Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shel and PushPlay

Shelvis Green is lyricist,song writer,producer
Shel & PushPlay

Born in the Bronx where hip hop was founded,Shel inspired by God has put the pedal to the metal in his pursuit to become Gods leading candidate for worship. Producer Shel has poured out his emotions in every song that is on the Express Yourself album. "This project is Shel's debut project as a lyricist/songwriter/producer." He doesn't keep all his music to his self he is always willing to share his gifts and ideas with the world. His passion for music reaches for beyond measure, never missing a beat "literally" Shel can make any track feel good. Shelvis has brought a new sound to the game. With his goal and mission to win souls for Christ he's taken his traditional church sound and added various ingredients to come up with a formula to bridge the Secular world with the Gospel world without competing with either side for a top spot! No one in the industry is doing what this group is able to do. Shel's lyric's are clearly evolutionary, talking about the goodness of God to all of his christian family as well as sending positive messages to those in need of good advice that may be dealing with depression, suicide, or just looking for a better way of life. Push Play is Shel's personal band consisting of various style of singer's and talented musician's and Shel the narrator/rapper. Just Push Play and listen man.....

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  1. "My Brother" Love Ya!! Keep doing what you love for God!! :-))



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