Thursday, September 6, 2012

Randy Morris

STEPHENVILLE, TEXAS (06-21-2012) – Decades of exposure to country music heart and soul became embedded in the very soul of songwriter Randy Morris. Although he was born in Germany, Randy's DNA runs true-blue American. He is the son of a U.S. military man – who was stationed in Heidelberg. Morris has proven that at least in his case, songwriting is a family tradition. 

Although Randy’s songwriting career got a late start, he was always surrounded by music. He recalls, “I spent years sitting at the feet of my dad, and listening to the sweet sounds of him playing a steel guitar.” After the passing of his father, Morris continued listening to his brother and friends play. Keeping with the tradition of his father, he joined the military after high school and pursued a career in the military. 

In his forties, Randy finally picked up a guitar and learned to play. Within a few years, he is writing sweet melodies and well developed lyrics. Morris began working with Paramount Songs in Nashville Tennessee, as well as Star Tune Records. In 2011, he placed three singles on to The songs are “Change”, “Looking for a Friend” and “Cop Low Down.” Randy’s style rides the gamut from pure, traditional Americana to modern country. In 2012, he has added two new singles to his songwriting catalog, “Rockin’” and “Runaway.” Catchy and hooky songs like “Runaway” have attracted the attention of radio, as well as producers such as Dean Miller in Nashville. 

For Randy, it’s all about the songwriting. His goal is not to be a performing artist, but a top-drawer songwriter and publisher. His dream is to hear his songs cut by the big names in country music. Morris’ songs come straight from his heart, often with deep and personal meaning. Randy has carried on the family tradition of songwriting, and he just may start a new family tradition …. Writing top chart country songs!

Randy Morris 
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