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Steve Ryan - A Dreamer of Music and a Maker of Dreams

A Dreamer of Music, Maker of Dreams

Steve Ryan

In Music and Moonlight, the nineteenth century poet Arthur O'Shaughnessy wrote: "We are the music makers, / And we are the dreamers of dreams.” This popular line of poetry defines present-day musician and songwriter Steve Ryan. Inspired by his own dreams, he helps others make theirs come true! He does this through a motivational and inspirational blend of pop, rock and r&b. With a subtle change to the quote above, we can call Steve Ryan a “dreamer of music, and maker of dreams.”

Steve is originally from Georgia. Creativity was always something that came to him naturally. At only the age of eight, he began writing poetry and taught himself to play piano. A tough childhood made him determined to develop the ability to express himself through lyrics and music. Throughout his teen years, he learned guitar, developed his songwriting, and took part in talent shows and vocal performances. In 2002, Steve began performing professionally and seriously concentrating on his musical forte. He was dedicated to weekly vocal coaching sessions. He honed his ability to craft melodies and lyrics. He didn’t know it at the time; however, he was carefully planning the evolution of his debut album.

It would be seven years later when his inspiration for the album arrived - in a dream. Ryan explains, “One night in a lucid dream, I could see myself on stage. My music was connecting with the audience. I knew at that moment it was time to begin working on my first album.” In 2009, Steve began writing new material for his debut, Steve Ryan Presents. From his song catalog, he chose the songs he felt would have the most positive emotional reaction in others. Many of the melodies and lyrics came to him through dreams. “I would awaken with a new melody or lyric and quickly scribble them down,” explains Ryan.

However, REM sleep was not his only source of creative fuel. Other compositions on the album were not planned; they were born out of spontaneity while in the studio. Released in 2010, Steve Ryan Presents was filled with messages that acted as a musical medication for negative emotions. Steve Ryan’s message is, “Don’t give up - reach into your soul!” With addicting melodies, and high-flying vocal arrangements Steve reached the highest octaves of optimism yet in his 2010 debut release.

Ryan has a genuine sound and distinctive compositional style. Ryan’s compositions tap into his wide ranging musical influences. They deliver an authentic sound with broad appeal. His goal is to connect with listeners on many different levels to deliver an overall theme that motivates the human psyche. He possesses an innate gift for translating his own dreams into motivating music. His fans have called his music “full of depth,” and his messages, “filled with meaning.” Indeed, it is through his music, he shows others how to transform their ideas, visions and goals into a new reality.

Ryan’s goals to motivate continue as he prepares for upcoming projects. In 2012, he completed one of these projects entitled Intermission , a miniature album. This album is filled with high energy, great lyrics and shows Steve Ryan's continued evolution with his music. He is currently in the studio working on his follow-up album to Intermission.

Steve plans to release his next full length album in 2013. However, Steve’s muses are not only melodies and lyrics. Steve Ryan is filled with creativity and inspiration in other areas as well. He is a screen actor and member of the Grammy™ Voting Academy. Also an author, he is working on three separate books. One is a romantic comedy novel while the second is a collection of poems with an accompanying audio CD. Steve is also writing a self-help book which will help guide people to fulfilling their dreams.

What does the future hold for Steve Ryan? He plans to produce and compose for other artists, always keeping to his creative goal; to use his artistic talents to motivate and inspire others. No other artist can harness his dreams to help others reach theirs as Steve Ryan does. He is indeed a “dreamer of music, and maker of dreams.”



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Artist:Steve Ryan
Album: Intermission Artist Name: Steve Ryan Album: Intermission
First/Last Name: Steve Ryan
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Hometown: Atlanta, GA,
Style of music: R&B

Label Affiliation: Unsigned
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Affiliation: BMI (USA)

Description: Steve Ryan's sound is very grooving but yet laid back, energetic but yet soothing.

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