Monday, August 27, 2012

Megan King


Megan King

Megan King just recently completed her third album, Lion Heart (released 5-12-12). Megan recorded Lion Heart at Java Jive Studios in Nashville, TN ( with acclaimed producer, Mark Hornsby ( She had the privilege of working with esteemed session players, Phil Naish and Brian MacLeod. Naish played all keyboards on the album, and MacLeod performed drums. Hornsby and fellow Java Jive alum, Dave Martin, contributed the bass on the album. All music, lyrics, guitar, and vocals were done by King.

Although Megan's last album, Pretty Songs LP, was self produced and received rave reviews, Lion Heart takes it to the next level with the professionalism of a Nashville recording studio, and the seasoned contribution of session players such as Naish and MacLeod.

King stated of Lion Heart, "This is my best work yet. If I died tomorrow, I would be proud to leave this album behind as my legacy. Lion Heart contains songs for the dreamers in the world. It's about believing in your path, no matter the failures, fear, or betrayals... it's about overcoming, and seizing the lion in your heart. I couldn't be happier with how it all turned, and the honor of having such incredible talent contribute to the album. This was a dream come true-- not only to work with Mark, Phil, and Brian, but to finally see these songs come to birth in the way you've always envisioned them."

Kristi Martin, from The Chrome Lens Photography ( contributed all photos for the album. Kristi is an incredible photographer, and is an old friend of Megan's from High School. Two strong women out there making it happen in art! Kristi and Megan ran into each other at the grocery store. Kristi was wanting to do a photo shoot with a female musician and Megan was looking for a photographer for her album. The result is a perfect tribute to the theme of the album. Check out the rest of the photos here, and Kristi's touching caption (We love Kristi): Megan King - Lion Heart.

Where did it all start, and where is it going? King started her musical career in her bedroom at the age of 16, tooling around with an Ibanez electric guitar. For the past 15 years, Megan has honed in on her craft, playing all over the nation and at regional showcases such as the Ohio River Valley Folk Festival, where she shared the stages with artists such as Roger McGuinn (The Byrds), Todd Snider, and Lucy Kaplansky. Megan also performed in Cincinatti's Midpoint Music Festival and opened C2G's stages for Dublin's Guggenheim Grotto, Miche Fambro, Drew DeFour and Canada's Juno Award winning Chic Gamine.

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