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JOMO (Jomo-N-Keys Entertainment)
About JOMO (Jomo-N-Keys Entertainment):
Co-Ower of Jomo-N-Keys Entertainment. The company is located out of Atlantic City, NJ. The company consists of:
Jomo-Artist, writer, Producer
WhiteKeys- Artist,writer,Producer, Beatmaker

Jomo-N-Keys Entertainment released Jomo's debut album in 2003 titled "America's Playground". Jomo-N-Keys released 2 mixtapes in the local area, then went on to release the Single/Ep from album titled "What I Want" in which the song chart on many radio charts.

Jomo has had his song “What I Want” licensed for video game TECK DECK LIVE, FRONTLIER FILMS, ON THE THROTTLE TV, LG PICTURES, independent film “800 Pound Gorilla”(a John Paxton Film), “Inspector Imtiaz: The Call Within” (a Sadar Khan film), UNDERGROUND PRODUCTIONS, TV SHOW “The Extent” as well as many other projects. Jomo has also played small roles in 2 of John Paxton films including the aforementioned “800 Pound Gorilla”. It has just recently been licensed for use in the reality series “Life of A Dyme” and new Brent Ford Snowboard Film.

Jomo is from Atlantic City, NJ. Graduated from Atlantic City Highschool and played Basketball at North Carolina Central University while earning his BBA/Finance. Jomo is currently a Firefigher in AC and as aforementioned Co-owner of Jomo-N-Keys Entertainment LLC,.

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