Thursday, September 6, 2012


Salt is a 4 piece RockaPunkadelic dance band who like to play upbeat songs occasionally dropping in a ballad for good measure! Incorporating new and old sounds with an energized stage Salt love to Rock!!

Salt's blend of progressive rock, dance and elements of punk is crafted by Bassist & Vocalist / Brett McGuigan, Guitarist / Mike Nelson, Drummer /Luke Cooke & keyboards/Rachael Jane. Salt was born nearly 2 years ago (Sept 2010). As a way of enticing fellow band members into the group Brett had already written and recorded a number of songs on an 8-track recorder. This enabled him to give them an early taste of what the music and first album was all about. Hailing from Christchurch, New Zealand Salt has recently had to endure a series of devastating earthquakes. Their city centre was destroyed. This area of the city included many live music venues and because they were reduced to rubble has made life very challenging for original bands to play regular gigs. Salt was gifted an opportunity to record their first album with Ryan Neville of Voodoo Recording Studio and Sunset Records. Ryan approached Brett to discuss a proposal for the band to record their first album after hearing our demos on our My Space page. The contract not only included studio recording, but also substantial international marketing.

The first album is written about a variety of people and places that our life thus far has brought to us. It attempts to lure you on a journey of sounds that allows your imagination to delight in a tapestry of colour and flavors encapsulating music genres from both past and present.

Salt is an energetic live band that certainly knows how to connect with their audience. With a dynamic front man whose vocals show hints of his punk influences, Salt will keep you entertained with their rock/dance grooves and feel good rhythms.

Salt’s first album is a stepping stone, in the hunt for recognition to enable the band to take the next step to deliver their music to a wider global audience. This will allow Salt to bring their second album to you (which will include The Greenman), ultimately giving the band the means to give something meaningful back to this world!

Artist:Salt    Album: Radio Station
Artist Name:Salt     Album: Radio Station
First/Last Name:Brett McGuigan
Hometown:Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand
Style of music:Indie Rock
Label Affiliation:Independent Label
Performing Rights

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