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"Crushing. Absorbing. Gentle. Uplifting. Relentless. Awesome."
(Steve McCormick – BBC Radio)

Cellarscape is singer, drummer & guitarist Paul Terry's alt-acoustic moniker that he has been writing, recording and performing under since 2003. Fusing multi-layered haunting vocals with unexpected and angular drumming, fragile but anthemic guitars, plus, hypnotic orchestrations, Cellarscape songs bristle with an undeniably cinematic presence...

... So it comes as no surprise that Paul has a burgeoning sideline in music for independent films. Since 1999, he has also written the soundtracks for all the short films and feature work of British writer/director Paul Williams, including the award-winning 2001 short 'Mightier' and 2006 feature film 'The Wake'. The 2009 Empire Film Awards also used a song from 'The Wake's original soundtrack as part of their recent promo campaign, a perfect event to count down to the new album on June 1, 2009...

Back in 2006, Cellarscape's first release was the 'Copilot' EP ["...songs of desolation that echo with mood and meaning..." – County Times], a collection of fragile but razor-sharp songs, that Isles FM made their 'The Sound for January', playing the EP's passionate 'Static' every day that month. An iTunes review also held the EP in high regard, stating 'Copilot' " for those who are looking for the deeper meaning to our frustrating, dysfunctional and wonderful world..."

Then, 2007's progressive 'Fifth Phoenix' EP followed ["...breathes an intimacy that is all too rare in new music..." – Control Yourself]. From the intense opener 'A Brief Time Of Bullets', to the yearning harmonies of 'Kerosene' and the doomy, cascading loops of 'Transition Sickness', Rockworld TV described Cellarscape as "...Truly a force to be reckoned with: the real deal, self-made, self-taught and with the drive and talent to back it up. Watch this space, people..."

Now, SkyBabyRecords presents 'Animation, Suspension' (out now). This new album sees Cellarscape's epic arrangements go stratospheric. Addictive guitar hooks and soaring vocal harmonies latch onto frenetic drum breaks, eerie loops and brooding cellos.

After the deceptively blissed-out intro of 'Crawlspace', this eclectic album's fifth gear kicks in with the triumphant 'Target Acquired'. The sinister stylings of 'The Creek' and current schizophrenic single 'You Got The Girl' (featuring extra harmonies from Apes, Pigs & Spacemen's Paul Miro), highlight Cellarscape’s love of tonal changes, all the while keeping the music’s core emotionally-charged.

And with the caffeine hit of 'Shadowfight', the dark and ominous 'Where Vanishing Points Dissolve' and 'Treading Water' through to vocal-only ‘December Moon’, the haunting intimacy of 'Patience & Zara', and the insanely catchy battle-cry of ‘Minor Fractures’, 'Animation, Suspension' is a shifting tapestry of moods and images that commands your attention throughout its 15 unpredictable tracks.

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