Thursday, June 18, 2020

Gerry Hyde

Merle Haggard was born on April 6th, 1937 and died on April 6th, 2016.  I wrote this song on April 6th, 2016 and release it on April 6th, 2020.  I was very upset when I heard the news that he had passed away on the radio.  That evening, me and a bottle of brandy wrote this tribute song about his life.  I knew alot about him and wrote it in a couple of hours while shedding a few tears along the way.  The next day, I fact checked myself from different sources on the web and I had it all right.  I sat on it for awhile because I didn't know what to do with it.  As I have listened to it over the past few years I figured out that one of the top honors a fellow could ever get would be to have a bigraphical song writen about his life.  So with much respect, here's to The Hag!

….and so this is a brief story of a reluctant musician that has found himself in the music industry it would appear.

From ever since that I can remember I sang with my mom, my aunt, my grandmother and just my whole family.   From the time that I could talk; I sang.  I remember loving Elvis Albums as a child.  Later on it was John Denver, Jimmy Buffett & Paul McCartney to name a few.  I have always been a fan of singer/songwriters.  I realize that Elvis didn’t write his own music, but who doesn’t like Elvis.

Later on I was one of 3 or 4 boys who sang 3rd soprano in front of the high school choir while I was in grade school.  We were the finale when we hit our high notes.  We had no idea what we were doing, but we were good!  That was my 1st public performances as I recall.   Funny how life events do seem to move in circles.

On to high school. I was kicked out of choir because I was a rebel and much too cool to sing.  I was very shy about music for many years.  That was for sissies.  I used to try to confuse the choir director by singing with the other sections in the middle of my section.  You could see her head turn sideways trying to figure out what was going on.  After high school I did apologize to her and we hugged.  She forgave me, I think.

Moving on to college I found myself rooming with a musical artist that played guitar, drums, keyboard, and other instruments as well.   He introduced me to Pink Floyd too.  He taught me how to play.  I picked it up quickly.    My 1st song that I learned was Buffett’s “Son of a Sailor”.  Yes, the very 1st song that I learned to play had 4 chords and not 3.

So I got married & started a family.   I put music away for many years; until divorce.  At that time, I dug my ole buddy out of the closet, and with no inhibitions or regret I began writing; and I mean a lot.  It appears the rest just might be history.  For the record, I never intended it to be that way.  I hear music in my head.  I can pick out the chords in songs and pretty much play them on the spot.  I dream music.  In fact some of my songs have been from dreams.  I wake up and voice record the idea and quickly go back to sleep only to find a ½ written song later on.  I decided that I should take it up a level when I started listening to my music vs. anything else when I was just hanging out.  Not out of vanity, I just liked it better.

I have a day job and so music is hobby for me, but it is one that I am passionate about.

…..and so here we go…….  I hope that you enjoy my stuff!

I welcome and appreciate feedback….  Cheers!!!

……and so…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Paul and Helen Mateki

Paul and Helen Mateki

"What Went Wrong" Paul and Helen Mateki -- NITE*SKY 2020-05
     Songwriters: Paul Mateki and Martin Moss

Award winning husband and wife team with seamless harmonies and fresh, folk, traditional, Texas Americana at it's finest.

Email: Paul and Helen Mateki

Fresh, original Texas country music with a true twist of traditional, folk and Americana that stirs the imagination telling tales of real life events. Award winning songwriting and European #1 albums and songs. Boasting the longest running Independent single in ECMA history of 25 weeks, "Sedona" written by Martin Moss on the critically acclaimed CD "So Strong" (12 weeks ECMA #1 Album). #1 most played on the Worldwide Mainstream Charts many times.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

The Nashville Calling

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                         LATEST NEWS
“No.1 in the Euro Americana chart for April 2020 - The Nashville Calling. Voted by respected DJ's & Journalist across Europe.”— Euro Americana chart - April 2020

Every Friday @ 9pm (GMT) Ben & his wife Julieanne will stream an online house concert live on Facebook during the Covid 19 crisis.                            House concert link on Facebook live

Download album for free with the code at the bottom of this page or if you prefer to use the dropbox link below                          

Ben Reel
The Nashville Calling reviews
“These are songs about the resilience and the brave. They could be soundtracks and theme songs for the first responders in our current health pandemic. Reel has all the ingredients of the best roots rockers – swagger, attitude, heart and a way with words. And, his voice is so much better than most. Listen up". — Jim Hynes, Glide Magazine U.S.A - The Nashville Calling review 2020
"Tough People could be an anthem for these challenging times. The Nashville Calling is arguably Reel’s most inspired album to date, and a useful reminder that no artist of merit creates in a vacuum" - Jackie Hayden Hotpress review March 2020
“The velvet voice of Ben Reel sounds superb in the eleven self-composed songs inspired by Americana and country rock rhythms that can be heard on "The Nashville Calling”           — Freddie Cells, Rootstime, Belguim - The Nashville Calling review March 2020
"Ben has a lot of soul, a powerful voice, and a batch of dead on songs." – Will Kimbrough, Nashville, TN.
"Blessed with a vision and his tremendous voice, he gets inside his words and music and makes magic." – Tommy Womack, Nashville, TN.
Request a  CD hard copy by replying to this email

Track Listing: 1. All In Good Time (4.07) 2. Tough People (4.31) 3. Safe And Sound (4.50) 4. Like A Breeze (3.55)
5. Round The Next Bend (4.14) 6. Imagination (3.07) 7. Up There In The Sky (3.17) 8. Fine Wine (4.40)
9. New Jerusalem (3.34) 10. Broken (3.31) 11. Borrowed Time (3.34)
All compositions Ben Reel IMRO ℗ & © 2020 CD Cat No. BRBCDA 017 

 Musicians: Ben Reel - vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica  Will Kimbrough - electric guitars, keys, melotrone, mandolin, backing vocals , dobro, percussion
Tommy Womack - additional electric guitar, backing vocals Evan Hutchings - drums & percussion Garry W Tallent bass Julieanne Reel  backing vocals
Recorded @ Skinny Elephant Studio, Nashville. Mixed by: Dylan Alltredge @ Skinny Eelephant Studio, Nashville. Mastered by: Jim DeMain, Yes Mastering Studio, Nashville

‘The Nashville Calling` is the title of the ninth studio album by Irish artist Ben Reel. Produced by Will Kimbrough, Ben Reel and Tommy Womack and featuring Garry W Tallent on bass from the legendary E Street Band. The album contains eleven new tracks all written by Ben Reel.
It was recorded at Skinny Elephant Studios in Nashville. This album was done and dusted in just three days with all live takes. Following Ben's critically acclaimed experimental slow burner `Land of Escape’ from 2018, this new record has a more Americana, rootsy rock, live band feel.
Since his debut album `This Is the Movie’ back in 1999, Ben has reinvented himself from album to album, influenced by different styles of music over the years.
As one critic said,” He’s not afraid to throw in some folk, soul, reggae vibes, which in turn call to mind John Hiatt at his best". Another describes him as “somewhere in the middle ground between rock and jazz or a sound that is sometimes reminiscent of Dylan and the Band”.

In a solo career which now spans over twenty years, Ben has received worldwide critical acclaim with numerous high profile TV/Radio appearances like BBC, RTE and Dutch NPO Radio. Supporting Jools Holland, Alabama 3 & The Cranberries and he has collaborated musically with such names as Hal Ketchum & The Blockheads. He has co written and performed live with his fellow countryman Tony McLoughlin and some of Nashville's finest such as David Olney & Irene Kelley.
In the past Ben was selected to play an official showcase at Folk Alliance in Memphis TN and has toured as double bill with Tommy Womack (Nashville) in the U.S & UK and also with legendary American folk singer/songwriter Eric Andersen in the UK & NL. While in Nashville he was invited to play the famous Bluebird cafe on a number of occasions, most recently Sept 2018.
Over the last ten years Ben has enjoyed successful tours in Ireland, UK, Europe & U.S.A, receiving rave reviews and attracting a growing loyal fan base. He has graced big festivals such as Jamming@Hippie Jacks (USA), Musiktan festival in Bilbao, (ESP). Haarlem Jazz & Huntenpop (NL), Robin Hood folk festival (UK), Kilkenny rhythm & roots, Cork jazz & Electric Picnic (EIRE). 

About Ben Reel:
Ben Reel is a native of Silverbridge, South Armagh, Ireland.  Soon after high school at the age of 17 he started his musical career in 1989 performing & songwriting with local band “Trim The Velvet”’ before going solo in the late nineties.
Against the backdrop of the troubles in the North of Ireland, music became Ben’s way out. 
He first picked up the guitar when he was fifteen years old, inspired by the realness of the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison & Neil Young whose music struck a chord that resonated deep into Reel's psyche. This is still reflected in Ben's heart on the sleeve approach to performing and writing.
Today Ben Reel performs occasionally as solo or duo with his wife Julieanne or while in the Netherlands with his Dutch band `The Haarlem Boys’ but mainly he performs with his fantastic Irish band `Ben Reel Band’. He divides his time between touring Europe and the USA and producing music for himself and other musicians.
Ben Reel Band:  Irish band
Ben Reel: vocals acoustic guitar, harmonica.
Michael Black: drums.
Ronnie O’Flynn: bass.
Micky McCarney: Guitar
Gerry Black Jnr: Guitar
Julieanne Black: backing vocals and percussion,

Discography: Albums
The Nashville Calling (2020)
Land Of Escape (2018)
7th (2015)
Darkness & The Light (2013)
Time To Get Real 2009
New Horizon (2007)
Sweet Victory (2004)
Lost in a Haze (2001)
This Is the Movie (1999)

Discography: Compilations
Ben Reel - '10' (1999-2009)

Discography: EP’s
Exorcise Me E.P. (2000)
U People (2005) single

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

DSP band

DSP band have a new single on Spotify, Amazon and other digital service providers on the march 27th. The song is called In My Old Rocking Chair, wich is a catchy, upbeat, swinging, funny country tune that will brighten up your day.

The song is about a lazy man that is sitting idle and waiting for fortune and success to find him. Just like a lot of guys we all know.. 

DSP band has released several radio friendly songs on Spotify and other digital service providers the last five years. The songs has been played on radio stations all over the world, and by now the airplay count is more than 350,000.
A few of the songs from DSP band are:
  1. Easy Going Guy
  2. Uncle Willy
  3. Northern Boy
  4. Grandpa on the Floor
  5. Every Time We Meet
  6. Lazy Man
  7. Driving Home To You
  8. That's How The Money Gets Around
Here are a few of Down South Pepperband's achievments 
Video Star of the week at Ian's Country Music Show (nov 2018)
# 84 on Airplay Today's College/Indie Top 100 Chart (oct 2018)
# 19 at Radio Tromsø's Top 30 Chart (oct 2018)
Review of Easy Going Guy in Nordic Music Review (2018)
# 7 at  Country Music Top 40 Single Chart (1-7 November 2017)
# 16 at  Country Music Top 200 Artist Chart (1-7 November 2017)
#12 at Country Music Top 40 Single Chart (22-31 January 2016)
#38 at Country Music Top 200 Artist Chart (22-31 January 2016)
# 9 at The Norwegain Top 15 Country Chart (February 2015) at NCR 

Liza Anne - Bad Vacation (Official Audio)

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The World's NB1 Weekly Top 20 Countdown Show | Broadcast On Hundreds of Stations around the world

The World's NB1 Weekly Top 20 Countdown Show | Broadcast On Hundreds of Stations around the world
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