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Merry Ellen Kirk


Merry Ellen Kirk

Music is everywhere; profound talent and artistry are rare. Merry Ellen Kirk, a young artist who has just begun her journey into the music world, is already leaving her mark. At 19, she has completed a mature album that is just a foreshadowing of the amazing things to come.

"Merry Ellen's CD is excellent. I like the single - Blinding Me - the best. It fits her voice and style of delivery to great effect I think.”
--Mark Isham, Grammy, Emmy, & Clio Award Winning Film Score Composer
(Crash, October Sky, Fly Away Home, Of Mice & Men)

Merry Ellen’s new album, “Invisible War”, was released on Monday September 28, 2009 to a packed house at the Saffire Grill in Franklin, Tennessee. The live set was broadcast on the web while fans celebrated and took pictures of the show. The occasion was also documented on film and will be available in the near future as part of an EPK. A portion of the proceeds from the event’s CD Sales was given to Mercy Children’s clinic.

Currently located in Nashville, TN, Merry Ellen was raised in Mongolia as a child of missionary parents. That reality shaped her worldview and exposed her to the mystical rhythms and melodies of a global community. All of these influences lie deep within her spirit and drive her to remain true to her own unique voice. Merry Ellen has not forgotten the poor and orphaned of the world and is committed to returning to Mongolia and building an orphanage.

Merry Ellen’s success is the result of being blessed with a multitude of gifts. She sings with clarity, power and control, willing to be vulnerable as she shares her unique insights into this world. She has no creative boundaries. Working in and around different artists, styles and genres, her music develops freely. Influenced by the likes of Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel and Imogen Heap, Merry Ellen Kirk will continue to create music outside the box of “safe” marketability.

In her own words:
“Good music is the kind which reaches on past the eardrums and into the soul... to tap on the heartstrings which connect us to one another, good music engages a sort of universal consciousness to express that which cannot be spoken in words.” --MEK

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