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Prince and BFAM are Burnin’ Up Miami

Nicholas Alfonse – 4/17/10

Heating up like a summer day in August, Miami’s hip hop sensation, Prince, is joining forces with other local area artists to leave their stamp on the music scene. Generating buzz through internet, radio, and social networking outlets, Prince founded the group BFAM (Brothers From Another Mother) to push their popularity to new heights throughout the greater Miami area. Relying on passionate ambition and inspired songwriting, Price is garnering attention from A&R representatives, recording new material, and performing at top notch local clubs throughout the area.

Born in the Bahamas, but moving to sun drenched, fast paced Miami at the age of seven, Prince dedicated his time to songwriting and creating music, which shines through in his talented, versatile style. Twisting hip hop, R&B, and pop together, Prince uses life experiences and feelings to create a remarkably personal flow, making his music far more relatable than most other contemporary rap artists. Drawing comparisons to Bow Wow, Fabulous, and Drake, Prince has something to offer for fans all across the hip hop musical spectrum.

It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the country experiences what South Florida is becoming to know as a staple among the club and nightlife community. Drawing crowds at Club Zone, Wallflower Gallery Nighclub, and 90 Degrees in Miami, while receiving play at venues in Boca Raton and West Palm Beach, Prince is quickly turning into an integral piece in the local music and party scene.

Teaming up with AJ, Max and Jit-Man, Prince and the rest of the team recorded their first official mixtape, BFAM Vol. 1, due out on May 24th. Featuring the hit single “Back it Up” alongside nine other songs of party starting, sub bumping rap and R&B, this is just the beginning , as the group was offered a record and distribution deal through Sonic Wave International. Right after the release Prince will be continuing work on his solo debut, Love and Success, which includes the honest, smooth single “Love Story.”

Coinciding with the mixtape’s release, Prince is currently setting up shows throughout Miami and surrounding cities. By networking with Afton Booking Agency and Hugo the Boss promotions, Prince is aiming for around three to five performances per month, allowing him to spread his influential music while still crafting his full length record. Look for him and the rest of the BFAM crew throughout Miami soon, and catch the fever with free songs available on and their MySpace page.

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