by Big Al Staggs and Gene Temple
3. It Ain't Love written by Paul Kamanski
4. Death Train written by Paul Kamanski
5. Four Shots of Jager written by Big Al Staggs and Richie Bohr

Tracks 1 - 4 drums, guitar, bass and backing vocals engineered and recorded by Skip DeRupa Audio Productions, Chesapeake, Virginia (; Tracks 1 - 4 Big Al Staggs vocals recorded at Animal Farm Studio by Stacy Heydon, Mission Viejo, California; Paul Kamanski guitar and Caren Kamanski vocals recorded at Kamanski Studio, San Diego, California; Track 5 recorded at Daily Planet Studio by Stacy Heydon, Virginia Beach, Virginia. All songs mixed and produced at Animal Farm Studio by Stacy Heydon, Mission Viejo, California.
The Band would like to thank Stacy Heydon, Skip DeRupa, Paul Kamanski, Caren Kamanski, Gene Temple,Conrad Bauer, and Devin Norris. This EP is dedicated to Lee Staggs, original Moaning Lisas bass player.

Big Al Staggs would like to thank his late brother Lee Staggs RIP, Shelly Staggs, Jake Staggs, Kendall Staggs, Fred and Barbara Staggs, Stacy Heydon, Coley Heydon and Smokey the studio dog Heydon for putting up with me in the studio, Paul and Caren Kamanski for the songs and for letting me hang out in the Kamanski Studio, Skip for the East Coast studio engineering and those hot sausages on the snack tray, Gene Temple for the slide work on Cow Tipping, and all the boys in the band. Randy Holmes for his awesome Graphic abilities. Conrad Bauer for his smoking guitar parts, Lance Bailey and Rick Kuhns.
Anvil would like to thank his beautiful wife (and original groupie), Theresa, for putting up with and even encouraging all the band nonsense for all these years! And to all our fans, friends and family – thanks for 20+ years of support for the Moaning Lisas!
Jim Cahoon wants to thank his wife and daughter for their tolerance, Kohlman Bassworks for their most excellent basses, to Skip DeRupa for letting me borrow his blower elbow, and to Russell’s Music World for always stocking the strangs I like.
Richie wants to thank his wife Stephanie and his entire family for supporting/putting up with his love for music. Without them, none of it would be possible.
Album Cover Photo Shelly Staggs
Album Cover Design Randy Holmes
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Hunter Sealy

Basic Band Info
Mike Peacock
Didn't Say Goodbye
Country/Country rock
Garth Brooks
Clint Black
Las Vegas
Band Description
For the last 20 years Mike has been writing, composing, performing, and recording many of his originals along with helping others achieve their musical dreams. Mike’s songs tell passionate stories that will move your heart.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Van T

  "ocean blues..."

If it were possible to meld the heart of Mazzy Star, the soul of PJ Harvey, and pure poetic prowess of Throwing Muses’ Tanya Donelly into a solitary star she’d go by the name Chantel Van T.
In 2013 Van T played Oppikoppi’s acoustic Ray-Ban Stage. Twenty-four months later she’s signed, sealed, and delivered a five track EP, Tides.
Van T saw the release of her highly anticipated, full-length debut album, We’re Still Running in 2015. Recorded by Matthew Fink (Matthew Mole, Tailor, The Black Hotels, Shadowclub) and Chris Tucker at Dark Pop, strings captured at Jazz Worx, with production concluded by Fink, "We’re Still Running" kept good company in attracting some of South Africa’s finest talent to the Van T pool. 11 unfaltering, beautiful tracks, each with a tale, a purpose, and armed with ability to turn lovers of detailed and delightfully engaging stories, sung in song, into loyalists.

Chelsey Danfield


A couple of weeks ago we came across a single release from a new artist from Ontario, Canada, Chelsey Danfield.

‘All We Ever Do’ was intriguing because it sounded like something that Taylor Swift would have recorded about 3 years ago. A good pop country song with fiddles and a slight ‘attitude’ about the vocals.

She has now released her debut album ‘Cowboy’ which doesn’t include her single or the B side ‘Headlights’, but does include hugely enjoyable traditional country dancehall tunes that deserve our attention.

It seems that the Taylor connection barely extends beyond the single. Chelsey imposes her own style and personality on the album and it’s as good a debut as we have heard for some time. Crank up the speakers and cue ‘Die Alone’ which opens the album.

I defy you to sit perfectly still throughout this one! A mix of classic country and rockabilly that combines to produce an authentic dancehall favorite. ‘Drank The Town Dry’ takes the pace down a notch, to begin with but soon explodes into another swinger that retains the infectious toe tapper that won’t disappoint.

She seems to be rubbing shoulders with the Nashville players having shared a stage with Little Big Town, Kenny Chesney, and Dwight Yoakum, so let’s hope that this album is the start of something special.

There is certainly room at a higher table for Chelsey and I certainly recommend checking this one out on the usual streaming platforms.

Artist Biography

 From the   fields of   her family’s   soybean and   miniature pony   farm, this   24-­‐year-­‐old   singer/performer/songwriter has  just released  her  1st  album entitled  “Cowboy”  featuring   12  original songs.  It is  currently available  on streaming  and retail  outlets worldwide.    

“Growing up  outside of  a  one stoplight  farming town  called  Maidstone  Ontario,  I  realized quickly  that country  music told  my family's  story.  It was  who we  were and  what we  did.   Whether it be   bailing   hay,   riding   a   skittish   pony,   attending   a   funeral,   anniversary,   or   birthday  party,  country  music  was  how  we  communicated,  celebrated,  mourned,  worked  
and  lived.”    

“The songs  that  I  write are inspired  by the lives  of my  grandparents and  sometimes slightly   exaggerated recollections  of events  that have  occurred in  my personal  life.  Regardless if  it be  about an  honorary ex or  a  valiant escape  from the hospital,  my songs  come from  a  really genuine  place.  I'm  passionate  about  country  music  that  tells  a  story  and  either  transports   you  to  another  place  and  time  or  makes  you  fall  in  love  with  where  you  are  at  that  very   moment.“  

 Chelsey has shared  stages with the  likes of  Little  Big  Town,  Dwight  Yoakum,  Mark  Chesnutt,   Kenny  Chesney,  Lone  Star and most  recently at  Ft.  Irwin  Army  Training  Base at  Ft.  Irwin   Nevada for  four thousand  U.S.  Army troops  opening for  Blue  Oyster  Cult.    

Chelsey hooked  up with  Billboard  Hot  100  #1  hit producer  and former  Iggy  Pop/David   Bowie lead  guitarist  Stacy  Heydon.  This collaboration  led to  her  1st  album release  “Cowboy”   on  AMG  Records. 

 Her  “Cowboy”  album was  recorded in  one of  Nashville’s  treasured location  Ronnie’s  Place.   Ronnie  Milsap’s  studio has  been a  mainstay in  the  Nashville recording  community for  over   50  years  and continues  to inspire  modern day  artists with  the same walls  of resonance  that recorded  and shaped  the familiar  sounds of  the legends  of country  music’s  past and  present. 

Chelsey and  the band  laid down  every track  “live off  the floor”  capturing a  live feel  ensuring an honest and   true musical   rendition targeting   the very   heart and   soul of   each song  


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