Friday, January 29, 2010

Greg Foresman

Greg Foresman

Bolder and more free spirited than ever, Greg Foresman walks down paths both deeply spiritual and grounded in humanity on his newest CD, KODIAK. Filled with songs about searching, getting close to, and sometimes finding answers to life’s toughest questions. Kodiak is a reflection of Greg’s thirty-plus years of traveling down the road of hard knocks, always with a guitar strapped around his neck.

The lyrical themes on Kodiak range from the advantages of living simply (Something I Can Use and Backwoods Country Home) to an attempted understanding of what goes on inside the head of a mass murderer (Suicide Bomber).

This is the fourth solo CD Greg has released since disbanding The Hammerheads in 1993, and he continues his penchant for being stylistically eclectic. Musically, Kodiak runs the gamut from barn-burning rockers such as “Soul Survivor” to sinewy funk classics as in “I Know Better” and finishing off with the lovely acoustic guitar ditty, “Big Sky Country”.

Best known as a guitar virtuoso, Greg continues his duties as Martina McBride’s touring axe man and Nashville session ace when he’s not pursuing his own musical horizons.

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