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Eugene Williams started playing the guitar at the early age of 5 for The Church and his father’s Gospel group, The Williams Brothers. His father Roscoe Williams Sr. managed and trained 5 young boys to sing and play music together as a family. They toured around the world from Canada, New Zealand, to the United States playing and singing Gospel, Dance, R&B music to all different crowds of people, And they were the opening act for Major artists in Gospel and the R&B field.

Eugene’s first solo album release "Cruising With You" went to the top ten on international charts, for 10 weeks.

Eugene produced with Leroy Green (The writer of the hit song "Disco Inferno" sung by The Tramps) He also studied and wrote songs with Cladis Smith (Kool& the Gang).

While studying for his Degree at Berklee College of Music he also peformed on Broadway playing as a musician in the Broadway Theaters. A Singer/Songwriter and Jazz Instrumentalist with a lifetime of knowledge and experience.

It’s not everyday that the music world and music lovers experience a talented and sound as diverse as newcomer Eugene Williams, It is very refreshing for audiences to have the opportunity to listen to an artist whose music contains meaningful lyrics, passionate vocals, real instrumentation along with a sense of sophistication with jazz and soul.

Born in East Orange N.J. Eugene represents the next generation of great singers-songwriters and performers, he has been inspired by the likes of Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, Boyz to Men, Michael Jackson, Prince, George Benson, Jimi Hendrix, and Stevie Wonder, all personal favorites of Eugene.

Let the music of Eugene come into your world, and experience the joy and pleasure of his incredible sound and feel yourself transported to a new level of pleasure.

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