Friday, September 7, 2012

Alan Jarvis New Album: Forever

Infectious pop, country and rock, all original songs with great arrangements and harmonies.
 Alan is Canadian but was born in London, England. Like a million other teenagers, he started playing acoustic guitar and singing Beatles songs when he was sixteen. He began writing songs around the same time and he has now written more than 300. He started performing at solo gigs with just an acoustic guitar, then for many years was a member of a folk trio, called "Breakaway", tackling 3-part harmonies on songs by the Eagles, America, Poco and Simon & Garfunkel. After taking a break to focus on his business career, and a young family, he sang and played lead guitar for seven years in a very successful rock and roll cover band called "Platinum". For more than 30 years, Alan has written and recorded music, starting on the kitchen table with a cheap condensor microphone and a portable cassette tape player. Over the years he steadily upgraded his home studio equipment and he now records everything digitally on a MacPro computer using Logic Pro software. He plays acoustic and electric guitars, piano and keyboards but he rarely performs anymore as he prefers to write and produce music in the studio. He writes in a wide variety of styles including pop, dance, country and instrumentals (both club and theme music). Any recording artist or production company looking for original songs or themes is invited to contact Alan at:

In May 2012, Alan released his fifth CD, Forever. There are 12 original songs and independent reviewers agree this is a very commercial album. It's a mix of catchy pop, dance and country with Alan playing all the instruments and singing all the vocals. The CD clearly showcases Alan as a talented songwriter and arranger. "It takes me about a year to write, record and mix a CD," says Alan. "I have a full-time job so I only get into my studio at weekends and over holidays. I'm continually learning new things about songwriting, arranging and recording and my personal target is to make each new CD better than the last one. I’m hoping these 12 new songs attract the attention of established recording artists and music publishers." As with his previous albums, Alan engaged industry veteran Jon Astley to master the “Forever” CD. Jon is based in London, England and his clients include Pete Townsend, The Who, George Harrison, Tears For Fears and Led Zeppelin. Visit Jon's website to learn more: “Forever” is available as a CD (with full colour booklet and lyrics) or MP3 download:

Artist:    Alan Jarvis    Album:  Forever 
Artist Name:Alan Jarvis     Album: Forever
First/Last Name:Alan Jarvis
Hometown:London, Ontario, Canada
Style of music:Pop, Easy Listening
Label Affiliation:Unsigned

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