Friday, September 28, 2012

Cardella DeMilo - The girl from Watonga, OK

Cardella (Thorton) De Milo, born in Watonga, OK, in 1930, (Singer/Actress/Business woman),  began her dream and became a songstress and toured the U.S., Hawaii and Internationally.

Her singing has graced stages throughout her tours in Japan, Canada, Alaska and the Carribean. She leaves a treasure of achievements in the music and filmworld with appearances in several movies by prominent producers, Norman Lear, Eddie Murphy, Jamaa Fanaka and Ted Turner.

Television was a part of her territory which included her popular shows such as "Sanford & Son", her latest, "Pariots of Silicon Valley" where she portrayed Ella Fitzgerald. She has recorded, written and composed songs for several labels. She hosted and awarded many at the "Parsian Room" for 10 years plus, and served as a columnist for "The Scoop" and several newspapers in the Los Angeles area. Ms. De Milo's hit recording of "Gimme Whatcha Promised Me" for Sir Paul McCartney's MPL Communications company, was released by Claridge Records and D-Town Records in 1982, (available on

Ms. De Milo was presented a Resolution by California Governor Jerry Brown for her 11 years of appearances in the penal institutions, in addition, she received a Congressional Award from Congresswoman Diane Watson as well such dignitaries as the late Honorable Mayor Tom Bradley, and Senator Bill Green.

In 2001, Cardella was recipient of "Mother Of The Year" award by The Rose Cancer Society.  Her presentations helped launch the careers of Barbara Morrison, Reynaldo Rey, the late Comedian, Robin Harris and others of note. Cardella has shared the spotlight with many greats, Lionel Hampton, Little Richard, B.B.King, Duke Ellington, Linda Hopkins, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Josephine Baker, Carmen McRae, Gloria Lynne, Etta James, Big Joe Turner, Don Ho, and Ella Fitzerald from the 50's throughout the 90's. Cardella De Milo has gone full circle.  A Trailblazer for many to follow, left hope and dreams to inspire, and warmth of her love to embrace, those who loved her.

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