Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dan Chandler

LIMON CO - (IFS) - Just a note from Dan Chandler: ". . . I currently teach school. I have a masters degree in agriculture from Texas A&M University. I have a small farm, and I enjoy fishing and hunting and outdoor activities. I have played the guitar since the second grade, and people have told me since college that I should pursue a music career. I never seriously considered music until playing for my church a few years ago, and playing every Sunday in a nursing home in Nacogdoches, Texas. I enjoyed playing with several bluegrass groups, but I went beyond that experience, because of a need to understand music better for my church-related efforts. Quite by accident, I studied Jazz and Blues to better understand music, and those influences began to seep into the country music that is the basis of what I do.

I currently play with many people, open mikes, small gigs, church settings, etc. I enjoy song writing and I already have even better material for a second album. I am interested in shooting a movie, the basis of which is a song which I recently wrote.

Thanks a lot for the interest. Let me know if I can do something else. My only internet presence, at the moment, is at CD Baby.com."

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