Friday, April 28, 2017

Ed Maly

Basic Band Info
Ed Maly
Middle Chile Goes Wild
Independent Label
Sugar Land
Band Description
Creative blues-rock captured on analog tape!

Weee! It’s finally finished! This latest labor of love from Hot Texas Tunes, Middle Child Goes Wild, has 12 new original songs, and four copy tunes. Thank you, Billy Stull, for the concept, song arrangement, and mastering!

I’ve always been fascinated by birth order and the things we let control us as seen in the opening track, “Middle Child”. There are two drummers on this cut. Greg Partyka played acoustic drums on the analog tracks, and then Mike Snelling added a layer over that using his electric kit when the tracks were moved over to Pro Tools.

Eric Demmer’s saxophone playing sets the mood for “Honky Tonk” as we pay tribute to all the bars and clubs and wonderful people who go every weekend to help keep this music alive!

At heart, every man has a little boy in him just dying to “Do Something Crazy” and then explain it away with something like this!

“Rocket Ball” is dedicated to the idea that someday, someway, Houston will finally have a winning team again, and as of right now, it’s looking pretty good for the Houston Rockets! Those 3-point shots are falling right every night!

“Death Rattler Growl” pushes the lyrical envelop a little, but I like the attitude of the old man in the last verse, “Don’t cry at my grave – it’s just nature’s way – for me to meet the angel – who watched me by day.”

Keith Cannon’s version of “Can’t Always Get What You Want” always goes over well at the live shows. Keith recreates it here with help from Eric Demmer on saxophone, Larry Scott on slide, and Scott Graham on piano.

“Mo Money” is a (sort of) true story. I had a dream that the guys in the band and I drove to Vegas to see about playing a few gigs, and while there, we won $7,000, then doubled the bet, but lost it all! I suppose the dream was just a subliminal reminder that gambling in Vegas would bring better odds for us than playing music. However, in the dream, as in real life, we’re having way too much fun to care, either way! Keyboard-man, John Blau, provides the perfect opening voice and keys for this one!

The idea for the song, “Why Don’t You”, came after hearing a jealous man yell at his wife across the room at the bar one night, “Why Don’t You Love Me Like You Used To!” Wow, I thought…now, there’s a song!
“The Black Widow” is a fictitious tune written to warn all about the existence of these 2-legged creatures, who at the very least, deserve to be exposed in song! 

On one of my many trips to Austin for their songwriters’ symposium a few years back, I heard a young fiddle prodigy named Ruby Jane Smith. She was only fifteen back then, but she played country fiddle like a seasoned pro. Her mom managed her, and she toured for years as “The Ruby Jane Show”. I wrote this song back then and forgot all about it until recently when I heard she had switched styles completely and started a new band called Ruby and the Reckless.

One of the happiest tunes we play live is “Jambalaya” with Don Irby on vocals. People always love that song. Don does a great job on it here, and John Blau adds his “squeeze-box” accordion keys for just the right Cajun touch to make it dance!

If money is the root of all evil, then misguided love runs a close second in this fictitious soap-opera called “Money and Love”.

Looking back over my life, it seems like music has always been my anchor, getting me through the highs and lows in life. For me, the definition of “lucky” is to have a tolerant wife, a strong live band, and a host of local guys who do killer overdubs in the studio as needed! As the song says, I am, indeed, a very “Lucky Guy”.
Made famous by Bo Diddley, “Can’t Judge a Book” is one of the many Willie Dixon tunes that is always a favorite to play live.

I’ve always loved the Jimmy Barnes’ version of “She’s Looking Good” (by Roger Collins), as well as Wilson Pickett’s, but I think our version here is unique, too, thanks to Eric Demmer, whose saxophone playing blew the lights out at the studio!

“Rock You Crazy” is the promise all good garage rock bands make to their audiences. That is, we just want the listener to “turn it up”, and dance with reckless abandonment! Or, if not that, then at least escape into the music and enjoy being lost to the world for a while because that’s how it was for us while recording it! -Ed Maly

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Jenn Beaupre

Artist: Jenn Beaupre
Title: Reach Out
Label: Indie
Release Date: April 2017
Genre(s): AC / Easy / Pop

Focus Tracks:
1. Angel Who's Lost (AC / Easy)
2. Sunburn (Pop)
(Rickie Lee Jones / Van Morrison style)
3. Socks (AC / Easy)

Norah Jones is actually a timely and appropriate comparison, as Beaupré recently worked with members of Jones’ band while recording her latest CD, Reach Out, in NYC. 

She even met Jones while recording “Reach Out” at Sear Sound. 

Though she counts the late soul-folk artist Eva Cassidy as one of her main influences, modern artists like Alicia Keys, Emili Sande, and Adele also inspire her song writing. 

Beaupré was a finalist on Canadian Idol, and performed at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. She has opened for the Moscow Ballet on a national tour, as well as picking up notice by winning Calgary Stampede’s annual Talent Search (also awarded to Paul Brandt, MBF); and was runner up nationally. 

Most recently (2016), Beaupré drew attention from talent producers at Cirque du Soleil.

While Beaupré does have a variety of cover songs on her YouTube channel to showcase her vocal and piano talents, her original music has been primarily soulful, heartfelt personal songs – very much piano driven along the lines of contemporaries like Sarah McLachlan and Norah Jones. 

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday Nite Fish Fry

Artist: Saturday Nite Fish Fry
Title: Vol II
Label: 7 Arts
Genres: Blues / Jazz 

Volume #2 is a big energy easy ride, with serious attention to the roots of jump blues, soul-jazz and urban blues. Digging deep into the vault of rhythm history – The Lucky Millinder’s, Lionel Hampton’s, Louis Prima’s, Tiny Bradshaw’s, the Trenier’s, – that glorious period when blues and jazz were on the same page.

With a few jump blues and boogie woogie’s in the book, the band began stretching the form and expanding the repertoire. Along with the vocals of Shakura S’Aida and Bill King, the band was awarded ample space to shine. This was no ordinary band, but one made up of some of Canada’s finest jazz musicians. The horn section - John Johnson alto sax, Bob Brough tenor sax, Alexis Baro and William Sperandei trumpets and Chris Gayle baritone sax. Rhythm section – Rick Gratton, Davide DiRenzo and Mike Sloski, drums. Bass – Artie Roth, Scott Alexander and Howard Ayee and guitar – Neil Chapman – King, piano, composer and arranger.

King began composing for the band borrowing on his long history playing rhythm & blues, blues and jazz. New pieces – “Soul Sermon”- a homage to saxophonist King Curtis – New Orleans funk with “Jasper Talks” – the lazy roll of “Memphis Ivory Jag” – Chuck Higgins zoot-suit/low-rider L.A classic – “Pachuko Hop” – Eddie Vinson’s swinging romp – “Friday Fish Fry” – Albert Ammons take on “Lady Be Good” – bad-ass boogie – the down-home blues of King/Chapman’s, “Room #13 Blues” and King’s own “Carlton Street Boogie.

1.Lady Be Good 3:06
2.Jasper Talks 4:10
3.Pachuko Hop 3:58
4.Soul Sermon 5:57
5.Friday Fish Fry 3:56
6.Room #13 Blues 5:48
7.Carlton Street Boogie 2:40
8.Memphis Ivory Jag 5:23

Bill King: Producer/arranger/composer/piano
Neil Chapman: guitar
Bob Brough – tenor sax
Chris Gayle – baritone sax
Alexis Baro #2, #3, #4, #7 / William Sperandei #1, trumpets
John Johnson – alto sax
Davide DiRenzo #1/ Ted Warren - #2, #4, #5/Rick Gratton #3, #7 – drums.
Artie Roth #2, #3, #4, #5, #7/Scott Alexander #1/ Howard Ayee #, #8 - bass.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

MATTHEW ALEXANDER - Three Minute Movie

 In his sixth full length album, independent artist Matthew Alexander offers his most accomplished work yet - Three Minute Movie – 14 songs that cover a broad scope of the human experience including themes such as betrayal, redemption, grief and love.

Raised in Manhattan by his classical composer father and poet mother, Alexander took lessons in acoustic style guitar from the late Artie Traum and Jack Baker. He was discovered at age 16 by Tin Pan Alley songwriter Lou Stallman who published his first twelve compositions. Early in his career, he opened for Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel and Tim Weissburg.

 Alexander’s songs have drawn comparisons to such acoustic pop artists as Jim Croce, Paul Simon and J.J. Cale. He is known for his unique finger picking style, expressive voice and powerful melodic sensibility. Produced by Michael McGinnis.

Three Minute Movie displays an array of acoustic and electric instruments that are tailored to the emotional heartbeat of each song. The title track bristles with country rock energy. Other songs, such as “Rainy Afternoon” and “Indigo and I”, show a more laid-back jazz-folk style.

Two folk-oriented cuts ­- “Lost in this World” and “If You Didn’t Know Me” - tackle profound themes of alienation and caring for a mother with Alzheimer’s Disease while two instrumentals - “Tagalong” and “Citizen Train” - showcase Alexander’s mastery of Travis picking.

Also included on the disc are two covers - “Beyond the Sea” and “Ramblin’ Rose” - which demonstrate Alexander’s talent for bringing a fresh approach to classic songs.

 In a pre-release review of Three Minute Movie, Freddy Cellis of Rootstime wrote: “striking attention to melody and lyrics…brilliant guitar playing reminiscent of Mark Knopfler…marvelous.” Matthew Alexander’s music can be heard on Pandora Radio at Matthew Alexander Radio.


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

SDC Digital Radio Networks Listeners Demographics as of 2014

WEST SACRAMENTO CA (IFS) -- Every two years, we get a media sampling survey from the Radio Stations Affiliates for our SDC Digital Radio Networks.  This ratings is for the year 2014 for SDC OmniMedia Groups' Digital Radio Broadcasting arm.

Rachel Holder

Rachel Holder, Curb Records

The song You Only Call Me When You're Drunk written by master hit maker David Lee Murphy and singer/songwriter Rachel Farley and was hand picked personally by legendary song man and label founder Mike Curb. Rachel is also set to announce that she will be joining a major national tour that will run through the end of 2017.

In a town full of attractive talented country stars, its take a lot for a young female singer to stand out and gain the attention of Nashville’s music industry crown.  Twenty-Two Year Old Rachel Holder is up to the challenge. 

“I’ve already learned that it takes more than a few good songs to make it in Nashville,” says Holder. “These days, I don’t think that there’s any one formula for success, necessarily, but I know you have to have faith in yourself, passing for the music and a serious will to succeed. And AMAZING songs! “ She emphasizes. 

Throughout her teens to her young adult years, Rachel’s talent as an artist matured fairly quickly. As a child performer, Rachel split time between attending school in Chattanooga and performing theater shows in Pigeon Forge, one of Tennessee’s most popular tourist destinations. By the time she was old enough to drive, she had added more than 800 Broadway-style shows to her resume, often performing two or three shows a day to packed houses. With the experience she gained on the small stages of Pigeon Forge, the teen singer-songwriter decided it was time to make the jump to the big stages of Music City. 

When she was only 15, Rachel attended an intimate Vince Gill concert in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with her parents. In between songs, the aspiring singer raised her hand and boldly (yet politely) asked to join the superstar on stage to sing a duet. Vince, surprised and somewhat amused, agreed, and only moments later the two were bringing down the house with a version of “Oklahoma Swing.” (Search for it on YouTube and see for yourself). Then there’s the story of Rachel successfully booking herself to sing the national anthem at several events such as the  Los Angeles Lakers basketball game and the Dallas Cowboys  Football game at only 14-years-old.  Rachel Holder is, in a word, fearless.

 Signed with Curb at 18 years old,  she’s been unstoppable ever since. With a debut single “In Your Arm’s” that touched many hearts and even got the attention of another country artist such as Miranda Lambert. “I heard this song by @rachelholder called “In Your Arms” on KKAJ. Gave me chills. What a great singer.” – Lambert tweeted.  Holder followed her single release with a 39 state radio tour and released her EP “Shining Now” at Walmart and on ITunes.

 If there’s one thing that Rachel Holder conveys almost immediately in person, it’s her unflappable sense of confidence. She was simply born to be a songwriter, vocalist, and most of all entertainer and it shows. Still only 22 years old- this blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty has come a long way from growing in up in Birchwood, TN, performing on stages near Dollywood,  and it looks like her new project is lookin’ mighty good!

 Rachel is now is under new wings, Monte Willis and Barry Williams and is excited to have them as a part of her team. “I’m excited about my new management – I look forward to paving a journey with them”. In the last year, Holder has been writing and working hard on her newest project with Wilbur Rimes and Norman De Vasure.. “I’m super excited to show the fans what I’ve been doing and what I’ve been working on for them- I’m ready to get back out there” Holders project should be released late 2016, early 2017.

Visit Rachel Holder's Site At
For More Music

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Rev. Tony Malone

Tony Malone

"Neighbors Say", NITE*SKY International 2017-01

We thank you in advance for giving his new single heavy airplay!

Rev T Malone:   His  evolution of song and musical styles are as diverse as his music. He  proudly represents  the culture of a region steeped in  a musical heritage of traditional shades of country, blues,  rock, and gospel, with a side order of humor.  

He fluently interchanges from  raw and sincere to the melodic. Tony's 44 years of touring road miles and sessions picking styles allow him to  vary from finger to flat to ?what was that?....Tony puts on a no holds barred show. You will enjoy music from the 40's on up with originals and covers.

    Tony is a two time Songwriter of the Year winner with TCMA & NACMAI, He has many top 100 hits charting internationally and nationally. 

Two of his songs spent 5 weeks in the European Country charts. He has also been blessed to hold the Male Vocalist and Entertainer of the year awards from TCMA  & NACMAI as well as nominations in other organizations. 

He has also taught songwriting with Art Guild programs.  He is a Nite Sky Records recording artist.
Contact Information: 423-646-7146
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NITE*SKY Records International


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