Monday, August 27, 2012

Pig Farmer

Pig Farmer

Press Release:

“Makin’ Bacon” is the newest addition in the Pig Farmer discography and was released in the fall of 2011. The four previous albums were all cut in Nashville, TN while “Makin’ Bacon” was recorded at the newly refurbished “The Studio” in Savannah, MO. The album contains 9 original tunes written by the great and powerful wizard of Pig Farmer, James P. Hellerich. There’s also one re-make of Johnny Cash’s “Frankie’s Man Johnny”.

The lead track off the record was written on a return trip from a rehab center in Texas and the album is filled with songs of a personal nature and true-to-life stories. “I was setting in the rehab family counseling center looking all around. There was a Millionaire setting next to me and a Mother who worked at Wal-Mart on the other side. There must have been a 50 sets of families, from all walks of life, there to help a loved one with their addiction. I listened to all their stories of how addiction has affected their life. A great rumbling in my spirit began to stir and on the way home “Catch His Name” was born.” – Jimmy Hellerich

The album represents a sound and continuing saga of an American songwriter telling like he sees it with a down-home, Midwestern perspective.

The album is available on CDBaby, ITunes, and at the band’s live performances.

Makin' Bacon was recorded at "The Studio" Savannah, MO

Produced by Pig Farmer
Mixed by Jimmy Hellerich
Mastering and Replication by Oasis,
Photo and Graphic design by Cody Maag

The Pig Farmer Band:
Jimmy Hellerich- Lead Vocal, Guitar & Harp,
Jason Riley - Lead Guitar,
Ben Liemkuler - Bass,
Jay Albright- Drums,
Kevin Snowden - Keyboards

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