Saturday, January 23, 2010

Da Twin Towerz

Da Twin Towerz

Da Twin Towerz is a hip-hop/r&b group out of Kalamazoo,MI which is composed of fraternal twin brothers, that has been making quite a mark in the music world in the north-east part of the U.S. Their first taste of stardom was when they were ranked 4th in the chicago tribune as one of the most talented hip hop groups of 09' although their a group out of MI. After a year of making good music and making a name for themselves in the MI and ILL area, Da Twin Towerz were given the opportunity to run their own show out at local bar in their area. Unlike so many other hip hop artists out here, Da Twin Towerz make feel good, dance and women tracks that has made them the threat to the industry that they are. Their debut album titled "back-seat misbehavior" has been said to be released in Feb. of 2010. in which it will be the album everyone has been longing for the past century.

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