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Street Warriors

Artist:Street Warriors Album: Unstoppable Force Artist Name: Street Warriors Album: Unstoppable Force First/Last Name: Lorda Omeissah Email address: Hometown: Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia Website: Style of music: Hip Hop/Rap MySpace: SonicBids: SoundClick: Facebook: Other: Label Affiliation: Independent Label Performing Rights Affiliation: APRA (AUSTRALIA)

Description: "With their electric live energy, the Street Warriors tout original lyrics that empower and foster respect, social conscience and plant seeds of hope and change. They are great ambassadors and mentors for future generations."

(Dreaming Festival) “Make no mistake, Unstoppable Force is a statement in Australian hip hop.” (Jake Keane, Vibe Magazine) “What I find most appealing and refreshing about Unstoppable Force is its unpredictability…Street Warriors are always knocking your expectations aside.” (Will Owen, An American observer of Indigenous Australian Music Blog) “Solid Rock 2.0 – An Anthem for our Times” (Kathy McCabe, Daily Telegraph) “Each track is a standout” (Chloe Sasson, SMH) Street Warriors (brothers Abie and Warwick Wright - aka Predator and Wok) are familiar faces on the Australian hip hop scene and well respected pioneers of Indigenous hip hop - an amazing achievement given that they are only just now releasing their debut album, “Unstoppable Force”.

“Unstoppable Force” bursts from the speakers with the first track, ‘Firestorm’, a NoKTuRNLesque vision of modern life, providing a mission statement about who the Street Warriors are: ‘step by step you do it, town by town you show it’…this album is the culmination of seven years of hard work and showcases the Street Warriors’ unique energy, realness and ability to still say what they want.

The album highlights the group’s versatility with a soundscape ranging from deep beats and tribal energy ramping from the speakers through to street raps and soulful RnB collaborations with the likes of #1 NZ band Nesian Mystik on “Leave it to Me’ and Siva Pacifica goddess Robyn Loau on the heartfelt “How Much You Mean to Me”. Anthony ‘the Man’ Mundine makes a guest appearance on “I Rep for My Mob” which has the hallmarks of a new indigenous anthem and there’s a definite Newie rock edge in tracks like Summertime which features a fuzz guitar blues beat and their reinvention of Goanna’s classic, Solid Rock, which features the vocal of Australian Idol alumni Shannon Noll.

Solid Rock showcases the core ethics of the Street Warriors and the quality that drives them and earns them fans – respect. Rising from the ashes of groundbreaking Deadlys winning hiphop group Local Knowledge, Street Warriors released their first EP, ‘Real Knows Real’ in 2007. Two of the songs on the EP are featured on the inaugural Gadigal and ABC Music CD, the ‘Making Waves Hip Hop’ album released 14 April, 2009. Their rage anthem “Look at Me” recently saw them garner Best Band, Best Single and Best Video Awards at the inaugural BUMP Indigenous Hip Hop and Rap awards in Sydney.

The boys have rocked local and international crowds in excess of 10,000 and appearances have included major festivals such as Yabun, Homebake, Stylin’ Up, The Great Escape, and Groovin’ the Moo, The Dreaming and Woodford Folk Festival and a string of NAIDOC dates and support to major artists such as 50 Cent and G Unit. Street Warriors have built a loyal following around the country on the back of their energy filled live shows, poignant lyrics and their unique musical messaged culminating in nominations for Best Band at the Deadly Awards in 2008 and Single of the Year for Solid Rock in 2009.

The song was nominated before its release, such was the buzz from their live launch of the song at the Dreaming in June 2009. Street Warriors draw their name, inspiration and force from their ancestors, many of whom were at the forefront of fighting for Aboriginal rights. Street Warriors have earned the privilege of being the first APRA ambassadors for indigenous hip hop and have just been nominated for Outstanding Achievement in RnB and Hip Hop in the upcoming Deadly Awards. The video clip for Solid Rock was shot on mother country in Gunnedah and pays homage to the Street Warriors’ ancestor, Red Chief Kangaroo (Cumbo Gunnerah).

The video clip won Silver at the Australian Cinematographer’s Awards in the Music Clip category and was a winner in the International Songwriting Competition’s Music Video category, based out of the U.S. A U.S. review called it “a beautiful short film with a lot of buzz”.

The album also features their groundbreaking hit ‘Blackfellas’, a shoutout to indigenous tribes which they released as Local Knowledge, a track that is still strongly requested at their live shows. Adding sonic energy in the mixing is Benjamin Grotto (Aerosmith, Dresden Dolls) and mastering by Tom Coyne at Sterling-Sound, NYC. The album is available in all good retail stores through GoSet/MGM and online at Contact Lorda Omeissah Mgmt +612 9642 0619 email

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