Saturday, January 23, 2010

Johnny Game

Johnny Game


From Texas comes a hip hop artist by the name of Johnny Game.

Influenced by the 80?s break dancing era, Johnny became a dancer
himself at the young age of 11. This gave him the passion for music
that started him DJ'ing at the age of 15. Johnny Game had his ups and
downs professionally, but he never lost sight of his goal, realizing
that HE made the music, not the other way around.

Johnny Games delivers in every aspect; the beat that creates the mood,
that outstanding rhythm that creates that swagger and the lyrics that
create the story.

He has been featured in WWS magazine, he's had 3 number 1 hits on the
hip hop charts on, he's worked with artists such as Papa
Duck, Question and has also been featured coast to coast mixed tapes
along with DJ Chronic mix tapes series.

The new single hitting the airwaves is, "BedRock" along with
"Last Man Standing" and "Later Hater" off his newest CD, "Hood Muzik". Listening to the words of "Last Man Standing", he talks about the struggles becoming an artist realizing the closer you get to your dreams, the farther away
your friends get. The lyrics are addicting, and the beat is playful
with an edge to it - perfection. You just can't stop moving to this
song. "Later Hater" highlights harmonic melodies with a great beat and
great lyrics. Johnny Game is on top of his game with this new CD.

Johnny Game's new CD, "Hood Muzik" is set for digital release October
31, 2009.

You can go to any i-store to purchase this CD or you can visit any of
the following sights:

For additional information, you can contact his PR firm:

A & R Select

West Hollywood, Ca.


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