Monday, January 25, 2010

Pie Boys Flat

Pie Boys Flat

3 dudes met in Virginia circa 1998.

5 years later they found themselves together again in NYC; paying rent with the cash they made wailing harmonies on the subway platforms with a djembe and an acoustic guitar.

5 years later they find themselves pushing full speed ahead, through the uncertainty of a rapidly changing music industry, against the current of economic crisis, toward their third and, undoubtedly, best album.

Writing, rehearsing, and touring constantly, the 3 dudes from VA continue to develop their unique approach to Reggae and Rock, and evolve into the li'l ol' band from the big ol' city.

Pie Boys Flat.

In search of the thickest Island Grooves, the deepest Jungle Beats, and, the always classic, Rock.

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