Friday, January 29, 2010

Manny Freiser

Manny Freiser

Manny Freiser’s interest in rock & roll dates back to the early 60's when he learned a few chords and received favorable reactions from girls in his high school class. He had noticed the reaction that Artists such as Elvis and Ricky Nelson received, and he wanted to take part in that. “I saw them swoon when Elvis laid on his back and strummed guitar. More importantly, I saw them swoon when Ricky Nelson sang in his dreamy monotone. I say 'more importantly' because Elvis' vocal talent was clearly out of my reach. On the other hand, if Ricky could do it, so could I”, said Freiser.

His music spans over three decades and possesses a great deal of variation in writing and recording approaches. His story is one of a long time songwriter, singer and music lover -- and record exec -- who has at times come tantalizingly close to that elusive 'hit record.' Freiser has experienced the music industry like few Artists have. The result is a deep and honest vibe that shows in his music.

In the 60's, he penned the cult classic, Let's Talk About Girls, known as a precursor to 80’s punk, and still receiving airplay around the world. He had a Billboard Hot 100 single with ex Patti McCarron in the 70's: a remake of Barbara Lewis' Hello Stranger. And he was Ian Messenger in the 80's, producing the college charting MTV staple, Livin' In The Night, even as he worked by day as an marketing executive for Quincy Jones' Qwest label.

Since 2004, Freiser's music has been self-recorded using Pro Tools and Mac Pro in his home studio. "Recording before ProTools was an anxious process of hurrying (because of studio cost), being harried by producers, engineers and others telling you what you couldn't or shouldn't do, and then obsessing about the inevitable imperfections in the final product. But sitting back and listening to all of the early stuff now -- from here -- all of that political garbage recedes into the background. I hear the old tracks with more affection and acceptance, less second-guessing than I did before,” said Freiser. He further explained, “Finally, I better understand the context of what happened in the past, and realize that now, at least to some extent, I have control over my own musical destiny.”

He is hoping that his album “History” will not only be a groundbreaking album for him, but a glimpse into his career leading up to this moment, springing from a deep understanding of both the creative and business side of the music industry. In it, Freiser explores many different genres and creates a truly unique feel with deep meaning and textures. The “History” CD displays Freiser’s roots and talent as a musician, including musical influences from The Rolling Stones, Yardbirds, Buddy Holly, the Mamas & the Papas, and more. "History" is a musically diverse and interesting album for listeners of all ages to enjoy.

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