Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lane Murchison

Lane Murchison


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Lane Murchison


PO BOX 470433, San Francisco, CA 94147


"I started out playing the drums and still hit them everyday. My step dad took me to the guitar store when I was 13 or 15 to help him pick out an acoustic guitar. It was his guitar though he never intended to play it. I have played it while singing and making stuff up almost every day since that day and take it everywhere I go".


Lane's first CD had no title. He personalized it by hand painting the front and back inserts of 1000 CD's, in total 2000 original abstract paintings.

In 2004 Lane co-founded Bird School of Music in San Francisco. Bird is a music school and recording studio and even a yoga studio that offers community yoga classes weekday mornings.


Most recently Lane recorded with the legendary James Lott at the Legendary Sun Studio. Memphis, California features a horn section made up of Stax Music Academy Charter School students working alongside the best rhythm section in Memphis, Dave Smith-Bass(Johnny Lang) Rick Steff-Keys(Cat Power/Lucero) Robert Hall-drums(Jerry Lee Lewis) Jim Spake-sax(Al Green/Rufus Thomas/Alex Chilton) Here is a blog about Lane's experience with what he calls, "The Ghost of Rock N Roll".

"I'm not a painter and thankfully have never figured out music. I'm no a teacher either. I'm just fortunate cause I get to play music for and with great people everyday."

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