Wednesday, January 20, 2010

'tude vox Ro

'tude vox Ro

‘tude vox Ro is an outspoken recording artist, making music to help every-people thrive by combining captivating sound with thought provoking words, in an eclectic mix of life-changing songs.

'tude vox is a state of mind. It started at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. That's when stereo types from the 50's no longer fit post World War II society. There was outrageous talk of "Consciousness Evolution" and ordinary people becoming enlightened. That's when Ro was born.

Raised in a strict Roman Catholic home with New Thought education for a chaser, the world didn't make sense. How can a good and loving god be vengeful? Ro just didn't get it. She couldn't understand the purpose of war. She curiously nodded when people talked behind each other's back, spewed the poison of prejudice and deceived everyone for personal gain. Thinking it was her inability to comprehend the Divine Wisdom of the centuries, she bought into the values, learned the dogma and kept to herself.

For decades, Ro did the do, playing by a set of rules and principles embedded in my mind much further back than memory. Through college, graduate school, then the jet-set life as a management consultant, she firmly believed she could affect a discernable difference in the foreseeable future AND live to tell about it.

Ro's career in the mortgage banking industry finally burst her bubble. She knew she wouldn't break the bank doing business ethically but expected it would sufficiently provide for her as she served her clients with respect and kindness on the side.

Finally, Ro's life-long love of singing demanded a meaningful outlet. Her music career evolved out of my discontent and disconnect with status quo. Every institution in the world is on the verge of total devastation. Corruption is at the core of every one. It has to change. 'tude vox Ro is here to help usher it in.

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