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J J Crowne

  J.J. Crowne's new self-titled CD has recently entered the Americana Music Association (AMA) national radio airplay chart, the Spins Tracking System (STS) Country Chart - where his song "Only Time" was the #2 Country 'Prime Mover' in the U.S as of Sept. 20, 2013 and is now in their Main Country Top 50 Ariplay Chart as of November 4, 2013,  and the worldwide Roots Music Report (RMR) Folk Internet Airplay Chart - where the album was recently  #1 for the weeks of  Oct. 26 and Nov 1, 2013.  His album and the song "Toy Soldiers" have been awarded Best  Album/Best Song in the Folk/Singer-Songwriter category by The Akademia Music Awards, Beverly Hills, CA. for September /October2013.   
    The album follows his critically-acclaimed EP released in 2012, and  includes newly-mastered versions of  the songs from last year's EP along with 5 new recordings.  J.J. writes, arranges and performs all vocals and instrumentation himself.  His lyrics are emotional and thought-provoking, with styles ranging from alt-country to folk/rock to acoustic ballads.  Many reviewers say his heartfelt and socially-conscious songs are reminiscent of some of the great singer/songwriters of the '60's and '70's  but, as MusicEmissions adds, "J.J. Crowne is a singer/songwriter for the 21st. Century... a true troubadour."  This Is Vibes Magazine writes: "In a nutshell, this is John Lennon meets John Mayer."   Indie Music has already nominated the new album for its '2013 CD Of The Year."
    The singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, while attendng the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, began his professional musical career writing and producing radio jingles, theatrical music and TV cues for Fox ("America's Most Wanted"), Univision (1st. Place winning song for the internationally-aired show  "Yo Quiero Ser Estrella") and PBS  among others.  In the early 1990's,  J.J. opened shows  for The Mavericks in his hometown of Miami.  
    After gaining international press and industry recognition for his first self-produced album of original songs in 2011, J.J. teamed up with gold-record producer Stephen Wrench  (Vince Gill, Missing Persons) and legendary Nashville engineer Jeff Silverman (Rick Springfield, Prince) to  release last year's 5-song EP, which was picked-up for airplay by over 1,000 internet, land and syndicated radio stations worldwide.  New York Times Music Contributor Phil Sweetland called the EP "a passionate and timely musical and lyrical vision... a powerhouse career statement."
     The new 10-song album "J.J. Crowne" has been picked-up so far in over 60 U.S. radio markets, as well as dozens of internet stations.  It now continues its climb up the radio charts. 

#1 Album on worldwide Folk Internet Airplay Chart  -- Roots Music Report, Oct. 25 & Nov. 4, 2013
'J.J. Crowne' album and 'Toy Soldiers' single -  Winners Best Album/Best Song (Folk/Singer-Songwriter) .” -- Akademia Music Awards, Beverly Hills, CA. September /October2013 
"Nominated 2013 CD Of The Year.  Crowne is world-class." -- Indie Music Digest, September 2013 
"A passionate and timely musical and lyrical vision...a powerhouse career statement" -- N.Y. Times Music Contributor Phil Sweetland.
"Featured Artist - August, 2013...After listening to (the CD 'J.J. Crowne') I was indeed totally blown away...Only in recent years has this musical wizard stepped out on his own for all the world to see and hear what contemporary excellence in music is all about.
-- Songwrtiers' Net Best Magazine
"A singer/songwriter for the 21st. Century... a true troubadour -- MusicEmissions
"Emotionally charged… a masterpiece" -- JuniorsCave Online Magazine
"J.J. Crowne writes and sings authentic acoustic songs dealing with types of love... with great acoustic guitar melodies" -- AudioCred Music Blog
"Crowne manages to touch many powerful emotions...knows how to push the right buttons and pluck your heartstrings with his grace and impressive musical finesse" -- Vents Magazine
“A moving and elegiac artistic statement from start to finish...In a nutshell this is John Lennon meets John Mayer...highly original, uplifting and dare I say brilliantly catchy in scope.” -- This Is Vibes Magazine
"J.J. Crowne's songwriting ability is poetically impeccable... the genuine spirit and pureness... is really second to none in my book" -- SkopeMagazine
"What the world needs - more J.J. Crowne... WOW!”-- DJ Uncle Earl, KCLA FM Los Angeles
J.J. Crowne is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who started his career as a composer, performer and producer of theatrical music, radio jingles, and TV cues & themes for Fox ("America's Most Wanted"), PBS and Univision TV ("Yo Quiero Ser Estrella") amongst others.  In his home of  Miami, he opened shows for acts as diverse as The Mavericks and Marilyn Manson in the early 1990's. His debut album “Songs Of Innocence And Experience” was released July, 2011 and was later named “2011 Indie CD Of The Year” by IndieMusicDigest – selected over 300 other entries.
After gaining music industry and international press recognition for his self-produced debut album in 2011, J.J. Crowne teamed-up with gold-record producer Stephen Wrench (Hank, Jr., Missing Persons, Vince Gill) and legendary mixing/mastering engineer Jeff Silverman (Rick Springfield, Prince) to complete a 5-song EP released July, 2012.
As of May 2013, over 1000 land, internet and syndicated radio stations worldwide were airing songs from the 5-song EP, entitled "Another Day Of Love." Its title track became the #2 listener-voted song on out of 300 songs, remained in their Top 10 for 3 months, then re-entered that same chart in August, 2013 at #3.  "Best Of Intentions" stayed in the same chart for a month at #3.  His song “Only Time” was downloaded over 6,200 times in its one-day feature on  "She And He" was voted by listeners into the Top 20 Chart of Europe's 
J.J.’s music has also been featured on numerous popular internet podcasts – including being selected for regular rotation on the well-known NewMusicTampaBay podcast, as well as on RadioCrystalBlue and RockWiredRadio.  J.J. has been featured on the Home Pages of major music websites including Rockwired, TargetAudience, Suite101, Carlito’s Blog, MusicEmissions, IndieMusicDigest, and Penseyeview; and Home Page interviews with him have appeared in Skope Magazine, Song Revelation, and Junior’s Cave.  He has also been interviewed on several popular radio broadcasts across the U.S.
This new CD -"J.J. Crowne"- contains newly mixed and mastered versions of the 5 songs from his 2012 EP along with 5 new recordings -- all mixed and mastered by legendary Nashville engineer Jeff Silverman along with J.J. Crowne.  All vocals and music are performed by J.J. Crowne.  It is available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and in both hard-copy and digital form on all other major outlets.  To date, over 60 FM stations in the U.S. (from Portland to St. Louis to Nashville to Baltimore) have added the new album to their playlists, and it's entered the Americana Music Association (AMA) national radio airplay chart.  The single "Only Time" is now climbing the Spins Tracking System (STS) Main Country Top 50 Radio chart - with over 1,000 reported spins for the week of Nov. 4, 2013.  The album was also recently #1 on the Roots Music Report Folk Internet Airplay Chart for two consecutive weeks, Oct. 26 & Nov. 4 2013.  
J.J. Crowne writes and performs diverse emotional, heartfelt songs ranging from folk/rock to alt-country to acoustic ballads with strings - each telling its own unique story and reminiscent of some of the great singer/songwriters of the ‘60's & ‘70's - but made for the 21st. Century.
Music, video, all press reviews and more at  Additional songs can be heard and downloaded by industry resources only at:!audio

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