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Radioindy Gold Artist Music! 

Nov 13 2009 6:41 PM 

..Jameel Jahmay has created a memorable collection of Urban/R&B and Pop with “Ready 2 Serve U,” a self-produced album showcasing his many musical talents. Jahmay is a versatile performer, moving seamlessly through the various styles and moods he creates, shining in each setting with his smooth vocal approach and intelligent lyrics. The production is clean and professional, with crisp programming and beats, tasteful vocal layering, and polished musical performances. “Special Greeting” is a lovely, touching ballad, with Jahmay singing straight from his heart. “So Wonderful” has a definite gospel vibe, with Jahmay’s vocal range on full display. The creative composition and prominent acoustic guitar on “Find Love” gives this track an airy, live feel. The extremely funky “My Biz” is reminiscent of old-school grooves with a modern, contemporary flair. Jahmay covers many styles with this album and is comfortable and at home in each one. “Ready 2 Serve U” is an impressive release that will appeal to the fans of Urban/R&B, Soul, and Pop music. ..-Rodney and the RadioIndy. com Reviewer Team 

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