Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Troy Lindsey & Kristen McCamey - Love Don't Come From Blood

Artist:   Troy Lindsey & Kristen McCamey    Album: Love Don't Come From Blood 

Love Don’t Come From Blood 

This album is an attempt to try and side with all those who have come from blended and broken homes. There is many sides to this album that will never be seen. To give you a little history behind the emotion that inspired this album. I was married to Kristen’s Mom when I started writing this album. Kristen was her first daughter and has never to this day met her biological father. So when I came into her life 10 years ago I tried the best I could to fill that void. The first 7 years of that was a challenge do to the fact that I was on the road traveling all the time. And when I was home I was usually upside down in a bottle of booze. I was able to get on the outside of that bottle and find my music. In the process Kristen and I formed a bond with the music. During the completion of this album Kristen’s Mom and I separated. Which fueled the second half of the album. There really is two parts to this album also or two stories. But somewhere in the midst of these stories love prevailed. I don’t have any biological children and Kristen and her sister Emily are my stepdaughters. Now Emily her father lives about 15 miles from her and has no contact with her. She is now 14 and is an amazing kid!! I love both the girls as they were mine. I do believe there are many families out there that have similar situations. I do hope they can hear the honesty in this album and possibly feel like there not alone!!

Artist:   Troy Lindsey & Kristen McCamey    Album: Love Don't Come From Blood 
Artist Name:Troy Lindsey & Kristen McCamey     Album: Love Don't Come From Blood
First/Last Name:Troy lindsey
Hometown:east weantchee, wa, usa
Style of music:americana
Label Affiliation:Unsigned
Performing Rights

Description:The journey of a Father and Stepdaughter trying to find love in a world filled with challenges!!

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