Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Di Evantile is electronic music producer

Artist:Di Evantile    Album: RITUAL
Artist Name:Di Evantile     Album: RITUAL
First/Last Name:Oleg Somov
Email address:mail@dievantile.com
Hometown:Pavlodar, KZ, Kazakhstan
Style of music:


“RITUAL” is slow instrumental music, in the spirit of the Middle Ages. The album includes nine slow compositions with piano, distorted guitar and strings in background.

Di Evantile is electronic music producer and studio musician working in different styles including: electronic, ambient and instrumental music. In addition to his own projects, he has created scores for several short films: "The Package" of Ruckus Productions and “Kidnapping Lorraine” of Brem Production, "Psycho Hiker" (Part II and Part III) by One Epic Shot Productions. He describes his music as “an analogue of the genre of fantasy in literature,” alluding to compositions and stories inspired by fiction writers and surrealists.Whether the individual imagines what the future holds or hears the works as attempts to create the future through music is controlled only by the imagination. Di Evantile subjects natural instruments to a digital sound processing and integrates originally synthesized sounds for unique results.

Chart positions:

* “One hour before” (CD RITUAL) track #1 in Chamber Music, and # 3 in Classical at SoundClick - July 2012;
* “Episode 6” track # 6 in Techno music at SoundClick - June 2012;
* “A point to nowhere" track #2 at Electronic Indie Hit Radio Top 10 of SongVault - February 2008;

“RITUAL”—Music for Piano Quintet

A piano quintet is a chamber music work written for a piano and four additional instruments, typically a cello, viola, and two violins. Quintets from Antonin Dvorak, Johannes Brahms, and Robert Schumann are some of the most frequently performed in the world. Quintet music is associated with Romanticism, classical Western music that originated in the late 18th or early 19th century.

Di Evantile has added his contributions to this genre, most recently releasing RITUAL, an electronic compilation of avant-garde classical piano music. The works are more expressive and passionate due to the expansion of formal structures within composition. True to form, RITUAL is emotional in nature and has a classic feeling. This slow piano quintet music meshes the past with the future, creating a flowing consciousness.

Listeners hear nine classical compositions featuring the piano in the forefront. The background of violins complemented by a distorted electronic guitar enhances the expressive nature of each composition. As the latest addition to the music library from Di Evantile, this album reflects growth in connecting visual images with sound.

Label Affiliation:Unsigned

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