Sunday, September 16, 2012

Teisha Marie - Revisited and we still care!!

These are just some of the many adjectives that describe the sound of Teisha Marie (Tea-e-sha Ma-rie). So, what about her style ? It's inviting. It's Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin meets Nancy Wilson and Debussy.

This 26-year-old England-born/Maryland-raised singer-songwriter, is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, and poet. She's also one who's not afraid to take risks. After graduating from Spelman College (where she studied Music History and Theory) in Atlanta, Georgia, Teisha Marie then headed to Philadelphia. "At that particular time, Philadelphia was experiencing a rebirth of the 'Philly sound', and it was great to be fully immersed in it. I got a chance to meet the greats, like Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, Bunny Sigler, and many others."

Performing at D.C. area hotspots, such as Bar Nun, Mirrors Nightclub, and Takoma Station, has proved to be both enlightening and exhilarating. "I've always written poetry, and I've always loved to sing, whether in church choirs, choruses, or at home, but I never really sang completely by myself, in public, until now. Sharing the stage with the likes of Angela Johnson and DeBorah Bond, Teisha Marie brings her brand of energy and thought-provoking lyrics to the forefront.

Fast-forward to the present:
Starting with  her debut single, the seductive, "Moonlight in The Meadow" (featuring Joseph Murray of SoilSound Productions), Teisha Marie released an EP of August 2007, entitled “Addicted to Life”.  Now she’s back with her debut album and delivers sultry grooves with introspective lyrics. “I am excited about what I am bringing because I’m pressing play on my life.” With songs like “Inner Truth’ and “Temporary”, Teisha Marie seeks to encourage and empathize. While other songs like “Awaken” and “Open” speak to the art of pursuit.    

Where does her songwriting inspiration come from?
"One word: life. Life isn't one-dimensional, so why should music be that way? Music is definitely a universal language, and I want people to listen, and understand exactly what it is I'm trying to say." Her debut release, Addicted to Life – The LP definitely has a "message in the music."

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