Saturday, September 15, 2012

Allen McNeil - This "Trooper" packs a Mellow Groove

Allen McNeil also known as AL MAC, lead singer of the R&B group TROOP is a smooth vocalist, writer, and producer with that feel that takes you back to the days of true R&B. AL MAC has been apart of several hits on the billboard charts like "All I Do Is Think Of You" and "Spread My Wings" performed by Troop, "Tender Lover" performed by Baby Face and has also been involved with the block buster movie soundtrack "New Jack City". Now after selling over 15 million records world wide with TROOP, Allen McNeil (AL MAC) has arrived, a seasoned vet. TROOP has spawned a Producer, Song Writer, & Solo Artist known as AL MAC. A short time back AL MAC took a brief hiatus from TROOP projects to launch his solo career & released with great success two independent solo albums titled Hybernation & Send For Me. You can purchase or listen to more AL MAC songs and Recently TROOP has returned to the music scene & AL MAC is balancing successfully, his solo career while at the same time continuing to release music & tour with his fellow band mates of Troop. AL MAC along with TROOP have recently done shows with other industry veterans like Brian McKnight, Boyz II Men, Silk and H-Town, Dru Hill and Cameo to name a few. In addition to pursuing his career as a Solo Artist AL MAC also has interests in acting and hosting. Allen McNeil/AL MAC is also looking to Collaborate, Produce, & Write with other artists, so drop me a note. Both AL MAC & TROOP are available for your next concert event so if you are interested in booking either one please send an e-mail with your inquiries at or

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