Friday, December 21, 2012

Mr. Self - I am Mr. Self

Think Lenny Kravitz meets Daft Punk.

Artist:Mr. Self
Album: I Am Mr. Self Artist Name: Mr. Self Album: I Am Mr. Self
First/Last Name: Zachary Self
Email address:
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Style of music: Alternative

Label Affiliation: Unsigned
Performing Rights
Affiliation: SESAC (USA)

Description: Mr. self is an energetic and often soulful blend of Alternative, Electro-pop and dance music. Think Lenny Kravitz meets Daft Punk.

Bio: Zachary Braxton Self (born January 1, 1979), is an American musician, songwriter and producer. While growing up in Honolulu, HI - Self became interested in composition and taught himself to play several musical instruments. In a play on words he chose “Self” as his stage name due to his given name and his chosen way of learning music.

Self moved to Los Angeles, CA in 1998 to study graphic design. While earning his degree, he started playing the bass guitar and discovered a deep, natural connection and love of the instrument. Within three weeks of owning his first guitar he held down the low-end for the thrash metal group, TreaZen, during a live performance at the world famous Whisky A Go-Go on the Sunset Strip. He surprised the audience with his energetic stage presence and natural ability to keep up with the tempo of the music. It was clear that night under the heat of the stage lights that he had found his calling as an entertainer. In 2006, he experienced the realization of a dream when his prog-rock group Shaolin Temple of Boom, won the Best New Artist award at the Hollywood Music Awards and would go on to receive regular airplay on LA’s premier rock station, KROQ. Mr. Self would continue to nurture his craft, playing in several local bands on the Los Angeles circuit from 2001-2010.

Although he’d achieved a modicum of success in the industry by playing different venues in Los Angeles – he grew tired of how difficult it can be in Hollywood to work with other struggling artists who might have different aspirations and work ethic. After countless gigs, showcases and short self-financed tours he realized that it seemed like each time a group would stand on the precipice of success they seemed to self-destruct and lose the energy that had brought them together in the first place – the music. While struggling as an aspiring artist, Mr. Self earned a BA in visual communication and maintained a successful career as a creative director. At one time, he was holding down a six figure income. However, the corporate world proved to be stale and unfulfilling as he felt the frustration of not having the latitude to express himself creatively. In 2010, during one of the worst recessions the country has ever experienced, he made the tough decision to quit his executive career and dedicated 100% of his time to writing songs that finally brought his personal ideas and image to the forefront. During this period of self-discovery he also became a proficient guitarist, pianist and began teaching himself how to produce his own material.

In 2011, he released his debut single “Flying Solo”. An energized, synth riddled, pop anthem about going your own way. He also composed, performed and produced the track from his living room, staying true to his name. Flyin’ Solo quickly earned him some attention through regular online rotation and a prominent placement for the new music marketplace, Rock Square, Inc. (, who licensed the track for its first online commercial.

Mr. Self is currently keeping busy releasing new tracks each month to a growing fan bass. He’s also finishing up production for his debut album I.AM.MR.SELF, which blends pop, hip-hop and electronic music with a rock attitude. It’s an album Self hopes will properly expose his wide range of musical tastes and abilities to the world. Although no official release date has been announced the album will be out some time in 2012. Go to to learn more.

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