Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Rub Radio (April 2018) By Brooklyn Radio

New show by Brooklyn Radio

Rub Radio (April 2018)

DJ Eleven and DJ Ayres go zone coasting on this month's mix, taking you from the birthplace of hip-hop to the painted desert and back again just in time for their soiree at The Bell House on April 28.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Charlie Ecker's Free MP3s from new CD "39"

Charlie Ecker (Songwriter)

My Dad once said the perfect age for a guy is 39 so who am I to argue? Simply stated, no nips, no tucks, the love of Linda, married now for half my life, and a bunch of luck.

This post is not realy about my music, just about trying to live fully in what is both a magical and challenging world.

I will keep it short. First thirteen years in Central New York ending the ride as an Eagle Scout, with summers with my Dad at the Jersey Shore, three years in a stern boys school in the middle of a forest, college at Rutgers, just like my Dad, then the Air Force, where I earned the Commendation Medal for non-combat service, then commercial TV and radio split about 50-50 for nearly a decade, most always live being a "one-take Charlie," ending up on radio at KBLA-AM in L.A.

Before I put my nose to the grindstone with songwriting, spent many years in corporate communications, both on the agency and large company side. Got lots of practice writing and that has put me in good stead on the lyrics part of what I do now.
With the melody part, never took interest in lessons. Chuck Berry and this three-chord rock and roll got my engines revving! I am a melody first guy, save for "Emma-Jean" and I expect to keep that style in stride.

So thank you to my mother, Thirza, and my late father, Rudy, for giving me great genes and much gidance and parental love. And to the lovely, Linda, married to me for 30 years now, you are and always will be, my world.

Three of my sisters, Linda, Carolyn and Mary are dear to my heart, along with hundreds of friends who have been there for me every step of the way.

One of particular note, is Chuck Yeager, my first commander in the Air Force and the pilot who first broke the speed of sound. Boy, did he have the "right stuff!" The second Sam Brown, who was Michael Jackson's songwriting coach before he put me through his no-mercy "boot camp and set me straight in a hurry!"
Leave you with this: "Winning does not guarantee an enduring, uplifting legacy; being an honorable person does."

Play SongEmma-Jean (Ecker)
Play SongWhen I Walked With You (Ecker)
Play SongI Believe in You (Ecker)

"Charlie Ecker continues to churn out superb musical efforts. He loves America and his recent song 'Duty Country Honor' is a prime example of his ability to bring his music visions to life. We are honored to present him with our prestigious American Spirit through Music Award.""— Al Bowman, Founder & Executve Director, Producers Choice Honors, Oct 21, 2017

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Torill and Olav Tofte

Torill and Olav Tofte met in 1987. They started to perform together in 1988. In 1994 they started the band “Don’t mess with Alice”, which was changed to “Tofte” in 2001, playing mostly Olav’s songs – a mix of acoustic ballads and -70’s southern outlaw. They played in bars, clubs, larger events and country festivals in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.
Their songs “Living man”, “Down by the river” and “The one to pay” were released by 4 indie labels in the US - The Country Gazette, Comstock Records, Nite Sky Records and Hill Topper Records. Which lead to air play in the US, Australia, New Zealand and 10 European countries.
They have also participated in 2 Norwegian compilation CD’s, have released 3 Maxi single CD’s and 1 CD production between 1994 and 2006. They have had the opportunity to work with some of the best country musicians in Norway, and did some support gigs for the most popular country band in Norway ever – Hellbillies. In this period they met Willie Nelson, Marty Stewart, Paul Overstreet, Hal Ketchum and Steve Earl when playing at the same festivals in Norway. They also met Scotty Moore, Elvis’s first guitar player, who became a good friend after several meetings in Norway and Nashville till he sadly passed away. He liked Torill’s voice a lot.
The couple made a lifestyle change around 2000, which included food, training, alcohol and faith.  And in 2016 Torill and Olav and their daughter Pernille, released a CD with 3 psalms and 7 of Olav’s new songs. Their sound is still the same, but they now do mostly cultural and charity arrangements and church concerts.  
In September 2017 Torill and Olav recorded 3 of Olav’s songs at the 515 studio in Nashville. They got great assistance from Erik Halbig (Lonestar, Mavericks, Collin Ray) – ac.guitar, el.guitar, lap steel, mandolin and banjo, Jay Weaver (Dolly Parton, Mavericks) – bass, Tim Grogan (Desert Rose Band, Tanya Tucker) – drums and Billy Nobel (Tim McGraw) – organ and piano. The songs were arranged by Olav and produced by Erik.  
The song "The Star" was made digital available in December 2017 by Indigoboom, and will be promoted in 2018 by Andrew and Terri Dean at Nite Sky Records.
It seems that another Norwegian female country singer will use 2 of Olav’s unreleased songs on her new CD this year. And 3 recorded songs will be heard in a Norwegian film that will be shown at Norwegian cinemas this spring.
It seems that 2018 will be an exciting year for Tofte.
Contact Information: +47 9097 61 12

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"Where the Stars Shine"
website nitesky.us

BRKLYN - Live @ Tritonia 200 (Showbox Sodo, Seattle) – 19... By Livesets - Mixes - Radio Shows

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BRKLYN - Live @ Tritonia 200 (Showbox Sodo, Seattle) – 19.01.2018

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