Tuesday, November 20, 2012

“Uncle Ted” Beckley, a Prescott, Arizona songwriter/musician

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“Uncle Ted” Beckley, a Prescott, Arizona songwriter/musician who, during his working years performed all over the country, has been writing and singing for a lifetime. Beckley has decided to get back into the action and announced today the release of five of his songs on a new CD album, It’s Time to Change the Plan. He is currently in the process of screening top quality musicians to form a talented country variety band. Uncle Ted has dedicated himself to preserving the record of America’s past and present way of life for posterity, documenting in music the spirit of the American people’s lives, their joys and their struggles. It’s Time to Change the Plan is available on his web site and most other online major outlets, including ITunes and Amazon, TuneCore, in both CD or digital download. In 1980 Uncle Ted released a Patriotic expression entitled Doggone It that reached 57 on the top 100 in Billboard Magazine with Tucson Arizona on the flip side of the record. Uncle Ted curtailed his performances in 1983 when he accepted a position with the Coconino County Road department where he worked for the next twenty two years while raising his family. During that time, Uncle Ted penned more than 23 songs; mostly ballads and musical stories. His catalog has been influenced by his family, his travels, local history, trains and the Arizona Mountains, and deserts. Some of his songs include: Bumming Though Flagstaff Where’s the Steam Trains I Wanta go see Santa Claus Spirit Mountains: (a song about the San Francisco Peaks and Native Americans dealing with encroaching invasion of modern man.) Gold Fever: One of Uncle Teds best efforts, included on the CD as a historic ballad about Captain Joseph Rutherford Walker, captures the very essence of the early Arizona Territory. Captain Walker was the well known trapper, guide, prospector and Mountain Man who was a colorful figure in California, Prescott and the Arizona Territory Gold Rush in the 1860s. After retiring Uncle Ted moved from Williams, Arizona to Prescott, Arizona to do what he loves best; being a song smith. Living in Prescott has inspired Uncle Ted to tailor his tunes to address current events. Shortly after 9/11 Ted wrote and composed the easy listening ballad entitled Come Make a Stand, included on this new Album. It’s Time to Change the Plan playlist: 1. it’s Time to Change the Plan 2. Gold Fever 3. Tweedle Dee – Tweedle Dum 4. Grand Canyon Special 5. Come Make a Stand Additional information about Uncle Ted can be found on his web site at www.uncletedsmusic.com or www.sodbusterrecords.com

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