Friday, September 14, 2012

Madeleine Bagger - I´m 16 years old - I´m from Sweden

MEMPHIS, TN (IFS) --  Madeleine Bagger. I´m 16 years old. I´m from Sweden. I love to sing. I wrote a song when I was 11 years old and won with the song in a competition. 

After a while in 2008 I think I started to take lessons from my teacher when I was (beginning) singing (lessons). After that I was singing for her for four years I think. 

Now my dream is to get out my music out and get a larger audience of people to like it.

With an introduction like that, it's not hard to really hear uniqueness and the beginnings of a great talent to come.  I would give anything for the beginning "scratch pad" drawings of Picasso in his younger days.   The record business was originally created by Thomas A. Edison for old opera men and women.  Even until the early days of the 1950's, it was dedicated to older groups and singers.  Then in 1957, everything was crushed in a moment when a 13 year old singer by the name of Frankie Lymon delivered the first superstar blow to the record business with "Why Do Fools Fall In Love".  From that moment on, every recording company on the planet has been trying to sign teenage idols to recording contracts.

About the early 1980's the recording business became over intoxicated with itself, then exploded the birth of the independent record labels with great success.  They too forgot about the "talent" that drives the business among all that success and money.  Slowly they too returned under the dominance of the big labels once again.

In our climate of instant access and success, with at a click of a mouse, one artist can be heard all over the world by approximately 500,000 people within minutes of the first release of a song.  It still takes good old fashion marketing to drive the buying audience to that song, even if it's a great song.  Usually after several rotations, the natural beats with its easy listening and none offensive lyrics and happy feelings take you to the next level.

Every once in a while, aside from all the "talent" shows and hype, you find a true and lasting talent, with none of the cotton candy and "effects" that take you away from the real deal.  Madeleine Bagger, the single "Naturally" is a sure shot winter, and it's only a short period of time, the whole world will know your name!

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