Monday, May 24, 2010

Ralph Watley’s KXBG Radio Playlist for 5-24-2010

BRYANT AR (IFS) – Ralph Watley’s KXBG Radio Playlist. Hi Everyone, We had many new Artists get votes his week and there was a big change in the Top 60. Luci is #1 this week after getting votes for a song just added Thursday. I can’t emphasize enough listen and vote for your favorites.Thanks For Your Music, Ralph

KXBG Top 60 5-24-10

1. Luci —- Save The World
2. Tim Turner —- No More Love
3. Mike Crutcher —- Bailout
4. Dwight and Nicole —- Rambling
5. Glenn Roth —- Busker
6. Ruby —- Shooting
7. Julian Shah-Tayler —- Show Me Your Soul 3
8. Tanya Coury —- Back In Time
9. Sharen Wendy Robertson —- I Can’t Believe You’re GoneBelieve You’re Gone
10.Lisa Nemzo —- Hidden Message
11.Charlie Ranucci —- Stay
12.Matthew Karpoff —- Daffodils
13.Jay and Wanda Smith —- Tears After Sundown
14.Jada King —- I Wonder Where I’d Be
15.Craig Campbell —- Heart of A Workin Man
16. Roger Eydenburg —- Momma My Hero
17.2nd Tyme Around I Can’t Even Get The Blues
18.Joe Berry and The Berry Pickers —- Don’t Wake Me
19.Sonny Davis —- Anniversary Song
20.Susan Gibson. —- Perfect World
21.Blanche Tate —- Honey, Sweetie, Baby
22.Amy Barbera —- God’s Special Angel
23.Charlie Sandage —- Lila
24.Karen Nason —- When We Lose Love
25.Shannon Briggs —- One Shell of A Man
26.Tiffany Randol —- People Talk
27.Matthew Karpoff —- It’s Raining Sunshine
28.Justin Patterson —- Road To Memphis
29.Jay and Wanda Smith —- A Father’s Lament
30.AKA —- It All Begins With A Song
31.Austin/Wilson —- All American American
32.Erin Hay —- I Didn’t Move To Arizona
33.Karen Nason —- Talk To The Hand
34.Charlie Sandage —- A Little love
35.Lance Carpenter —- I Would Be Too
36.Bill Curtis —- It Ain’t The Money
37.Chuck Williams —- Steamtrain Maury
38.Various Watley —- Jesus Loves The Sinner
39.John arruda —- Song on The Radio40.Joe Sorrels —- Marry Up
41.Shor’ty —- The Things I Used To Do
42.The Rebellion —- One Night Hero
43.Michele Lundeen —- Blues Is A Feeling
44.Mary-Lynn Neil —- A Daughter’s Prayer
45.Donna Lee —- Trouble
46.Danielle Miraglio —- Moment By Moment
47.Dale Stainaker —- A Heroes Welcome
48.Sherman Lee Dillion —- Ashtray Taxi
49.Diane Brandon —- La Vie en rose
50.Alex Wan’s Dream Orchestra —- Foilage
51.Laurie Biagini —- Crazy People On The Internet
52.Bette Wickins —- Message of Love
53.Ten Foot polecats —- So Good To Me
54.Sol Skugga —- I wanna know
55.Thea Hopkins —- Chickasaw
56.Montana 1948 —- How To Swim
57.Sandy Andina —- Fog58.Mike Delaney —- Peace Through War
59.TyLean —- Feel
60.Luna —- Pepsi Girl

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