Wednesday, March 10, 2010

SDC Radio Television at Ubroadcast

ubroadcast is a complete broadcasting platform - TV and radio - that enables anyone to quickly and easily broadcast a LIVE or On Demand channel to a global and interactive audience via the Internet.
With our simple-to-use broadcasting application and tools, anyone can produce a high quality interactive broadcasting channel on And, our ubroadcast player can be embedded and shared on other websites, blogs, and social networking sites, like MySpace and Facebook, making it the ultimate viral distribution tool of your content.
We blend this user produced content with our own exclusive LIVE event coverage, original programming, and other syndicated content to deliver the ultimate entertainment experience broadcasted to an unlimited global audience. This “endless dial” of video and audio programming can’t be duplicated on satellite, cable or network radio or television.

What can I do with ubroadcast?
We provide an easy to use, high quality, interactive broadcasting platform that you can utilize for fun or make money, and soon, we’ll add a pay-per-view capability and much more. Or, you can choose to be entertained by ubroadcast’s endless variety of programming that allows you to sit back and watch, or get involved and interact with the broadcasters and other users.
Here are just a few examples of how to utilize ubroadcast as a broadcaster:
- Start a channel devoted to something you are passionate about that may not get coverage on mainstream media.

- Create an alternative news network in your area and cover events happening in your area.

- Cover your local sporting and other events, competitions and events for your school or university.

- Showcase your band’s music or live concerts.

- Produce your own TV series, play or movie.

- Communicate with your employees and shareholders in a live, interactive or recorded event.

- Promote your product or service in an “infomercial”, or conduct live product demonstrations.

- DJ music or play videos on your channel*

- Broadcast live events that family and friends can “attend” and make them public or password protected.

- Create Pay per View events or upload and set the price of On Demand content as a business.**

- Utilize your content to sell sponsorship and advertising time on your channel.

- Add production and other services to ubroadcast as an upgrade to your current marketing, or creative business.

- And whatever else you can dream up!

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