Friday, September 14, 2012

Giant record label Universal Music is launching a unique partnership with Ubetoo Music Distribution.

Universal Music partner with Ubetoo Music Distribution

Giant record label Universal Music is launching a unique partnership with Ubetoo Music Distribution.

Logos for Universal Music and Ubetoo Music DistributionThe co-operation aims to help up-and-coming artists and bands to easily distribute and sell their music online. Universal Musicis always looking for new prospective stars and the interest in new bands and artists is huge. Each month will select five interesting artists and bands who distribute their music through Ubetoo. The selection process is about how many listenings, streams and sold work the artist or the band has. The selected artists will have the attention of Universal Music A&Rs and have the chance of getting a record deal with Universal Music.
“We are always looking for new talent and we don't always have the time to find the pan for all the gold grains and therefore Ubetoo is a good partner who can facilitate it for us, "saysMattias Tengblad, Commercial Director at Universal Music.
“Ubetoo is the place where new bands and artists can grow and reach out with their music where the next step could be to be signed by a record label. The co-operation with Universal Music allows all the artists and bands at Ubetoo a unique chance! " says Managing Director Anna-Clara Blixt Modin.
Universal Music is the world's largest music company with representation across 77 countries. Universal Music produces and markets artists and their music and the distribution is both physical and digital.
Ubetoo is a global streaming platform for music that is not yet  signed by a record label or publisher. Ubetoo is the only free web portal where independent artists can be seen and heard for free all over the world, while getting paid each time their music is played. Ubetoo Music Distribution also offers its members the opportunity to distribute their music to more than 500 media outlets, such as, iTunesSpotifyWimpAmazon MP3Napster.
Sign up for Ubetoo Distribution and you will get the possibility to be selected for a record deal with Universal Music!

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