Friday, January 29, 2010

Rueben James

Reuben James

Marked With a Lion

Reuben James' album was in the Top Twenty at Barnes & Noble on Camp Creek Parkway.
13 Jun 07 He went on a promotion tour in the carribean. He was in Negril Jamaica Pleased to see they were playing his songs in the streets and screaming his name.
18 July 07 While visiting Barbados, it took every thing he had to keep his cool, even the head of customs was trying to get a copy of the album.
19 July 07Back in his hometown of St Vincent Reuben truly felt celebrity status. Everywhere he went some one knew his name. They were playing his music so much he got tired of it.
On Young Island they were playing his songs in the restaurant.
On various other Islands he got a similar response.
Reuben has performed at countless open mic nights around the city of Atlanta, all too massive praise from the audience as well as the management, staff, and event coordinators. It was as a result of this that he secured his first opportunity to open for a major artist. On May 6, he had the esteemed privilege of being among the opening for a reggae legend called Elephant Man at club Aquarium in Atlanta Ga
Reuben James is a new age reggae artist that expresses his real life issues and trials in a way that he hopes many others can relate to. He feels that if he can just change one life through his lyrics in a positive way then it is worth all that he has had to sacrifice. In the Rastafarian community he has been likened to a young Bob Marley with hip hop in his blood and island in his soul. His music comes from the heart and is a pure reflection of his feelings based on his life experiences.

Reuben’s music is a reggae sound unlike any that has come before it; he likens it to being like a new way of life without boundaries and race. Reuben is a man balancing on the scales of life, love/hate. He loves what god has given him and hates what this world has taken away. However he does not get disheartened, he looks for the lesson and then expresses it for the masses through his gift. In this way he serves his purpose.
He can sometimes appear as a bit of a paradox because of his diverstiy, but anyone who knows him know that that is just one of the games that life plays on anyone who has had the wonderful misfortune of having been raised in two countries. He is sensible and senseless he speaks American to Americans but when he sings you feel the Island in his heart and you know that it is something that can not be faked. This Island that is in his soul stems form his roots as a child raised on an Island, and though he was born in America you can no more tell him then the people he grew up with that he is not from that Island. St. Vincent is his home, California is just his birthplace.

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