Saturday, January 23, 2010

High Ceiling

High Ceiling

Hailing from the Olympia, WA area, High Ceiling has brought high energy, groove-laced music to the Pacific Northwest and beyond since February, 2004. Formed of friends and brothers, the group creates a live synergy connecting music, band, and audience. Reggae, Funk, Trance, Latin, and other worldly styles of music get mixed into every High Ceiling performance, making each one both unique and accessible to many types of crowds. Creating conscious music with reverence for unity, love, compassion, and growth; High Ceiling has built a loyal spirited fan base.

High Ceiling continues to expand their fan base the only way they know how--grassroots style. Through playing over 260 shows in 5 years, and a hefty dose of self-promotion, the band has earned much notoriety. High Ceiling has played at some of the Northwest’s largest music festivals, including Seattle Hempfest, Gathering Before the Light, and Flowmotion’s Summer Meltdown. Their debut album, Angle of Repose, received airplay on college radio stations in the Northwest, and now High Ceiling's new CD, Illusions, is currently receiving airplay on over 160 radio stations all across the United States and Canada, propelling the album to #14 on the radio charts! High Ceiling also produces their own annual weekend-long music festival, the “Skok Valley Music Rally,” recruiting some of the Northwest’s finest bands and drawing fans from all over the region. Having completed multiple West coast tours as well as a large Western U.S. tour, High Ceiling is becoming known as the Northwest’s most popular and widely exported reggae/jam act.

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