Wednesday, September 26, 2012

KDTN Radio One and SDC Radio One Library Playlist Adds for the Months of August/September 2012

  08/10/12 Special Guests
Music Style: Indie pop
Hometown: Taunton, MA, USA

  08/10/12 Fate Strikes Twice
Music Style: Hard Rock
Hometown: Rockaway, NJ, USA


  08/10/12 Jafar Thorne
Music Style: Indie/Folk
Hometown: Berkeley, CA, USA


  08/13/12 Alex De Vito
Music Style: Latin Pop
Hometown: Rome, Italy, Italy


  08/13/12 Braintrax
Music Style: HipHop/Pop/R&B
Hometown: San Francisco, CA, USA


  08/13/12 Scars Of Bourbon
Music Style: Hard Rock
Hometown: Coplay, Pa, USA


  08/14/12 Eugenegenay
Music Style: R&B/Inspirational/Pop
Hometown: Irmo, South Carolina, USA


  08/14/12 Megan King
Music Style: Americana
Hometown: Warsaw, IN, United States


  08/14/12 Lina Marquez
Music Style: pop-rock
Hometown: fort lauderdale, fl, united states


  08/15/12 Elliot Matsu
Music Style: Alt Rock
Hometown: Chicago, IL, USA


  08/15/12 Fallon Cush
Music Style: Americana / Folk-Rock / Classic Rock
Hometown: Sydney, NSW, Australia


  08/15/12 Melanie Rose Dyer
Music Style: Americana/Blues/Roots Rock
Hometown: Nashville, TN, USA


  08/16/12 phil common
Music Style: Rock/Pop
Hometown: NYC, New York, USA


  08/16/12 Pig Farmer
Music Style: Americana/Folk
Hometown: Savannah, Missouri, usa


  08/16/12 Jamie Rumley
Music Style: Rock, Pop, Folk
Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


  08/20/12 Shelby Garrett
Music Style: folk-indi-pop
Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ, USA


  08/20/12 ric kirk
Music Style: country-americana
Hometown: nashville, tn, USA


  08/20/12 John Dartnell
Music Style: Rock-Country Rock
Hometown: London, , UK


  08/21/12 Erik Husman and The Golden Rule
Music Style: Rock/Folk/SingerSongwriter
Hometown: Golden, Colorado, United States


  08/21/12 Livia
Music Style: Pop/Rock/Acoustic
Hometown: London, UK, United Kingdom


  08/21/12 John Sullivan
Music Style: Alternative/Acoustic Blues
Hometown: Jackson, Mississippi, United States


  08/22/12 Clay Jeffreys
Music Style: Country
Hometown: Malden, Missouri, U.S.


  08/22/12 Makar
Music Style: Indie Punk Folk Rock
Hometown: New York, New York, USA


  08/22/12 John Garza Band
Music Style: Rock
Hometown: Corpus Christi, Texas, usa


  08/23/12 L.A. Carpool
Music Style: salsa/pop/rock/smooth jazz
Hometown: studio city, california, usa


  08/23/12 Jameel Jahmay
Music Style: R&B/Pop/Soul
Hometown: Fredericksburg, Virginia, U.S.


  08/23/12 Daniel Smith
Music Style: Country
Hometown: Nashville, TN, 37209


  08/24/12 The Skys
Music Style: Rock
Hometown: Vilnius, N/A, Lithuania


  08/24/12 Friction Land
Music Style: Alternative Rock
Hometown: San Jose, Ca, US


  08/24/12 Adero Neely
Music Style: R&B HipHop
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois, USA


  08/27/12 The Smiling Strangers
Music Style: Pop/Rock/Folk/Country
Hometown: Stafford, Staffordshire, UK


  08/27/12 ryan michalski
Music Style: alternative rock/pop rock
Hometown: tampa, FL, usa


  08/27/12 Retromeca
Music Style: pop/r&b
Hometown: Berkeley, CA, USA


  08/28/12 Autre
Music Style: Rock
Hometown: Fort Worth, Tx, USA


  08/28/12 Randy Morris
Music Style: True Country
Hometown: Stephenville, Texas, USA


  08/28/12 SYDONIA
Music Style: Rock
Hometown: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


  08/29/12 Krystal Green
Music Style: Alternative/Soul
Hometown: Ellicott City, Maryland, USA


  08/29/12 Guitar Mikey
Music Style: Americana
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois, USA


  08/29/12 Fantasy Rainbow
Music Style: alternative indie
Hometown: Manchester, , United Kingdom


  08/30/12 The Danbury Lie
Music Style: Indie
Hometown: Ridgefield, CT, USA


  08/30/12 Mimic of a Mind
Music Style: Indie Rock/Alternative
Hometown: Eagan, MN, United States


  08/30/12 Salt
Music Style: Indie Rock
Hometown: Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand


  08/31/12 Jay Jacobson
Music Style: Alternative Pop
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA, USA


  08/31/12 Kenny Davin Fine
Music Style: Pop Folk Rock
Hometown: Dallas, Texas, USA


  08/31/12 Rose Angelica
Music Style: Country
Hometown: Mingo Junction, Ohio, USA


  09/04/12 Ross Douglas
Music Style: Folk-Singer Songwriter
Hometown: Point Roberts, Washington, USA


  09/04/12 Phillip Sandifer
Music Style: Christian and AC
Hometown: Austin, Texas, United States


  09/04/12 UpWordSpiral
Music Style: electric rock industrial christian
Hometown: brentwood, new york, usa


  09/05/12 StereonoiZ
Music Style: Alternative
Hometown: Lima, Lima, Peru


  09/05/12 Pie Boys
Music Style: Reggae/Roots/Rock
Hometown: Astoria, NY, USA


  09/06/12 Crush of Empires
Music Style: rock, hard rock, progressive
Hometown: New York, NY, USA


  09/07/12 Alan Jarvis
Music Style: Pop, Easy Listening
Hometown: London, Ontario, Canada


  09/07/12 Serial Obsession
Music Style: Rock
Hometown: NYC, NY, USA


  09/07/12 ice jupiter groove
Music Style: rock
Hometown: sydney, nsw, Australia


  09/10/12 Joey Smokes
Music Style: Rock Music
Hometown: Arcadia, California, United States


  09/10/12 Di Evantile
Music Style: Instrumental
Hometown: Pavlodar, KZ, Kazakhstan


  09/10/12 Reggie Shaw
Music Style: Country
Hometown: Overton, NE,


  09/11/12 Timothy Courts
Music Style: jazz/funk/r&b
Hometown: Charleston, West Virginia, kanawha


  09/11/12 Robert Nix
Music Style: Rock/Pop/Experimental
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


  09/11/12 Kelly Manu
Music Style: Country/Gospel
Hometown: Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada


  09/12/12 hooyoosay
Music Style: mainstream, indie-pop, soft rock,

vintage pop, acoustic pop,
Hometown: , , Campeche


  09/12/12 Dr. John E. Bell
Music Style: Soul Music
Hometown: Oakland, TN, USA


  09/13/12 Et Tu Brucé
Music Style: Pop/Rock/Triple AAA
Hometown: London, England, UK


  09/14/12 Tim Ballard
Music Style: R&B, Soul, Funk
Hometown: Westminster, CO, USA


  09/14/12 Michael Caplice
Music Style: Pop
Hometown: Westbury, NY, United States


  09/17/12 Leemanuel
Music Style: R&B/Pop
Hometown: Brown Deer, Wisconsin, United States


  09/17/12 Abby Wren & What It Is
Music Style: Funk/Rock/Soul
Hometown: Atlanta, GA, USA


  09/18/12 Bianca K
Music Style:
Hometown: Preston, Manchester, UK


  09/18/12 SHANE SAWYER
Music Style: COUNTRY
Hometown: HUFFMAN, TEXAS, United States


  09/18/12 William Michael Dillon
Music Style: Americana
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC, USA


  09/19/12 SUBJEKTIVE
Music Style: Rock Driven Metal
Hometown: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


  09/19/12 Kevin Simnacher
Music Style: Rock and Country
Hometown: Cedar Rapids, IA, USA


  09/20/12 Erik Husman and The Golden Rule
Music Style: Americana Freak-Folk
Hometown: Golden, Colorado, United States


  09/20/12 FallsStart
Music Style: Alternative Pop Rock
Hometown: Honolulu, HI, USA


  09/20/12 Paul Mark & the Van Dorens
Music Style: blues rock/songwriter
Hometown: New York, NY, US


  09/21/12 Never Like The Movies
Music Style: Rock/Pop/Punk
Hometown: Sherman Oaks, California, U.S.A.


  09/21/12 Heather O'Neill
Music Style: singer songwriter
Hometown: Glendale Heights, IL, USA


  09/21/12 BrothersP
Music Style: Rock, Rap, Indie
Hometown: Williamsburg, Virginia, USA


  09/24/12 Big Mess
Music Style: Rock Indie
Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA, USA


  09/24/12 Big Mess
Music Style: Rock Indie
Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA, USA, COBB

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