Monday, October 14, 2013

Raoul McLay - Change

Basic Band InfoBand Name: 
Raoul McLay

Album Name: Anthology

Email Address:
Website Address: 
Style: Pop/RockInfluences: The Beatles 
Geographic City: Melbourne
State: Victoria
Country: Australia
Zip Code: 3121 

Band Description
Positive, melodic, original guitar based Pop/Rock

Raoul McLay is an innovative and passionate musician who speaks the truth through the art of songwriting. "I needed a way to express my views on society and songwriting proved the perfect medium", he states. His socially aware, positive and thought provoking lyrics set to contemporary and groundbreaking musical backing make his songs vital and essential listening. Raoul McLay's music is available at all good retail outlets or, and on iTunes etc.

Raoul McLay Releases Anthology

Raoul McLay's twenty-track Anthology album is a compilation of demo's, live recordings, rehearsals and legitimate releases presented in chronological order. Included are tracks from bands McLay has been part of eg. The Set, White Noise and Now! etc. as well as solo efforts. This shows the growth and development of McLay's talents from early days until more recent times, as well as presenting a concise and definitive history of this artist. The cd is available in stores and on iTunes and other online stores such as

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